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The Royal Reporter Volume XLII | ISSUE VIII | Rosary High School | Fullerton | September 2010

WOW, That Was Fun!

By Mary Walker Staff Writer On Sunday, August 29, 2010, the class of 2014 and their families descended upon Rosary in anticipation of this year’s WOW. The freshmen and their families were greeted in the parking lot by WOW leaders, a group of sophomores, juniors, and seniors who volunteered to help welcome the new students. The volunteers, who gladly carried the freshmen’s bags up to the school, helped everyone get settled in. Rosary’s new additions were able to enjoy frozen treats from Archie’s ice cream truck and entertainment from Rosary favorite, DJ PHOTO BY TERRY REINBOLD Steve, who provided excellent Freshmen learn important lessons in trust at WOW.

music and fun games for everyone in attendance to enjoy. Later on, everyone was called to the Karcher Center for Mass, where they were treated to spirited worship music from our very own Rosary Choir. After Mass, it was time to eat burgers that were lovingly barbecued by the RHS Parent Council. As everyone finished eating and socializing, it was time for parents to say goodbye to their freshmen so that the activities could commence. For the remainder of the night, the girls and their leaders participated in games such as the inflatable obstacle course, giant twister, oversized hamster balls, pillow fights, and much more. (please see WOW, Page 4)

What a Wonderful World After All Stripes are the New Spots

Underclassmen lunch tables received a much-needed makeover! By Jade Vega Staff Writer What’s better than receiving a cool cat for a new principal? Being spoiled with even grander things for the start of the new school year is what’s new this fall. From construction of a new Royal front entrance, to the luxury of having Charmin Ultra, we could possibly be as hightech as our rivals Mater Dei. Is it not exciting to anticipate the new and improved Rosary every year upon our return to the big green Lego of a school? From new red polos to the blazing, red-painted tables, on which we enjoy eating our fresh food from the new improved lunch menu, Rosary has indeed outdone itself this year. As classy as the yellow tables are in the senior quad, the seniors can’t help but feel unloved

by not having their tables painted to that lavishing fire red that the underclasswomen are fortunate to have. Desiree Vargas, senior, shared, “I like the red tables a lot better. I don’t feel like a true senior and my food would probably taste magical if I was to eat at a red table.” Even though we are lucky for these developments, it doesn’t mean all changes are acceptable. We can’t beat around the bush, but a couple of the generosities given have taken a toll on our spirit here at Rosary! It’s hard to say goodbye to the ones you love, but then the beauty of such a farewell is that another enters to fill that spot. Mrs. Gonzalez, Mrs. Rubalcaba, Mrs. Bettendorf, Mrs. Closson, and Mrs. LuskeyBarth all ventured from Rosary grounds to seek greater oppor-

tunities. In their places now are Mrs. Annette Zaleski, Mrs. Diane D’ Alba, (who used to be sophomore religion teacher last year while Mrs. Nguyen was pregnant), Mr. Greg Goodlander the French teacher, tech expert Mr. Matt Karcher, Miss Laurie Nellesen the theater teacher, and the new Athletic Director, Mr. Rob Ickes. Not to mention the new sign language class taught by Ms. Jen Wilson, which is an interesting addition to our academics here as senior Jessica Monnig expressed, “Sign language is so much fun because I get to express a story through body language just as I do in dance.” Bright new faces to Rosary’s staff make it fresh and exciting. I also interviewed security guard Mrs. Martha Jauregui and see how she finds this wonderful world of royal ladies to be, “I love it, you guys are very well-behaved. It’s a blessing to work here. You girls are very respectful towards me.” All in all, this new change is a step closer to making us mature, and is the school’s way to bring us up rightfully and respectfully as Rosary Royals. There have been so many pleasant changes; let’s hope that we end the school year with smiles and many more nice surprises such as these.



The 2010-2011 school year is filled with all sorts of changes

Christina Craig-San Vicente: our resident mural genius. By Ashley Gasparian Staff Writer The senior wall is a fitting reflection of the class of 2011, consisting of energetic colors and grazing zebras. It is so detailed, that the stripes’ design says, “Seniors Class of 2011.” Senior Christina Craig-San Vicente designed the wall and used her graphic aesthetic, which makes it so unique. Having to choose from six designs, senior class president Tara Campbell says, “Christina Craig-San Vicente’s design was the last submitted and most impressive.” Christina’s goal isn’t to make the wall look realistic, but to make it pop out and draw attention. (please see 2011, pg. 3)




Sister, Sister As the bell rings for lunch, freshmen anxiously file out of class to wait for their junior big sisters. This anxiety quickly fades into smiles as they see their big sister rush toward them excitedly, baked goods in hand, bursting with good advice and nostalgia for their own freshman days. Each year, incoming freshmen are welcomed into the Rosary High School community during the traditional Big Sister Little Sister Lunch. It is at this event that upper class wisdom is passed along and perhaps a few new friendships are made in the process. This year proved to be no exception. The Junior ASB worked tirelessly on this occasion for weeks in order to ensure that the lunch went off without a hitch. Keely Cannon, junior ASB Secretary, shared, “It was a lot of work to put it all together, but it was really nice to see the way it all came together in the end.” These weeks of planning finally came into reality on Friday, September 3, complete with Subway boxed lunches. The pairs ate wherever space was available and quickly got to know one another. ASB played

matchmaker in these pairings while also taking into consideration the personal requests of students who already knew one another. During this lunch, strangers became friends and existing bonds grew stronger. Junior Olivia Diab, who had gone to school with her little sister for many years, stated, “ It was great having a little sister that I already knew because we were able to overcome the awkward stages very quickly and get to the more helpful conversation.” Juniors are able to provide freshmen with advice regarding classes, clubs, extracurricular activities, and most importantly, making friends with the Servite boys. While the freshmen and juniors were just getting acquainted with one another, the sophomores and seniors picked up from where they left off last year. This lunch gave them the opportunity to catch up on everything that had gone on in the last year. The advice shared during this Royal tradition is invaluable and helps carry the newest members of the Rosary community into a fulfilling high school experience. As the tradition of the Big Sister and the Little Sister continues, the special bonds that make Rosary unique will be strengthened.


By Megan Montgomery Staff Writer


Annual Big Sister Little Sister Lunch

(Top) Senior Alexandra Gay and sophomore Katie Lewis enjoy spending quality time at the annual lunch. (Bottom) Senior zebras and sophomore snow leopards have a fun time in the senior quad.

What’s Cookin...Rosary? The New Food Service gets an “A+”! By Amanda Nielesky Staff Writer This year Rosary has been full of changes. One change in particular that has everyone excited is our new food from Zlacket’s. Walking by, a buyer not knowing what to expect is taken away by the aroma of fresh pizza, crisp taco salad, and homemade cookies. As she took a bite into her delicious pizza, sophomore Samantha Schneider stated, “I

just cannot get enough of it, it’s really fresh and the meal deal is awesome!” Not just delicious and fresh, Zlacket’s also is practically a steal and in this economic crisis who does not want that? Both healthy and prepared fresh daily, Zlacket’s has a plethora to choose from. Most people come to school without eating breakfast, but with food choices such as $2 breakfast burrito, fresh muffins, or milk and cereal, there are no worries about not eating breakfast.

Taken back by the authentictasting California Rolls, senior Rebecca Louwers commented, “Having more food choices makes me look forward to eating something from Zlacket’s at lunch time; it brings me back to my natural habitat.” Having more healthy choices such as Apple Chips, Propel, and humus with pita chips adds more diversity to the menu. Freshman Raven Sanchez said, “This is definitely a step up from my previous school lunches.” For

the first time, she tried meatloaf at lunch and it was new change for the better. Senior Bridget Faley said, “My sandwich was so good I bit my lip.” Spicing up the Rosary community with its awesome tasting cuisine, Zlacket’s is only one of the few changes we have had for a start to a new year. Shout out to the lunch staff, thanks for keeping it cheap!

Looking ahead...

OCT. 6: Homecoming Rally

OCT. 8: Rosary Day Mass and Junior Ring Ceremony

OCT. 9: Homecoming Events at Servite

OCT. 10: Homecoming Dance

OCT. 11: No School

OCT. 13: Standardized Testing. No School for Seniors




Rocking the Cradle By Emily Wikle Photo Editor/Co-Layout Editor

July 15, 2010, brought recordbreaking temperatures, humidity you could slice through with a knife, and thirty-something Rosary girls wielding long metal sticks. This combination could only mean one thing: Rosary’s inaugural season of lacrosse had begun. Headed by Rosary alum Amie Giusiana ’03, the clinic offered a fundamental glimpse into the electrifying sport of lacrosse. Girls from all walks of Rosary life: seniors, juniors, sophomores, even fledgling freshmen turned out to play. Experience was in no way required, as the majority of girls had never held a lacrosse stick and hadn’t the slightest

idea how the game was played. As most girls were inexperienced in the difficult concepts, veterans of the sport led the way, including juniors Alex Leiga (midfield) and Talia Farias (attack) and seniors Alex Blatchford (defense) and Emily Wikle (goalie). Playing for Rosary is an enthralling promise for junior Alex, who said, “I’ve played for a lot of different teams, and I’m excited to finally represent my school.” But she’s not the only one looking forward to a great season; junior newbie Amanda Leon says, “I can’t wait to play in the first season and learn a lot of new skills, it should be lots of fun!” For those of you who don’t know how lacrosse is played, the fundamental principles are very

basic. Each girl is equipped with a lacrosse stick, a mouth guard, and a pair of protective goggles. Each lacrosse stick – also called a cross – is composed of the shaft (the metal or composite pole), the head (the top of the stick, made of plastic with woven strings), and the butt (that one should be obvious!). Three attack players, three defense players, four midfielders, a center player and a goalie make up each team. Girls’ lacrosse is, by the books, a noncontact sport. However, girls are allowed to whack each other’s sticks to knock the ball out, called a “check.” As most sports are, lacrosse is split up into four quarters of 15 minutes each. The game is begun with a “draw,” where the center play-

ers from each team stand with their sticks held together. A ball is placed in between their sticks’ heads, and is flung upwards at the referee’s whistle blow. The goal of the draw is to catch the ball and run it down to the opposite team’s side. From there, players pass the ball around by throwing it through the air in order to score a goal. Whichever team scores the most points by the end of the game wins. Lacrosse will be whole-heartedly welcomed at Rosary this spring. Talia has been “pushing to get a lacrosse team at Rosary since [her] sister was a senior in 2008,” and with the impressive turn-out thus far, we can only anticipate more girls joining.

2011: Stripes are the New Spots cont. from pg. 1

The senior class earns its stripes with a job well done on the senior quad’s wall

COLOR SAFARI: Senior wall represents the senior class’s colorful personality

The sun and tree may look like similar Lion King designs but that is not intentional. Her motives were to make the wall look as tropical as possible with a safari twist. Christina began the process by the end of June. It took her about a week to sketch the whole design on the wall, brick by brick. Eventually she realized that she couldn’t paint the wall on her own, then got the whole class involved by texting and Facebook. She said,

“It took a few texts and Facebook invites to send, but eventually more people showed up.” When it was finally time to paint, no one could imagine where to begin; Christina said, “The wall was so big and it was painted white, we felt a little overwhelmed.” Eventually they got used to painting the wall and blared the radio to keep positive energy flowing. The painters had a great time singing, laughing, and talking while painting the wall. It took Chris-

tina and twenty seniors over a full month of painting every day to complete the colorful wall. On the first day of school the wall is what every senior kept talking about. They were amazed by the beautiful colors and creativity that was put into it. Senior Kirby Jackman exclaims, “The wall is so bright and colorful, it’s entertaining to look at!” Former Rosary student Calyn Ranieri saw pictures on Facebook of the wall in the background


and said “That is the best wall I’ve seen from when I went to Rosary; I wish my school let us paint our wall in our quad.” Rosary is a unique school with unique students who have their own way of expressing themselves. The young women at Rosary know how to express themselves through art, which is proof from the wall. Christina did a great job of showing the class of 2011’s personality through the radiant and energetic design of the senior wall.




Back in Black

Royals eagerly await the return of Servite’s football season. But will it live up to their expectations? By Meghan Farrell Staff Writer “What are you going to wear?” “Are we tailgating?” “Where is Black Curtain going to be?” are just some of the lines heard while walking in the hall as Rosary campus gears up for the fall football season. Servite Football is back and ready to roll. The excitement is in the air. “I’m stoked to meet boys and make new friends,” says freshman Brylee Beverage. Tons of people went to the football

games last year saying it was a great way to socialize and meet guys but it’s also a great way to cheer on the team. Senior Katie Stephens, Varsity Cheer Captain, exclaims “I am very, very ecstatic for this season but we are coming back from a big year, hopefully we can do it again.” Katie has said it all, Servite is returning from a remarkable year. Many fans are eager for this coming season, but some are a little anxious. Servite has lost nineteen seniors

from last year, but are gaining talent in the lower classmen who are now eligible to play varsity. They have also lost an incredibly good (looking) quarterback. But as fans, we know to never lose faith in our team. They have an exceptional team this year as well who are hoping for a idealistic season. It was a beautiful Thursday night; the tension was in the air. Fans were shaking with excitement not knowing what the result would be. Everyone stood

for kickoff and the game began. At halftime people were no longer nervous, we were leading 24 – 0. After 6 turnovers, Servite gave Oceanside their first loss in three years. The Friars showed they are still strong with a 31 – 7 victory. “They did well especially for their first game. It’s a great way to start the year.” Junior Tayler Dragoo commented. This win has solidified Servite as the team to beat. So get ready for the Friars! It’s going to be an incredible year.

Freshmen: WOW (cont. from pg. 1)

The most popular activity was the “coconut climb” which was a rock wall designed to look like a palm tree. Freshman Jenna Henry said that while all of the games were fun, “the coconut climb was my favorite because it went along with the surf theme and it was nice how everyone in my group cheered each other on so that they could reach the top.” The fun and games continued well into the night and also included icebreaker games with the freshmen participating in a Rosary version of “Minute to Win It.” As the evening began to wind down, the group leaders made themselves available to answer questions about what Rosary is really like. Senior and WOW leader Rachel Elido said, “The girls asked some really good questions and I’m glad that we leaders were able to give them answers.” Finally, everyone made their way into the Karcher Center to set up their air mattress-

es and try to get some sleep. The next morning, the freshmen, leaders, and some faculty were awakened by The Electric Slide, another RHS favorite. After breakfast was served, each group presented the skit that they had made up the night bePHOTO BY TERRY REINBOLD fore. After the skits, it was time Freshmen get down with their bad selves at Freshman WOW! for the class of 2014’s WOW experience to come to an end. Overall, WOW was a huge success and a great experience for all who attended. Even though a lot of girls arrived at WOW not knowing anybody, it is safe to say that they were able to leave with many new friends. Freshman Emma Bolduc sums WOW up best by saying, “The activities were so much fun and I met a lot of my close friends at WOW.” Not only did the freshmen get to be more familiar with the campus, they also got to know the girls that they will be spending the next four years with. What a weekend! PHOTO BY TERRY REINBOLD

One freshman gets her first taste of Rosary at WOW.




New Construction, Beautiful Campus

Beautification process turns the school on its head By Melissa Padriezas Staff Writer

The Royal

Reporter Editor in Chief

Danica Hays

Layout Editor Emily Wikle

Managing Editor Katie Stephens

Buisness Editor Rachel Fobar

Editor-at-Large Kirby Jackman

Staff Writers

Milan Aguilera Tara Campbell Kaitlyn Daly Veronica Dato-On MaryKate Domino Bridget Faley Meghan Farrell Ashley Gasparian Joanna Henry Adriane Jarminski Shirley Lahr Victoria Longtin Jessica Monnig Megan Montgomery Amanda Nielesky Melissa Padriezas Sarah Pontius Hannah Schade Angela Urmanita Jade Vega Mary Walker


Mr. Tom Tice

The new parking lot construction has been a dream of the faculty of Rosary High School since a year and a half ago. Now, it is time for a brand-new school year with great things to come. Suddenly, a cacophony of drills interrupts our thinking process as we sit in class, trying to display our best performance as students. The question is, why start such a huge project NOW? Why was the construction not completed over the summer or arranged to have begun during a long school holiday? Mrs. Zaleski, our new school principal explained, “Things got stalled because elements of the process were not com-

pleted. The project isn’t at the most convenient timing, but it’s just the way things work.” As a matter of fact, the whole system for drop-off and pickup lines has been working very smoothly! The only problem the faculty has noticed is the illegal U-turns that are made on Acacia Street from time to time. Otherwise, all parents have been cooperative. Some students, like senior Sarah Cheah, say, “It is hard to park when there are so many students running around and walking in the parking lot, so we are just hoping they finish the construction soon!” Marisa Burke, junior, explained, “I think it will be more convenient for the parents and the learning drivers for the drop off and pick up. I hear it will be

providing a seating area! I hope this rumor is true for people like me who stay late after school!” Luckily, it is true! The wall that is being built, will display our school motto in beautiful letters, and will serve as a “hangout spot” for girls who wait for their parents to pick them up. “Yes, we do have to do a bit of detouring, but it’s not the end of the world. With the graciousness of the girls, parents, and teachers that I have been witnessing, it’ll definitely work!” said Mrs. Zaleski with a confident smile. The parking lot construction started only on August 16th. However, it is reported that within four to five weeks, our school will have a fantastic, newly constructed front entrance.

A Fine Line Between Hazing and Fun When does fun draw its line?

By Katie Stevens Managing Editor Hazing, by definition means, “to subject newcomers to abusive or humiliating tricks and ridicule.” Last time I checked, that definition is far different from the fun, no-harm initiation techniques that are practiced by many Rosary teams. What used to be one of the most enjoyable activities for the older girls, and even the girls who are new, are now starting to be considered “inappropriate” and are on their way to being outlawed completely. As a member of the varsity cheer team, I look forward to the highly anticipated cheer camp pranks. Following up a year of legendary pranks (that the now sophomores say was one of the best parts of their freshman year), we stepped on the grounds of UCLA for four days of camp with the same intentions: to make those same hilarious memories that the freshmen can look back on when they’re in my position as a senior at their last cheer camp. Sophomore Amanda Martinez said, “We were so excited that it was finally our turn. It was fun being pranked, but we were excited to be a part of the returners.” With our coach’s okay, we returners set off to plant five alarm clocks in the freshmen rooms all set for 3:33 in the morning. Feeling accomplished after a very difficult task, the captains and return-

ers congregated in my room, only to find out that one of the freshmen found the alarm clock planted in her room and told the remaining freshmen rooms. What followed was something that we had never intended; bickering, consequences, and worst of all, a definite separation between the returners and newcomers. Something that was intended to be fun had turned into a nightmare. After an experience like ours, it is hard not to look at such momentary fun as worth it. An ex-cross country runner, who is now a senior, recalls her freshman cross country season when “The seniors made me ‘steal’ pomegranates from the Fullerton Arboretum without getting caught by the high-tech [nonexistent] arboretum security.” The varsity basketball team does things a little differently. When they go on their trips, like the annual summer trip to Palm Springs, they let the freshmen believe that they have done crazy initiation techniques in the past, only to keep them on their toes, even though in reality they have no intention of actually doing anything to them. Varsity water polo player Bernadette Bevins ‘11 is a fourth year varsity returner and her techniques are very different. Bernadette says, “Mostly we respect the freshmen who make the varsity team, because obviously they are very talented, so we never really do anything.”

The junior varsity dance team on the other hand always has a blast with their annual traditions. Former junior varsity captain senior Megan Dillon remembers when “Me and Ashley (Nieto ’11) dressed the girls up in funny costumes and blindfolded them, then took them out to eat. We all had a really good time!” Sure, the dance team keeps things light and fun, and hasn’t gotten into trouble for what they do. But it is only a matter of time until they too, like many teams, unintentionally upset someone, or the whole group for what they consider to be fun. Something that is only momentarily satisfying and funny can create a shaky foundation for the entire year, and the years that progress. As a fourth year Rosary student, I have come to find that this school really does raise kind, good-hearted women. I know that no one’s intention would be to make newcomers not feel welcome and I know that a Rosary team would never lose their Christian attitude in whatever initiation tactics they decided to do. Nevertheless, sometimes the line between hazing and harmless initiation is a little blurry. The best thing for Rosary teams would be to not live in the gray area, and be sure to not ostracize or humiliate the younger girls, and to just use initiations as a fun bonding technique.



ROSARY HIGH SCHOOL Royal Reporter SEPTEMBER 2010 By Mary Kate Domino Staff Writer

has to sell ads for the fall sports program in which they are also featured. It would be unfair to make the dancers sell ads for the “sports” program if they weren’t a sport. Some may argue that dance team is not a sport because they have a spirit moderator instead of an athletic director. The reason for this is because the program involves more than the average sport. Rosary dancers compete, cheer at other teams’ games, have an end of the year show, and travel all the way to Florida for nationals. This same competition airs on ESPN fourteen times a year; ESPN is a “sports” network. Although there are many arguments as to why dance is not a sport there are just as many arguments as to why it is. Don’t overlook the talent, strength, and ability of dancers.


By Jessica Monnig Staff Writer Some may say dance is a sport and others may disagree. From my point of view it is not a sport, but an art. A difference with dance and a sport like basketball is that for dance there is not actual scoring that could be consistent every time. As for basketball you shoot the ball you get 2 or 3 points. In order to have a dance competition, well qualified judges are required and you cannot guarantee you get the score you deserve because it is based truly on the judge’s opinion. In the definition of sport it says “game” and dance is definitely not a game. It is not in the Olympics, is it? Senior Ashley Gasparian says, “Dance stinks. It’s just a bunch of airheads who don’t play a real sport. If you are going to cite the dictionary, it just says activity that gives enjoyment or recreation. So, is scratching my feet a sport too?? If so, it is still a better sport than dance.” I have

always hated the “dance is a sport” idea. Nothing against sports, as they are a positive aspect to our culture, but I think dance has a very different job. Dance is a communication; a way to express ideas and emotions. The athleticism of it is just a vehicle, but dance is much more. But certainly you can take any Joe Shmo off the street and create a meaningful dance that requires very little physical abilities. Sophomore Samantha Cassell says, “Dance is an art form. Some people say it isn’t a sport because it is artistic and is meaningful.” This art requires a lot of physical strength. It is art that requires you to be fitter than a football player. But it is still art. Sometimes I like to argue that it

is a sport, but only in cases when it is implied that dancers are too soft to call themselves athletes. I also argue when people ignorantly say that there are no competitions, therefore it is not a sport. Senior Melissa Metz says, “I don’t think it’s a sport because it is more artistic than a sport and there is more meaning behind it.” It takes an artist to play the character in a ballet. However, competition dance is more sport-like. Everyone is dancing to win something. However, I still think it is considered an art. Most sports are more like “games.” When you are dancing, it is not a game. It is more for yourself or to put on a show for an audience. However, dance is very intense. Some people label it as a sport to make it seem more difficult. I would say ballet is a lot more difficult than any other sport I have ever played. One of my favorite sayings is that it takes an athlete to dance but an artist to be a dancer.

Is Dance A Sport?

Is dance a sport? Many people answer no to this question for numerous reasons, such as, it’s judged or you can’t “play” dance. But how can dance not be a sport when ice dancing is an Olympic event? The definition for a “sport” is a physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively. Well, that’s exactly what dance is. Dance has all the elements of a sport: physical endurance, coordination, practice, discipline, and competition. Dance is challenging and requires the dancer to be physically fit. It also requires much dedication, athleticism, physical strength, and sacrifice. Freshman Katie Vohl stated, “Dance is the hardest sport I’ve ever done, and I’ve done a lot of sports.” Coming from a water polo player, that means a lot because water polo is one of the most difficult and athletic sports in existence. A major argument for why dance should

not be considered a sport is that it’s judged. However, gymnastics, ice-skating, and diving are judged as well and those are considered sports. Morgan Sielski, junior, says, “Dance is definitely a sport; even Gatorade has declared that it is.” This is true, Gatorade commercials feature the JabbaWockeez, a dance crew, and their bottles include pictures of dancers along with many other athletes. Gatorade is a “sports” drink and, regardless of who drinks it, is made for athletes. “Dance is the best sport Rosary has!” says Kina DeSantis, sophomore. Rosary’s dance team is a varsity sport, they are in the sports section of the yearbook, have a banner in the gym, and are introduced at the spring rally as a year-round sport. In addition, like any other sport, dance




Royals Have a New Queen Rosary welcomes Mrs. Zaleski: our new principal! By Kirby Jackman Staff Writer Along with welcoming in the new school year, Rosary also welcomed a new principal, Mrs. Annette Zaleski. Before coming to Rosary, Mrs. Zaleski worked for the Diocese of San Bernardino as the Associate Superintendent. She worked there for four years watching over all the Catholic schools. And even prior to that she was the principal at St. James in Perris, and she taught at La Purisima. Mrs. Zaleski was not looking for a new job, she was happy; she loved the bishops and all the people in San Bernardino. But one day she got a call to come sit down for an interview for a position as principal. At first she was going to turn it down, but then heard it was for a secondary school. This would be something different—a new challenge, she thought. Then lady on the phone said the job was for Rosary High School, and immediately a smile came across Mrs. Zaleski’s face. She couldn’t ignore this position, so she came

in for an interview, and Mrs. Zaleski commented, “I’m glad it all worked out, and I haven’t stopped smiling since then.” Everyone all around campus is glad to have Mrs. Zaleski here too. Sophomore Briana Rubalcava stated, “When I first met the principal I thought she was warm, energetic, and friendly. I could tell she was excited to be joining the Rosary community.” And excited is exactly

what Mrs. Zaleski is; she can’t wait to go through all the Rosary traditions like Rosary Day, Homecoming, and Red&Gold. Already Mrs. Zaleski has had a lot of fun as principal; she loves to walk around campus and chat with the students. You will find her everywhere; from morning drop off car line to the tables at lunch and even after school waiting with students for their parents to come.

One of her favorite experiences so far was at Freshman WOW. She explained that while all the girls were doing the glow stick activity, the teachers who were chaperoning all gathered together in the gym and did their own glow stick game, breaking each of their glow sticks after sharing what they’re excited and nervous about for in the upcoming school year. So far Mrs. Zaleski has made a great impression on both the students and teachers at Rosary. Veteran teacher Mrs. Linda Hodges shared, “I am very happy Mrs. Zaleski is here at Rosary. She has great enthusiasm, a positive attitude, is very supportive of all members of the Rosary community, and has the qualities of a good leader. We are blessed to have her here.” And senior Chelsey Patterson commented, “I like the way she is so energetic about Rosary, and, of course, the students. She always has a smile on her face. Mrs. Z seems like a PHOTO BY EMILY WIKLE very approachable person. She Mrs. Z shares her contagious smile (and funny jokes!) with is the change Rosary needed.” some seniors during her daily lunchtime walks.






Santos, the Stylish Senior By Angela Urmanita Staff Writer We have a fashionista roaming the halls of Rosary High School! Senior Monica Santos is a finalist in Generation Next, a fashion contest sponsored by O’Neill and Teen Vogue. The stylish senior loves everything about fashion. In her spare time, Monica enjoys making her own dashing clothes and sketching beautiful fashion masterpieces. Monica was inspired to join the contest when she was a part of my team last year, and was finally forced to enter by her dear friends. She designed a romper and a handbag which will be revealed on the runway on October 9th along with the designs of four other high school girls. When asked about the experience, Monica states, “This has been a really fun, exciting, and self-realizing process. It has really broadened my view on fashion, business, and everything that goes into making clothes.

It shows me how determined I am for what I want and really shows me how creative I can be. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!” Though the process was stressful at times with all the planning, Monica says it was worth it, and is ecstatic to show everyone her hard work on the night of the fashion show. The winner will receive a $5,000 scholarship, an internship with O’Neill, and the chance for her designs to be a part of an O’Neill collection. The other four finalists come from John F. Kennedy High School, Torrance High School, El Modena High School, and Eagle Rock High School. This is Rosary’s 2nd time representing at Generation Next, and you did a successful job supporting a fellow Royal last year. Monica has a team of Rosary students helping her with every aspect of the show, from marketing to styling. Senior Sabrina Caudillo excitedly exclaims, “I am so excited to be on Monica’s team!

I’m doing everything I can to get everyone to come to the show!” Four girls from Rosary will model the O’Neill collection and will be chosen at a model casting at school in September. Junior Catherine Flanagan says, “I had a blast modeling last year, and I even got an opportunity to model for!” The fashion show is on Saturday, October 9, and will be held at The Avalon in Hollywood. There will be a musical performance by the band The Like. Paul Mitchell, the famous hair professional, will be fabulously styling the models’ hair. There will also be a special appearance by Elyse Taylor, a Victoria’s Secret Supermodel. Pre-sale tickets can be bought online at oneillgirls under Events. There will be buses provided for transportation to The Avalon and back to Rosary. If you can’t make it out to the show, there will be a live broadcast on the O’Neill Facebook page.

Three things she can’t live without...







Her creativity hits the runway.





The Incredible Irving!

Three things she can’t live without...

Junior Katie Irving shines among her classmates. By Rachel Fobar Business Editor She plays soccer, sings with the Chamber Singers, and, as she is taking several AP and Honors classes, she also has a heavy workload for school. She loves dogs, and uses this love to volunteer by training guide dogs for the blind. She says that her favorite thing about Rosary is “how relaxed it is and how everyone can be themselves.” She adds, “I also love Red and Gold!” Who is this well-rounded, gorgeous, intelligent, sweet, and athletic holistic woman of Rosary? Junior wolf Katie Irving, of course! Beloved English teacher Mrs. Jen Murphy says, “Katie is kind and brilliant in the classroom, and she is hard working and fair on the soccer field. I’ve known few students with her maturity and grace. When Katie was in my class, she was not one of the loud students. But when she spoke, her witty remarks always made me laugh – she’s pretty funny!” Katie has been playing soccer since she was six years old! Being the versatile player that she is, she plays many positions, including midfield, defense, and goalie. Although she will not be able to grace the Rosary soccer team with her presence this

year, she will continue playing soccer outside of school. This year, Katie has taken on a very full school schedule. She is taking three AP classes: AP Chemistry, AP English Language, and AP US History; and two honors classes: Honors Pre-Calculus and Honors Spanish III. Katie modestly says, “It’s a big load and I’m hoping I can make it through the year!” Both her parents attended Notre Dame, so Katie has been a loyal Irish fan her whole life. After college, she hopes to have a career in the scientific field. Fellow junior Laura Nagel says of Katie, “I really admire that Katie is very involved in school and outside activities. She’s such a beast!” One thing in particular that makes Katie shine amongst her peers is that she trains guide dogs. Katie says, “It’s really fun training guide dogs. It’s a good way for me to volunteer because I can use my love for dogs as a way to help people.” Training a guide dog is similar to training a pet: socializing and basic obedience including sit, stay, come, etc. They are just like regular dogs at home, but when they wear their green jackets in public places, they know it’s time to do their job. However, it is important that they don’t play fetch. Katie says,

“You wouldn’t want a dog that’s guiding a blind person to take off after a tennis ball, because the person would get hurt.” With such a busy schedule, you may wonder whether or not Katie has any time for fun. Despite her heavy workload, Katie enjoys hanging out with her friends, going to the movies, and reading. She has twin siblings: a brother, Jimmy, and a sister, Megan. This summer, she went to Yosemite on vacation, where she enjoyed seeing the beautiful nature. The Lake of the Ozarks, which is in Missouri, was her other vacation destination. There she rented a house with her family and went inner-tubing and jet-skiing. Many of you already know this fantastic girl, Katie Irving, from the various activities she is involved in. If you don’t know her, you should make an effort to be friends with her. Junior Amanda Leon says, “Katie Irving is the nicest person I know and she’s one of the smartest too. That’s why we’re friends – because I know one day I might be working for her …. And because she’s awesome.” If you like having sweet, reliable, and intelligent people as your friends, then you won’t be disappointed. Picture Credits: photos/uncategorized/2008/03/05/ reading_books.jpg


Television wp-content/uploads/2007/10/lg32pc5rv.jpg

iPod upload/ipod-nanopink.png




Summer Reviews The best book of the summer was one of the hardest choices like … ever! So I was faced with a decision: something meaningful we all want to come back to school and brag to our teachers that we read so they think we’re geniuses…. or one of the absolutely fabulous and utterly inappropriate teen reads we never tell anyone we actually like but secretly have stored under our bed. (Yes, I mean you obsessive Edward/Jacob fans!) So is it really so hard to believe I chose the door number 2? So my pick of the summer is: Kisses From Hell (oddly appropriate title don’t you think?) It’s less of one seductively heart wrenching novel, and more of a compilation of five awesome authors’ shorter works. The all-star cast includes: Kristen Cast (House of Night Series), Richelle Mead (Vampire Academy), Alyson Noel (Evermore), and more! It’s tantalizing, its delicious and in this case vamps definitely don’t suck (well except maybe blood, but should we really hold that against them?) So pick it up at your local Borders or Barnes and Noble for a cool $8.99.








Leonardo DiCaprio (Titanic) and Ellen Page (Juno) star in this summer’s new spine-tingling thriller Inception (Rated PG-13). DiCaprio stars as Dom Cobb, a thief who specializes in extracting secrets – from people’s dreams. Now stealing ideas is one thing, creating them is something far more difficult – making someone believe that your idea is in fact theirs, impossible. Yet Dom and his team are attempting it. An all-star team including Architect (the creator of the dream world) Ariadne (Page), so named for the princess who guided Theseus through the labyrinth in Greek mythology. This movie will ensnare your senses, send your blood racing, and make you question what is real and what isn’t. This movie has action, adventure, mind-bending plot lines, even romance -- it’s perfect to see with your friends, siblings, boyfriend, even your parents.








By Victoria Longtin Staff Writer

This year’s winner for the title of Best Album is Lungs by Florence and the Machine. This debut by the London-based indie rock band has recently been topping record charts left and right. With funky blues melodies that combine mayhem and madness with a sugary coating this band has swept UK and Irish charts and has now gotten into American hearts. If you’re a fan of bands like the Strokes, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, or singers like Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen you’ll love this group. You’ve probably already heard their famous hits of “Dog Days Are Over” and “Kiss with as Fist” which have appeared in movies such as Eat Pray Love and Jennifer’s Body, but the entire album is worth checking out, so iTunes, Google, or YouTube them and you won’t be disappointed.




College: The Life After Rosary Brittany Gabel describes her life at Cal State Fullerton


Though it may seem hard to believe that there is a life beyond Rosary’s tranquil green gates, seniors have had to face a huge challenge, and enter a new reality. Its name is college. The life that exists after Rosary is an exciting and unpredictable world. That is why we have Rosary Alumnae to tell you of their tales of heroism as they face the challenges of taking classes with 300 students or more, cranky professors, no uniforms, and the ultimate trial: boys. Being exactly one mile away from Rosary’s campus is a school of big standards. Cal State Fullerton has over 32,600 students (that’s about 54x the Rosary population) and has approximately 1,670 faculty members. This may come as a shock to the alumnae of Rosary who are used to the comfort of 600 students and 50 faculty members, but they have prevailed. One student in particular, Brittany Gabel ’10, talks about her transfer to the university and the new experiences she is having as a college student. At Rosary, Brittany excelled on the Varsity Cheer Team and as a Red and Gold Drill Captain for her junior and senior years. Now, she’s taking the Cal State Fullerton campus by

storm. She says, “College is a lot harder. You’re expected to read 90 pages of a book for homework, but you only have a couple of classes a week so that’s nice. Sometimes professors just don’t show up, which happened to me in the second week, and we got to home. It was sweet.” When asked about an unexpected challenge at college she said, “Cal State Fullerton is HUGE. There are people everywhere at all times, and you can get lost pretty easily.” Now that boys are in her class, Brittany says, “We don’t really talk during class because most classes are in a big lecture hall, but in my English class this boy raised his hand behind me, and it was weird to hear a deep voice. I guess I wasn’t expecting it.” Brittany says that another perk of going to a big school is that, “There are a lot of interesting classes to take because so many people go here.” She loves this school, and I’m sure Cal State Fullerton is glad to have Brittany on their campus. But don’t fret young ones; Brittany hasn’t left the school, at least not yet. Her sister Lindsay Gabel ’14 is keeping the Gabel name going as a freshman at Rosary. “The best part of Rosary so far is the American Sign Language Class. It’s awesome,” says Lindsay. And now that Brittany has made it

through Rosary, she has a few words of advice for her sister. “Stay on top of things; home-

work, reading, and notes. Ms. Ray was right when she said, ‘Organization is the key to life!’”


By Sarah Pontius Staff Writer

(Above) A beautiful view of the Cal State Fullerton library. (Bottom Right) Brittany shows her Titan Pride.





AWARD WINNING: This is Maura and her two most famous photos

Maura,Royal Photographer Rosary Gets Its Very Own Photography Club By Milan Aguilera Staff Writer Here at Rosary we give girls a chance to find their many talents. Whether it’s through a sports program, the arts,or even in the classroom. We offer a great photography class taught by Mr.Terry Reinbold, which is taken as an elective by many girls here at school during the year. If students continue to go on to Photography 2 that is taught by Ms.Jen Patton and the class goes more in depth of the importance of photography. Maura Toohey took both of these classes. She really fell in love with photography. She really cares for it, but

not only when she’s in the class. Maura really became involved in photography so she took it upon herself to make a new photo club. This club is open to all girls, Maura says, “I wanted to start a photo club because I knew a lot of girls who wanted to take photography as an elective, but didn’t have enough room in their schedules for the class.” This class is exciting to her because it is all girls interested in the same thing. The photo club is planning on taking pictures in different places such as the Fullerton Arboretum and possibly Joshua Tree to learn different ways to get great photos. Photography is expressing your

feelings without drawing or painting them, but capturing them. Mr. Reinbold says “photography is writing with a light…A picture is like a novel, masterpiece,” Maura is going to be a very good leader for the photo club. She won an award for 2nd place in the art show because of her great photo skills last year. everyone in this club will really come to appreciate the hard work and dedication Maura and Mr. Reinbold are putting into this new club. It’s not easy starting a club and doing all the necessary work it needs to begin it. It is open to all girls and it will be agreat way for girls to express themselves through photography.

Mr. Reinbold and Maura hope that this club is a great benefit to the Rosary student body and that it will help girls take wonderful pictures and hopefully take what they learn from it and excel in it, maybe even be a part of the yearbook committee or taking pictures for the newspaper. Maura is not only starting the photo club but she is also on the yearbook committee. She she is a hard worker and a great addition to the yearbook team. She also is very dedicated and committed. The photography world can be very interesting and it is a great way to express art.

Maura’s friends keep her entertained.



Her family is her rock; they keep her strong.


Three things she can’t live without...

Her camera she’s so passionate about.





Star Athletes

As the school year commences and seniors are stressed with the work load and the college search, Lloyd Hoehle seems to have her goals for the year and the future in place. Coming into her senior year and season, Lloyd has taken on many challenges and is accomplishing them with class. The stud golfer has made her name known not only throughout Rosary, but also in the county with her tremendous accomplishments on the course. Lloyd truly lit up the golf scene coming to Rosary her freshman year. Not only did she make varsity golf as a freshman, she also made varsity tennis and swim. “Lloyd is an athlete that all other athletes should aspire to be like. She is dedicated, committed and a natural born leader like myself,” remarks Coach Lesley Fulton. That same year she was Freshman Athlete of the Year for Rosary and recognized by OC Varsity as a “player to watch” during the golf season. Even as a freshman, the child prodigy had her future in sight. She explained that, “Girls golf at the collegiate level is so obscure and easier to get noticed whereas swimmers and tennis players are a dime a dozen.” And with that said, Lloyd began to focus on golf in hopes it would lead to the colleges she wanted to go to. For those who do not know Lloyd, I will let you in on a little secret…she’s also a genius. Lloyd has been on Principal’s Honor Roll all four years and nothing has slowed her down from taking six AP courses her senior year. Fellow classmate and teammate Joanna Henry shares, “Lloyd always challenges herself with a rigorous class course schedule; I would know -- we have been in at least five classes together since sophomore year.” Cont. Page 14


VALIANT EFFORT: The team lost to Mater Dei High School. The final score was 191-251.

Rosary Golf: Back in the Swing Rosary golf team starts off the year with some fantastic wins. By Shirley Lahr Staff Writer



By Tara Campbell Staff Writer


Hoehle in One


The Rosary Varsity Golf Team got off to a smashing start for the 2010 season. The Royals opened with a split in their three way match against Diamond Bar and Brea. The Royals had an outstanding individual performance by senior Joanna Henry, as they defeated Brea but fell short to Diamond Bar. The Royals ended the match with a team score of 228, well ahead of Brea but only nine shots off of Diamond Bar. Henry, co-captain of the varsity team, was the medalist or low scorer of the match, shooting a course scorching score of 37 including two birdies. She states, “As a team, we are all looking forward to a strong season. We have a solid group of golfers and hopefully we can improve from last year.” Rosary welcomed ten of the area’s most competitive teams to their home course to host the Royal Shotgun Tournament. The home team was up for the high level of competition and managed a fifth place finish. Co-captain Lloyd Hoehle, with a score of 41, led the Royals through the rigorous competition. Although the team is competitive, they still manage to enjoy the game. Junior Victoria Corradi says, “There is never a need to be worried about a match since we have practiced so much. We are comfortable with our swings and we have a great time while competing.” The Royals will continue to contend with many more competitive golf teams in the county. Twelve members of the golf team traveled to San Diego over the summer for five days of golf. They played every day and bonded as a team throughout the course of the trip. In total the team played 99 holes in some very intense heat. The Royals had a great time as they prepared for the upcoming season. However, an unfortunate injury occurred on the trip. Junior Allie Everett re-injured her finger. She states, “It is tough to start out the season with an injury but I am excited to get back out on the course and play in the matches with my teammates.” Rosary was able to have practices during the summer in preparation for their tough schedule this fall season. All the members of the golf program are excited about beginning a new season and are looking forward to more fun times on the course. Junior Varsity team member and sophomore Lauren Johnson states, “I really enjoy golf because it gives me an opportunity to become friends with girls of all grade levels.” The golf team’s progress indicates that it should be an exciting year.



Matches Played





Sportsline Star Athletes


(cont. from page 13)


The varsity volleyball team creates an intense game plan for victory!

With a stellar record on the course and in the classroom, Lloyd has set her sights high for her college choices. She is considering to play at the collegiate level at some of the Ivy League schools such as Dartmouth, Princeton, and Harvard. She is also receiving scholarships offers from Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Portland. Now as a captain her senior year, Lloyd has set high standards for herself and her team. When asked about her goals for the season, she states “I am excited to play to the best of my ability and play as often as I can, and to beat Mater Dei once again!” Confident in her team and ready for the competition, Lloyd is putting in 110% into the season. Junior Victoria Corradi describes her captain as someone who is “always optimistic and has a positive outlook no matter what happens on the course.” Lloyd has already led her team to become 7th in the OC Varsity rankings this season. Even with the mad rush of senior year, Lloyd Hoehle stays cool and collected on the course, a whiz kid in the classroom, and remains a good fearless leader to her teammates.

Royals Serve Up Melissa Duran Some Competition Bump, Set, Spike: Does it All

Royals welcome new coach with a promising start to the season! By Veronica Dato-on Staff Writer Though Volleyball season doesn’t officially commence until the fall season, our Royals gave it a head start during this year’s Summer Sports Program. Beginning in July, these volleyball players were already working hard. Along with a new head coach, Rich Parris, and new assistant coach, Breana Arimura, these Royals were ready for a fresh start. Rich has had experience in both playing coaching. He helped win championship titles on his college team at Long Beach City. He has coached ranking club teams and has even had his teams place in the Junior Olympics. Breana also has experience with both playing and coaching so with both coaches’ teamwork, the Royals should be prepared for victory this year. Through their workouts, practices, and tryouts, the coaches and girls have seemed

to get along well as a team. To prepare for league and playoffs, all levels participate in various tournaments as well as compete in matches against a number of local schools. In their first games at the Queen’s Court Tournament, the varsity team was victorious versus Notre Dame, Arcadia, and Valencia along with losing two close matches against Dos Pueblos and Redlands East Valley. Spectators report that junior Katie Klein, senior Blair Jensen, and junior Tori Brkich each played exceptionally well during the tournament. This year’s roster is composed of forty-three members: thirteen on varsity, fifteen on junior varsity, and fifteen froshsoph players. Each and every one of them is looking forward to a tough but promising season. Sophomore Rachel Sosnowski says, “My goals for this season are to become a more

experienced and overall a better player.” She looks up to all the older teammates, especially varsity seniors like Elizabeth Davis. For Elizabeth, being on the team is always a fun experience. She says, “Everyone on the team is so sweet! They’re all great people and I really enjoy spending time with them.” Her favorite thing about Rosary Volleyball is the lock-in, which is a huge sleepover with everyone on the team from each of the levels. As you can see, this team has created a close bond with each other as friends, playmates, and sisters. Their efforts will be put to the test when CIF rolls around in November. We wish them all the best of luck. Their first game against JSerra will be held at Rosary in the Karcher Center on September 30th. Make sure to come out and show your support for the Volleyball team!


By Bridget Faley Staff Writer Most of you know Melissa Duran as “the quiet senior that plays volleyball.” Here’s one thing you don’t know about her: She doesn’t just “play” volleyball, she LOVES volleyball. Melissa has been playing the wonderful game since the sixth grade, where she led the St. Mary’s Aztecs to some awesome wins. With seven years of volleyball knowledge comes some serious skill. She plays the libero, which is a defensive specialist position and and is also a D.S., another defensive specialist. I’m assuming she’s pretty good at defense. Melissa has been on a team at each level of the (cont. page 15)




Star Athletes

Melissa Cont.

Rosary program: she was on frosh/soph freshman year, JV sophomore, and has been an essential part of the varsity team for the last two years. Her dresser is decked out with 3 pretty impressive awards: she was named Best Defensive Player two years in a row, and then was awarded Most Improved Player her junior year. Melissa has also played club volleyball for four years, but quit this year in order to soak up senior year! San Gabriel and Protégé are the two club teams that Melissa played for. She says she enjoys volleyball because she gets to play with her friends, her three best friends being seniors Jane St. Paul, Elisabeth Davis, and Saleen Sanchez. Volleyball captain Blair Jensen, senior, says “Melissa has such a graceful presence on the volleyball court. She’s a great teammate and really a positive voice in the gym. She’s always supportive and constantly cheering on the rest of us.” Melissa is the only girl in her family (besides her mom, obviously) and has five older brothers. Besides bumping, setting, and spiking, Duran loves ordering a number two with spread only and a chocolate shake at In-and-Out, hanging out with her friends and family, watching The Breakfast Club, and Googling “tigers” while listening to Blink-182. St. Paul, says “I met Melissa at volleyball our freshman year and we became the best of friends. Melissa is such a kind person and she is always there for the team. Some even refer to her as a ‘giver of love.’ She brings humor to the volleyball team but is also a stud. Many people may not know this about her but she can quote pretty much any movie and Dane Cook. She also loves the play Wicked and does an amazing witch laugh!” Besides being a volleyball champ, I think we now know that Melissa is a very wellrounded person. She’s funny, a good student, a great athlete, and a cool best friend. Davis says, “Duran is one of my best friends. She’s a delight during our morning car rides… I mean it’s to the point that I can say she’s like a portable sunshine…it’s almost not natural how happy she is.” Melissa has it all: she’s a star defender and asset to the volleyball team and she loves the color blue. Maybe one day we’ll see her playing college ball at UCLA or Berkeley, two of her top schools!

Royalette Racquets Are Ready Our Royal Tennis team prepares for the upcoming season By Hannah Schade Staff Writer

Rosary tennis is looking for a great season and is excited about their expanding and improving team. To kick off the season, the tennis girls are excited about a team trip to San Diego on October 1st. This happens only every other year, which makes it special. Sarah Cheah, senior, stated “This exciting overnight trip is going to be a blast and I hope that I am able to get to know some new girls better, especially the freshmen.” This trip includes matches, but those take a backseat to getting closer as teammates while hanging out and bonding. One characteristic of the tennis team is their ability to form long lasting friendships between girls from different classes. All teams regularly have dinners and parties, such as the pool party they will be having to open up the season. Watch out for Rosary’s new addition to the tennis team! Melissa Padriezas is a junior transfer student from Sunny

Hills High School. She is excited to join the team and already enjoys it so much because of the “friendly and supportive atmosphere.” This was extremely helpful for her during the summer season, seeing as she made new friends so that her adjustment to Rosary’s “unique” community was a bit easier. Melissa has also heard a lot about the rivalry between Mater Dei and Rosary and is looking forward to playing this game. For seniors this is an especially important game since this will be the last year they have the chance to play against Mater Dei. Senior Kelly Stangl said, “Every year we look forward to the Mater Dei game. And this year means a lot to me because I won’t get another chance to play them.” All the seniors hope to have successful matches and want to enjoy the last battle in this ongoing rivalry. Varsity tennis has only one captain this year, senior Alex Collell. She was also named MVP of last year’s season. Trinity League tennis action officially kicks off on September 30 when the Royalettes bat-

tle against J Serra. The team’s goal this year is to improve on their record from last season. Coach Dick Fumanti’s commitment for 23 years has led to successful seasons and he is looking forward to a winning run. Tennis has three levels this year and home games are played at the Fullerton Tennis Center on Harbor Blvd. next to St. Jude’s Hospital. Come out and support the tennis team and help root them to a victory!



This Royalette prepares to serve up the competition.

Running Down a Dream Rosary’s Cross Country team hopes to have another good season and qualify for CIF By Kaity Daly Staff Writer Imagine this: racing for three miles straight while treading through harsh dirt, persevering through exasperating side-cramps, and enduring the bipolar climate of dearly beloved Southern California. For the average Rosary Royal, this may sound like a nightmare. On the other hand this is what the cross country team lives for. This, in fact, is exactly what they have been training for all summer long, six times a week. Winning the Apache Invitational last October demonstrates their pure devotion. With the help of their coach of five years, Thom Confer, they are striving to win this year’s Apache Invitational again and to qualify for CIF. In order to achieve these goals, they have

been conditioning and weightlifting all summer long. When asked what new strategies are going to be approached this year, Confer responded, “They will not run as many miles per week, but instead they will focus on interval training.” Coach Confer also stated that the girls need to improve on their racing performances. In order to improve racing performances, the members of the team have to be determined, willing to work, and must be in pristine shape. With these adjustments the cross country team will be untouchable. Last year, the cross country team was a rather young team, with only one senior. This year, they have three seniors. The team has been blessed by the return of six of the seven top runners from last year. Having strong runners such as seniors

Briana Valenzuela, Ashley Younger, and Kristin Meily; junior Emily Peterson; and sophomores Ari Cortes and Emily Cordova is very promising for a great season. These young women are always giving 100 percent of their effort, and are very valuable to the team. Their fellow peers are always very proud of them and their accomplishments. Junior Mary Kate Domino states, “I admire cross country runners. I know I could never run as much as they do without dying.” Junior Nicole Green also states, “I am so proud of our cross country team! They are a perfect example of dedication and drive!” With much hard work, determination, and support from family members and fellow Rosary Royals, the cross country team will continue in their efforts to attain their goals!



Mystery student



She’s a Mystery Girl! By Joanna Henry Staff Writer According to Urban Dictionary, a “ginger” is a human characterized by pale skin, freckles, and bright red hair. This issue’s mystery student, nicknamed “Ginge,” is in fact a red head. She is described as: “super-talkative and very friendly.” In her spare time, she enjoys strumming her guitar, going to the beach,

and keeping up with her favorite show, Jersey Shore. In past years, she has participated in soccer and swim at Rosary. You may have seen her driving to school in her Nissan Murano. She has an obsession with Bob Marley, and a friend states, “She is the biggest Bob Marley fan and is a wanna-be Jamaican.” She also loves music from the 60s and 70s such as: The Rolling Stones, The Beat-

les, and Bob Dylan. Groovy. One of her favorite movies is the hilarious comedy Pineapple Express. Her plans for the future include becoming a nurse and then working for Nursing Without Borders, an organization that offers international volunteer opportunities for nurses. Currently, she works as a host and cashier at Dominico’s, an Italian restaurant in Long Beach. Most people don’t know

that this student left Rosary last year and attended Kennedy for a semester. I guess she liked us better because she came back to be a Royal again. A friend of our mystery student says, “She is an amazing friend. She can always make you laugh.” So our mystery student is a guitar-playing, soccer ball-kicking, fist-pumping, 60s-loving, restauranthosting, Bob Marley fanatic. Can you guess who she is?

Celebrity Sightings By Katie Stephens Managing Editor

manita ’11 spotted the one and only Terrell Owens while shopping on Melrose... Senior Emily Wikle spotted legendary surfer Laird Hamilton in Hawaii... Junior Mary Kate Domino saw Secret Life star Shailene Woodley in Waikiki Beach... Victoria Longtin ’12 spotted rocker Demi Lovato on a plane coming home from Philidelphia... The City star Whitney Port was spotted by senior Ashley Gasparian in Hawaii, looking fashionable as always.

Mr. Tice spotted NCIS: Los Angeles star, Chris O’Donnell at Downtown Disney... Mrs. Hein and her family spotted gigolo Rob Schneider at the hip Newport Beach restaurant 21 Oceanfront... Senior Bridget Faley spotted the movie legend Steven Spielberg in Santa Monica... Lucky senior class president Tara Campbell saw material girl, Madonna, in Paris... Fashionista Angela Ur-


Emily Hein ‘04 poses with funny man Rob Schneider at 21 Oceanfront in Newport Beach.

The Royal Reporter 2010-2011 Issue 1  

The first issue of the Royal Reporter created by the Rosary High School journalism class.

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