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Minnesota, Here We Come!!!

Minnesota, Here We Come! By: Daniela Lo Bianco

Tonight was a full moon, but it gave me no light to read. I looked up at the compassthat was on the rearview mirror. We were still heading north, north to Minnesota. I felt worn-out so I put my book down and shut my eyes. I almost fell asleep until something pinched my arm. I opened one eye and looked to the side. “Hi Lala!” cried my two year old cousin Reegan. I opened my other eye. “Hi buddy, I am trying to sleep.” I told him. “Moon!” he cried again. He pulled my hair when I did not look at the gleaming full moon. “Ouch! Reegan! Yes the moon is pretty, but you told me that one hundred times!” I yelled. Reegan giggled. I groaned. “Grandma, Reegan is still annoying me.” “Well, pretend you are asleep.” She said. “I tried that!” I whined. “Well, we are going to get there soon so why don’t you just play with him now and sleep at the hotel.” Grandma suggested. (One thing you need to know is that my family is NOT normal. One of my cousins says that butterflies attack you. You see what I mean by not normal?) “OK.” I agreed. Playing with Reegan can get very tiring. Especially when he thinks that dropping his toy on the ground and making you get it is funny. Finally, we pulled up to the

hotel. “Yes!” I cried. Now I could move around. I jumped out of my grandpa’s green crew cab and ran to the other side. My grandma got my bag for me so I could get Reegan. I unbuckled his car seat and he nearly jumped out of the crew cab like I did. “No Reegan, you are not allowed to do that yet! You are too young!” I scolded. I scooped up my cousin and I stared up at the hotel. Reegan did too. “Big.” said Reegan. “Scary.” I said. The hotel looked more like the ride Tower of Terror then a cozy place to stay. We walked into the hotel and I saw air vents everywhere. It was a cold hotel. Other than the air vents I saw so many people up and eating in the bar. Why were they up so late? It was like, 9:00pm! “They have an air vent in every corner!” my brother Pacey complained. “I saw that.” I replied. Reegan wriggled out of my arms and ran down the hall. “Daniela!” cried Pacey. “I know, you tell Uncle Chris and grandma and grandpa where I am ok? Ok!” I called as I ran down the hall. Reegan charged around a corner and I almost fell down turning it. Reegan stopped and looked back. When he saw me, he started running again. “Reegan Wayne Anderson!” I yelled. Reegan giggled as he stopped again; but this time he was at an elevator. He pressed the up button and waited. I caught up to him and grabbed him. “Up.” He said as I lifted him of the ground. “Good job catching him!” a voice called from a distance. It was Uncle Chris. I smiled. The elevator opened but I did not go in it. I did not let Reegan go in either. “No, no, no!” cried Reegan and he tried to get out of my grip. “We have to wait for your daddy, and then we can go up, up, up in the elevator.” I told him. When my brother, uncle, grandma, and grandpa caught up to me I let Reegan press the button again. The elevator came and we got on. Once we got to the room my grandma changed Reegan into his pajamas, my grandpa and uncle brought the bags in and Pacey and I got into our pajamas. The bed situation was: Pacey and Uncle Chris in one bed and my grandparents in the other. I slept on the couch in the other room. Reegan slept next to the couch in his crib. His crib was also by the door. “Good night!” everyone yelled. “Nigh night, Lala.” said Reegan.

“Good night Reegan.� I said. I lie down and almost fell asleep until I heard Reegan talking to himself. I turned over to see what he was doing. He had all of his blankets and stuffed animals in his arms and he was trying to open the door! I rolled my eyes. That is what you get for sleeping right next to your baby cousin. I could tell this was going to be one long night for the both of us.

Minnesota Here We Come  

Traveling to Minnesota for the very first time in my life.