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December 2010 Newsletter Dear Friends, Again, we want to continue informing you of the status of our most recent projects. We remind you that we are a Christian NGO that is motivated by follow the example of Jesus’ love, we intends, among other things, to solve health problems. As always, we want to inform you of the managed transfers and treatments of our recent patients. - Our 13 years old patients with various heart diseases were treated at the Dureta University Hospital (HUSD) in Palma de Mallorca and in the Valle Hebrón University Hospital of Barcelona where they were surgically operated successfully and are already back in Equatorial Guinea (GE).

establish again at GE. For this case we had the help of a prestigious urologist from London. We want to thank for the help that Aspanob have given us for these recent case, because patients stayed in his home in Palma and Barcelona. - We financially helped to defray part of the costs of a complicated surgery in Argentina of a 12 years old patient with an arteriovenous brain malformation. Thank God, the intervention was a success and there have been no complications. - A 20 months patient from GE that presents deafness is currently in Barcelona. She is being evaluated by the team of otorhino-laryngology and audiology from EMSIMISION, who we want to thank for their support in this and other cases. Also thanks to ¨Infancia Solidaria¨ the support with the management of the accommodation of this girl and her mom. The patient with Benin´s dermatofibrosarcoma continues with chemotherapy treatment pending to be intervened to complete his treatment in HUSD.

- Also, another 13 years old patient who came to Palma de Mallorca to be treated for a bladder exstrophy was surgically intervened successfully in the HUSD and

- We are currently managing the possible transfer of a 28 years old patient, coming from Peru, who suffers from a seriously crippling scoliosis. Similarly, the treatment

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for a one year old and a half patient from GE who suffer from a heart disease and present Down's syndrome and another 13 years old patient who also has a heart disease. We also want to make you part of our future projects: - With great enthusiasm and based on local needs, we are working on the creation of a new health centre in Evinayong in coordination with the department of international missions of the UEBE (Unión Evangelica Bautista Española). We already have a land in the area (belonging to international missions) and with a missionary dentist willing to work full-time in the area, which would act as a local link in GE to manage the relocation and followup of patients, he would make a dental healthcare and a teaching function in coordination with the creation of dentists as well as tasks of health education to the local population. In a second phase, the Center shall provide itself with other medical specialties, if possible with local staff with the idea of self-sustainability and continuity. - We are also finalizing the details to hold a Gospel benefit concert in Barcelona on Saturday, March 19, 2011. It will count with the presence of several groups and the funds will proceeds to support our projects. We encourage you to go to this concert and invite your friends. -In another line, we had collaborated to organize and send a cardiologist from the HUSD to the electrocardiography course aimed for the specialists in GE. - We have also collaborated financially with the "Christian Training Medical Center" of EMSIMISION in Burkina-Faso.

- We continue working in the details for the subsidy requested with the objective of collaborating to improve the hygiene conditions of the school in Evinayong. Finally, between the local projects that we have in + QS is the "Help for women with unwanted pregnancies", which we have called "more than a life (+ Q1V)".This year we have taken the first steps in becoming a reality these project. In that sense, a volunteer aid worker has completed two training courses on the subject with an NGO at the city of Manchester, which offers courses recognized at the University level in the United Kingdom. The first course provided was basic training and the second the counseling to women who already aborted. We will keep you informed in this regard.

Again, we thank to all entities that collaborate with us in altruistic way, making possible our mission. We continue thanking God for each one of them, as well as by each of you, that dedicate your time, resources, or gifts in our projects. As we always say, if you want to know more details, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Blessings and hugs from + QS team.

-In the field of training, we had the privilege to participate as lecturers at the Global Congress of Maternal and Infant Health with the lecture entitled "Management of a health center in Equatorial Guinea".

Inscrita en el Registro Nacional Asociaciones con el número 588512 NIF: G-57476111

December 2010 newsletter  

Edición en inglés del boletín de diciembre de 2010 de la ONG Más que Salud

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