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December 2008 newsletter Dear Friends, With the desire to continue to get you involve in our mission, we would like to inform you of all our projects. As you have probably observed by previous newsletters, all our actions have been based on trying to solve the problems or needs of those developing countries that we have close contact. Although they have been initially simple actions, they respond to our vision. However, one of our main objectives in the long term is to collaborate in the development of self-sustaining health infrastructure, and although we are aware that this goal is not easy to reach, still we are excited for this same purpose. Our motivation is to love with authentic way those who we do not know as Jesus Christ did, these is the engine that has allowed opening - even - nonexistent doors. The child with the Burkitt's maxillary lymphoma, after chemotherapy treatment, finally received the autologous bone marrow transplant that was successfully performed at a hospital in Madrid, being discharged without complications a few weeks ago. He is following the necessary supervision before his return to Equatorial Guinea. He will be in a short time again with us in Mallorca to continue monitoring him at least for 6 months, and we will need your help as far you have done with other patients. Those who want to help us with them and other patients who may come in a future only have to fill in the form of "friends of + QS" on the web page On the other hand, the young man with the brain tumor who we evacuated urgently from the same country, after being treated in Palma de Mallorca, fully recovered and returned home. In December a girl has come from Equatorial Guinea with a very severe heart disease. Finally, we are also managing the transfer of a 24 years old patient with a serious maxilla-facial condition coming from Gambia. Also, we remain committed with the Guinean Christian NGO "Good Samaritan", which help patients with AIDS. We ship some boxes with medicines and it remains the editing of information of the brochures on the disease and its prevention to distribute to the population. As we have mentioned in previous newsletters, we remain pending for the training project with the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of Equatorial Guinea in collaboration with the NGO ¨Development 2000¨ in Africa. We are still waiting to meet the necessary time as we can apply as registered organization for public subsidies. In another line, we have done the formalities to get permissions to perform leisure activities (clowns, puppets, etc.) for children in the hospital of Mallorca with the idea of making the admission more supportable. We hope to start with that activity in the coming year. Finally, we are meditating on the idea to organize a travel mission to Equatorial Guinea, God willing, for the summer of 2009, with the aim of making welfare work and social assistance. If you're reading this letter, it is not by chance. You are perhaps already collaborating with us or maybe you don't know how it could be useful. If you have any concerns or questions, write us an email to ( or visit our website ( If you want to see previous newsletters, you can access them through our website.

Inscrita en el Registro Nacional Asociaciones con el número 588512 NIF: G-57476111


Receive hugs from + QS team.

Inscrita en el Registro Nacional Asociaciones con el nĂşmero 588512 NIF: G-57476111

December 2008 newsletter  

Edición en inglés del boletín de diciembre de 2008 de la ONG Más que Salud

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