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Info Dani Franklin 3917 E Thrush Ln Mead WA 99021

GRAPHIC DESIGNER / Washington State University 02. 2016 - current Aided the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture with branding, advertisement, and 2d graphics.

Contact 509 481 1840

references Matt Ross District Sales Manager Southwestern Advantage Nashville, TN 480.206.2560 Will Maslach Program Center Manager Ruffalo Noel Levitz Boston, MA 585.413.6485 Additional References Upon Request


professional experience

RETAIL ASSOCIATE / Macy’s 05. 2015 - current Worked with guests to help them figure out and understand what may best fit their needs. STUDENT MANAGER / Southwestern Advantage 05. 2013 - 08. 2014 Used direct sales techniques to sell educational products in Wisconsin and North Carolina, while coaching other students and their business.


Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design 2012 - 2016 Washington State University High School Diploma 2009 - 2012 Mount Spokane High School

leadership Cofounder of LEAD / Leadership club 2013 - 2014 Washington State University Volunteer / Habitat for Humanity 2014 Palouse Habitat for Humanity Member of Interior Design Student Council 2012 - 2013 Washington State University

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Indesign Adobe Illustrator Autocad Sketchup Revit


Study Abroad / Florence


corporate Global Workplace Tokyo, Japan

Retail Pop Up Shop Prosser, Washington

06 - 15

16 - 25

Interactive Pavilion Spokane Riverfront Park Mall, Washington

Residential Feng Shui Henderson, Nevada

26 - 39

Luxury Apartment Florence, Italy

Hospitality Palazzo Levi Hotel Florence, Italy

travel & Photography Chicago Study Tour Florence Study Abroad

40 - 47

48 - 59


Global Workplace design Objective Design a large scale office for a global technology company that allows the employees to be comfortable and productive. Develop a consistent concept, research, schematic design, design development, and construction documents. Sq. ft - 20,000 Levels - Ground & Mezzanine Location: Tokyo, Japan

Concept I chose the concept of “Influx�, which in literal terms is the moving of a small body of water into a larger body. This represents the strength of the individual as it converges into the group dynamic.

Solution There are two main ideas occurring in the space planning. One is to have the traffic flow of the space merge from public to private, such as having the offices on the perimeter and work stations centered. The other idea is the mergence of individual areas into the group, by placing the group break out spaces near the group work stations.



Ground Floor Plan

entry lounge Furniture Sketches

Concept Partis


This particular view shows the reception and entry area as you enter into the office. The colors are bright and vibrant to encourage the employee to be creative, while also representing the brand of the company. The coffee table is a custom piece I designed with glass and ebony wood materials. 1 2 3 4 5

/ Stained Bamboo Flooring / “Blast from the Past” Carpet Tile / Column Paint Color / Concrete Flooring / “1st Avenue” Carpet Tile

1 2

3 4



Mezzanine Floor Plan

Furniture Sketches

tea room


As this location is in Tokyo, Japan, a tea room provides an area for the employees to have a part of their life and culture in the workplace. It is located in the mezzanine area, as the mezzanine is designated as a casual space for non-work activities.

The reception acts as not only the entry way for visitors and employees, but also as the connection between the ground floor and the mezzanine. The wall sculptures are designed to represent the concept of Influx, both in form and materiality.

3 1 2 3 4


/ Noguchi Table / “Window Seat” Chair / Pendant Light / “Lox” Stool

1 2




individual stations

team stations

The individual work stations are conjoined in a pattern that connects, while each station can act as its own entity. If different projects need different configurations, this can easily be done to be constantly changing with the workplace.

The group work stations are configured to allow for projects and group communication to come together in one space. Technology aids in the design, such as the touch screen boards that also act as separation panels.



tom douglas pop up shop Objective Construct an idea for a mobile pop up store that expands the brand of famous Seattle chef, Tom Douglas. The store must show the brand through the materiality, colors, and experience. Dimensions: 8’ w x 24’ l Sits on top same size and width trailer Can be deconstructed and stored

Concept My idea for expanding Tom Douglas’s brand outside of Seattle is to create a mobile environment that travels to wineries near the town of Prosser, WA. This will be mutually beneficial for both Tom Douglas, who provides food, and the wineries, which create an experience.

location Prosser, WA, already is the home of Tom Douglas’s farm that provides all of the herbs, vegetables, and proteins for his Seattle locations. By travelling around this area, the client will keep their ideals of having local food grown in Washington State.



Level 1 Floor Plan

west perspective

south perspective

This perspective shows the entrance area to the pop up store. The stairs and beams are made out of aluminum, while the frame is constructed out of wood. The idea with the interior is to inspire the guest to creating their own meals, with the help of the community and the small kitchen located under the skylight.

2 1



The goal with this pop up shop is not only to brand Tom Douglas, but also to encourage the community to come together by cooking food. There is a small retail area on the south wall that sells cookbooks, knives, and spice rubs so that the guest can continue their experience at home.

1 / Locally Outsourced Wood 2 / Aluminum 3 / Interior Paint Color

West Elevation

East Elevation


interactive pavilion Objective Create a large scale pavilion located in a mall setting, to encourage guests to be interactive with their environment. The prerequisites are constructing the structure through parametric design, and developing multiple renderings with photoshop. Location - Spokane Riverfront Park Mall Team Project Model created with laser cutter

Concept The idea is for guests who are walking by the structure to be intrigued into interacting with it. The structure is made of lightweight melamine material, painted in some areas. Guests can draw directly onto the material and leave their mark, so the structure is constantly changing every day.

Interaction A lot of research was done in the area of human interaction with their environment. Many behavioral patterns in large scale areas are very avoidant of the center space, or even talking to other people. This structure breaks those barriers.



Level 1 Floor Plan


exterior perspective

interior view

This perspective shows the relationship of the structure in the interior mall space. It stands at 15 feet tall, so would fit into an atrium setting. The flexibility with this pavilion is that it can be changed both structurally, by moving the small triangular flaps on the individual pieces, or by the guests themselves.

While my team decided to use a laser cutter to physically build our model, in reality it would be assembled on site by combining the individual pieces into a tesselation shape. The structure would be attached by hinges, so the pieces can move around or even be taken off. The small triangular flaps are built into the larger pieces, to allow light into the space. The larger flaps are even able to be moved into furniture, such as seating for a guest. The purpose for this structure can break down into three parts: a sculpture, an art gallery, and a retail or branding opportunity for the mall businesses.

Sketch Up Model Pre - Renders



feng shui residence Objective This project was meant to highlight the rules and design strategies found in the Chinese art of Feng Shui. These principles have been around for thousands of years, and is becoming a trend for many contemporary designs. I designed a 3 bedroom, 3 bath house that represented the 8 “energies” of the Feng Shui principles.

break down The room schedule is as follows: color, room, energy. Red / Dining Room / Fame Pink / Kitchen / Marriage White / Kid’s Room / Children Grey / Living Room / Travel Black / Entry / Career Blue / Master Bedroom / Wisdom Green / Guest Room / Family Purple / Outdoor / Wealth

basic principles Feng Shui relies on the idea of good energies moving organically throughout the home. Bad energies are meant to be repelled by using ideas such as not putting mirrors near doors or windows, as this allows for reflections of negative ideas.



Zoning Floor Plan









Finish Floor Plan

I designed the floor plan based on the flow that I wanted the client to feel. The entry acts as an anchor to the rest of the home, while the kitchen in the back brings the guest into the friendly area of the home. Private areas are separated with no shared bathrooms. The dining room is seen as the center of the home and is placed in the geographical center.


master bedroom The master bedroom represents the concept of wisdom in the home. Closet doors are not directly visible from the bed, and the bed is not directly accessible from the door. This is to prevent the negative energies from flowing through the space. The bathroom also has a window, an essential piece in creating positive energies.




living room

The entryway consists of a custom made wooden shelving unit, designed to represent the linear and even lines found in Feng Shui. There is a consistent flow between the three central areas: dining, living, and kitchen in the back.

The living area’s centerpiece is the fireplace with ceiling extension, meant to evoke a feeling of protection while lounging on the couches. The colors are neutral with a focus on grey, the color of travel. This room represents travel as it is the first place that visitors encounter.


luxury apartment Objective Located in Florence, Italy, this apartment has an ideal location near an interior courtyard. The goal was to maximize the light and high end materials and furniture found in Italy to create a retreat for a couple. A dimensioned floor plan, conceptual elevations, materials palette, and perspectives were the final deliverables.

inspiration The color palette is the focus, as purple is one of the original colors of Florence. The materials and finishes are reflective in quality, to draw more light into the space. The culture and local history is what inspired me, but taken in a more modern way. For instance, marble has been used for centuries in Italy, but by placing it on the walls this allows for a more modern design.

italian design As expected, there are multiple similarities and differences with Italian design. One difference is their kitchens, as they are very small and tucked away. Our culture is used to the kitchen being the heart of the home. I designed a kitchen that can be stowed away behind doors.



Dimensioned Floor Plan

1 1 2 3 4 5

/ / / / /

Oak Wood Flooring Terrazzo Tile Marble Entryway Marble Bathroom Floor Travertine Bathroom Floor


3 4


bedroom Bedroom Elevation

Finish Floor Plan

I designed the floor plan based on the flow that I wanted the client to feel. The entry acts as an anchor to the rest of the home, while the kitchen in the back brings the guest into the friendly area of the home. Private areas are separated with no shared bathrooms. The dining room is seen as the center of the home and is placed in the geographical center.



Level 1 Floor Plan

Living Room Perspective

day palette The interior floor plan is separated into two areas, the day and the night. The night areas are private and completely separate from the day areas, usually separated by a semi-private, semi-public room. They day palette has richer colors and lux materials. Living Room Elevation

night palette The night palette has more natural elements, such as the wood flooring. It consists of the same general feel of the day palette, but the materials include more warm tones as this is usually associated with comfort in a residence.



palazzo levi hotel Objective For this project, the task was to remodel the interior of a building in Florence, Italy, into a five star luxury hotel. The concept of a boutique hotel was the main theme, as there are only 30 keys and the footprint is relatively small. Location: Piazza Della Repubblica, Florence, Italy Floor Plans: Ground Floor and Typical Amenities: Spa, Restaurant, Bar, Library

inspiration I was inspired by many of the pre-existing boutique hotels in the area, as they portray both modern design and traditional Italian culture. I included traditional lines in the furniture and timeless materials in application to reflect this idea. Most of the materials are locally found, such as the marble and the wood flooring.

italian design The Italian culture allows for many travellers to stay in luxury boutique hotels, as many individuals enjoy the design of the hotel just as much as the excursions they do in the city. Including custom amenities allows for time to be spent at the hotel.



Ground Floor Plan

Lobby / Reception

First Floor Plan


Restaurant / Bar


Media Room




I designed the floor plan with the intention of keeping the public areas near the windows along the perimeter. This is especially important in the restaurant, as the client hopes that crowds walking by will come inside for lunch or dinner. The reception is unlike the traditional American idea, but instead is a large desk with seats to make the check-in feel more friendly and residential.


Typical Room

Junior Suite

Presidential Suite


The First Floor Plan consists of a combination of suites and typical rooms, so as to both maximize space and provide options for guests on each floor. This particular floor holds the Presidential Suite, with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a living and dining area. Small seating areas are near the stairs to make the space feel more like home.




bedroom elevation

The bar area is directly adjacent to the restaurant, so it gives the guest the option to choose their dining experience. The bar is separated into the communal area and the private area, so any person who comes in can find an area they feel comfortable at.

Since the ground floor has a pop of the emerald green color, the upstairs areas are kept neutral. This allows for the design and the materials to be the centerpiece of the room.


Travel & photography

chicago study tour reason for visit Chicago is well known for being a city of inspiring architecture, with a mix of modern metropolitan skyscrapers and craftsman style homes. Frank Lloyd Wright designed many homes in Oak Park, and contemporary architect Frank Gehry constructed many structures downtown. City: Chicago, Illinois Length of Stay: One week Credit Earned: One credit

Sites Visited / / / / / /

Millennium Park Art Institute of Chicago Willis Tower Oak Park Steelcase & Knoll Showrooms Wrigley Field

takeaway Something I learned from participating on this study tour is how different inspirations can create different styles of architecture. Some of the most well-known residential homes, like the Robie House and Unity Temple. Having this knowledge gives me a better understanding of how modern architecture is influenced by past designers.



florence, italy study abroad reason for visit Many of my favorite experiences in life revolve around travelling. I grew up travelling around all 50 states with my family, and this inspired me to travel around the world in college. Florence, Italy is a center for Renaissance architecture, art, and design, and I discovered a new perspective here. City: Florence, Italy Length of Stay: 3 1/2 months Credit Earned: 12 credits

Cities Visited / / / / / /

Rome, Italy Venice, Italy Milan, Italy Munich, Germany Innsbruck, Austria Chamonix, France

takeaway Being able to live in Italy helped me braoden my horizons and see how a different culture lived and worked. I have taken classes on different international styles of architecture, so it was interesting to see many of the examples I learned about in person. I was part of an interior design studio while in Florence, and was able to translate some of these ideas into designs.



photography / travel

Schaan, Liechtenstein


Innsbruck, Austria

Florence, Italy

Cinque Terre, Italy

Venice, Italy

Bologna, Italy


photography / line & texture

Florence, Italy


Milan, Italy

Florence, Italy

Rome, Italy

Venice, Italy

Innsbruck, Austria



Michelangelo’s David / Florence


Loggia dei Lanzi / Florence

Santa Maria Novella / Florence

Piazza Santa Croce / Florence

Loggia dei Lanzi / Florence

Loggia dei Lanzi / Florence



Dani Franklin Portfolio  

A collection of my work at Washington State University

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