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t p r e c A s g m n i Fro l Hold vel o e i N n Da

7 2 r e t p a h C Abydos Hieroglyphics - Egypt

Geneva, Old Town – Modern Day Bryce sat there with his eyes locked on his jeweler friend, weighing just how much he should tell him of his experiences from the last few days. He needed to talk to someone. Herr Goldstein was a father figure to him, and the scientist knew that whatever he told him would stay in confidence.

That really wasn’t the reason for his indecision. The one drawback to talking to Eleazar was that he was a devoutly religious man. The two had spoken openly about many things… but religion wasn’t one of them. In the times the issue had come up, Bryce’s aversion to the subject was clearly evident.

But Bryce’s uncomfortableness aside, he knew the old man well enough to know that he would probably attribute his experiences as “a sign from God” or something. Bryce didn’t really have the energy, or time, to be distracted with superstitious talk. Aside from needing a sounding board, he needed Eleazar’s help to make sure that he was applying the find of the bells and pomegranates correctly. The books he’d brought out to inspect the trinkets were but two of an extensive library of religious references the elder maintained. Plus, the man was a living, walking Hebrew encyclopedia. His recall

ability of even the smallest detail was uncanny. Bryce had come a long way in the development of his Harmonic Particle Refractor largely because of his friend’s assistance. He knew deep inside that Eleazar deserved to hear the story, regardless of his religious propensity. Bryce shook his head and said, “Eleazar my friend… have I got a story for you.” And with that, Bryce related his encounters with the young man Gabe.

Nulla vestibulum eleifend nulla.

LHC Collision Chamber

Geneva, LHC (Topside) – Modern Day Diggs was sitting at his workstation in contemplative silence. He’d seen his boss assume this position many times, but since he was a mere underling, he wasn’t often afforded the luxury of doing nothing but thinking; he got paid to do things; research, not to think. He accepted Dr. Cooper’s theory that our spatial 3D existence sat on top of a stack of spatial dimensions ten or eleven deep. Secondly, scientists believed that the physical laws that bind us to this dimensional plane also hinder us from interacting with other spatial dimensions around us. Simply put, we were locked here, bound, in our own physical 3D universe, unable to go down deeper in the dimensional stack. What Diggs was thinking about was the question of how our physical laws affected other dimensional

creatures. He wondered if the same rules applied to them. And he reasoned that while our physical laws bind us, those laws did not necessarily also apply to them. Taking the thought further, he also reasoned that they probably had their own physical or dimensional laws, from their own plane of existence that bound them. And thus, here was the crux of his musings. Because we have evidence of them interacting with our dimensions, Diggs reasoned that that was evidence of their physical laws superceding our physical laws. As such, he thought that they could move with impunity throughout our dimensions. So what was the reason for the ceremony or religious rite at Solomon’s Temple with the High Priest? If that entity, whom Diggs believed to be God, could talk

to people on this side of the dimensional barrier anytime He wanted, why the ceremony? Diggs sat straight up, as he understood the answer to his own question.

It was His way of inviting primitive man to talk to Him! If Dr. Cooper were successful in bridging the gap… he would do so… uninvited. Diggs said aloud, “That can’t be good.”

Chillon Castle, Geneva Switzerland

Geneva, Old Town – Modern Day .“So you say that this ‘Gabe’ dropped the bell and pomegranate… and you think he meant for you to find it?” “That’s what I’m absolutely saying.” Eleazar looked at his friend skeptically. “My boy, how can you be so certain?” “Well, remember I told you that I saw him again at the running track?” “Of course.” “I didn’t just… see him.” “What on earth do you mean?”

“Where I saw him standing, I found something.” “I’m listening.” “I found 142 of those bells and pomegranates; 71 of each.” Eleazar gasped in surprise. With his hand over his mouth, he said, “You’re joking?” “I wouldn’t strain your heart my friend for a joke.” “But… how? Where…” “I’ve been asking myself the same thing. No one knew about the design of the Refractor except you, my research assistant, and a

LHC Control Room

colleague who happens to be my best friend. I know neither of them would’ve told anyone about the omission of the bells and pomegranates on the Refractor. I’m not even sure they would’ve

understood the significance.” “My word… and even if they did know that you omitted them, how would they… how could anyone for that matter… provide you with charms made in the exact

specifications needed? In all my years of jewelry making and my humble knowledge of these items, I could not hope to duplicate them,” he said, pointing to the charms. “Eleazar… I can’t, for the life of me, figure out what’s going on…” Bryce looked at the elder gentleman in such a way that the Jeweler knew he need not state what he was thinking. “As I said, this ‘Gabe’ character laid in wait for me outside of the Control Room. He said that he ‘had been helping me’ and he was ‘going to help me’… Hey hold on a sec… I al-

Subatomic Particle Collision

most forgot.” He grabbed the old, beat-up leather briefcase he brought in with him. Looking into it, he pulled out a huge sheave of papers… and that’s when he saw it. There, on the very bottom, was buried a velvet satchel. He brought it out carefully. As he opened the satchel, he noted that there were two distinct pockets on the inside. It was curious Bryce thought, almost like they didn’t want the two items to touch. He wrapped the bell and pomegranate back in the tissue and placed them in the briefcase. Eleazar sat there watching with rapt attention. Instinctively he knew the satchel was significant. Bryce took his friend’s purple velvet cloth and carefully shook out the contents of the satchel onto it. The two men sat there for a moment, looking down at the two items that tumbled out. Two cylindrical items, both wrapped individually in parchment paper, were now

sprawled out on the velvet cloth. The two men looked at each other. “Where did you say you got these again?” “My friend Gabe.” “Ah-huh.” With that, the Jeweler carefully picked up one of the wrapped items and looked at the writings. “Oh my God,” he whispered. “What is it? What does it say,” Bryce said anxiously. “It’s written in… this is ancient Hebrew.” Eleazar put the one item down and picked up the other. “The same kind of writing, but something different written on it.” “Well… you speak Hebrew, what do they say?” “My boy, I speak modern Hebrew. This is ancient. I don’t recall ever seeing the construct of these words. However, I can tell you that there is one word per piece. I’ll be right back.” With that, the gentle elder got up from his chair and headed back to his room. When he came back, he had a couple of other dusty leather bound books with him. “Do you remember seeing that picture hanging on the wall in my bedroom?”

“You mean the one of your wife Helen?” “No, not that one, the large one that looks like a framed poster?” “Yes” “If you recall, that writing looks like this writing. It is ancient Hebrew. The thing is, the writings on the poster are the names of God. But my point is that the Hebrew language was extinct for a time, and revived in the modern era. Modern Hebrew is different from its ancient sibling. Much of it we were able to piece together from ancient writings. However, with words that are used sparingly, only once or twice, it is more difficult. I’ve never seen this word,” he said pointing to one of the items on the table. Eleazar was looking at a language dictionary of some kind, Bryce realized. His friend was sounding out the letters to what was on the parchment, trying to put the word together. Suddenly he stopped in mid exercise. “It couldn’t be,” he whispered. “What couldn’t be? What is it?” The old man ignored his question and quickly picked up the original book he had looked at for the bell and pomegranate. He flipped a few pages and then jabbed at one where he had

The old man’s gaze drifted up from the crystals right into his friend’s eyes. He said, “I don’t know how. But these are the Urim and Thummim…” “What?! You’re kidding me?” Bryce said loudly. “No Bryce, I’m not. Those two items have been missing since the Babylonian destruction of Solomon’s Temple in 587 BC. These are what stopped. He slowly shook his head as the High Priest used to talk to God.” “I… I can’t believe it,” Bryce said if in a daze. Then he picked up the other item and repeated the exercise awestruck. “But how… why?” “I don’t know my boy. I’m at a of sounding out that word. He then went back to the other book. Clearly loss.” So was Bryce, but he did know one he was stunned. “What is it? What’s wrong? What thing. He had his key. do they say?” As if not hearing him, reverently, and with trembling hands, he began to Geneva, Old Town – unwrap the first item and then the second. He laid both pieces on the velvet Modern Day cloth, careful not to touch them togeth- Bryce emerged from the little jewelry shop at a little before 11 am, squinting er. They were two perfectly clear cylin- from the bright sunlight, and still in a euphoric daze. drical crystals about the width of a He shook his head as he thought man’s hand. They were tapered on back to how Eleazar recovered from one end and flat on the other. the initial shock of seeing the Urim “What is it Eleazar? What are and Thummim, and then began to these? You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” he said, concern evident in his jump up and down, spinning, leaping and dancing. A part of his ancient voice.

past was recovered and he was overjoyed. For Bryce, he couldn’t wrap his head around what had occurred. How did this happen? He was deep in thought, headed for his car, as his boot heels sounded slowly and rhythmically off the bumpy cobblestone street. Thank goodness that as he was about to leave, he remembered to ask Eleazar about the gold wire needed to finish the mods. But, his friend would not even let him pay for it; he said that Bryce had given him a lifetime of payments just by letting him see the Urim and Thummim. Always able to mentally compartmentalize, he shoved all of this to the back of his mind. He once again focused on all the things he still needed to get done today. Then he remembered the news conference this afternoon. He pulled out his cell phone to give Diggs a call as promised. All of a sudden, the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. He sensed danger. His Native American roots kept him closely connected to his primal sense of fight or flight. It’d saved him more

than once. Right now it was screaming at him. He slowed his gait. His head began to move back and forth, looking for the source of the danger. He noted that he was still about 5 or 6 shops down from his car. He slipped the phone back in his pocket. There was no one on his side of the street. But there was a scrawny guy headed his way, but on the other side of the street. He slowed his pace further. He was coming up to an alley on his left. His car was now the distance of the alley and three shops down. He was four or five strides from the alley when he saw Scrawny, a skinhead, begin to cross the street in his direction. Bingo, he thought! Scrawny had ear buds in and was bobbing his head up and down. He didn’t seem to notice Bryce.

Ah huh… fat chance, Bryce thought. He focused all of his attention on the young thug. Bryce was now at the entrance to the alley, and Scrawny, who was less than a stride away, suddenly lunged at him, closing the gap between them in an instant. Bryce was ready for him. He saw the glint of a blade, in his left hand. Left handed, good to know, Bryce thought. He was just about to react, when he felt a massively big strong arm grab him from behind. The alley, he thought! Somebody must have been hiding in the alley! Instantly he knew he’d been set up. He dropped his still clutched briefcase and then Uncle Joe’s Aikido training kicked in.

The blade was driving toward his chest. He instinctively knew he couldn’t break free of Big Arm in time! Rather than pulling away from the unseen attacker, he instead did the opposite. Sounding like a stampeding horse, his boot heels clapped off of the cobblestones as he drove his feet hard and fast into the ground. Using his thick thigh muscles, he pushed backward with all his might in the direction that he was being pulled. That gave him distance from the death-welding left hand of Scrawny, and bought him a fraction of a second. He slammed into Big Arm, pushing him back and off balance. Bryce was trapped between Big Arm and Scrawny. Scrawny increased his speed to compensate for the opened distance and, with his momentum, threw himself off balance. As he saw his chance, he lunged at Bryce with the knife. A fraction of a second before, Bryce stomped the heel of his cowboy boot down onto the instep of Big Arm. Big Arm howled in pain and loosed his grip. The force of Bryce still back peddling turned Big Arm just enough.

Bryce twisted to the left, leaving Big Arm’s rib cage and chest exposed. Scrawny’s momentum thrust the knife, handle deep, into Big Arm’s rib cage. Big Arm cried out in pain and let go. Scrawny seeing what he’d done stopped the attack and pulled out the knife. His friend’s wound sprayed blood across his face. Suddenly enraged by his mistake, he lunged again at Bryce with all his might. Big mistake, Bryce thought! Bryce sidestepped the lunge, as Scrawny’s momentum carried him forward and down, too fast to stop. Bryce grabbed Scrawny’s wrist and shoulder as he went by. Using Scrawny’s own momentum, Bryce helped his arm to go down and all the way around in a big circle, instantly dislocating it with a “pop”. Scrawny yelped in pain and dropped the knife. Still holding his wrist, Bryce pulled Scrawny close and jammed his palm into his nose, shattering it with a loud crunch. Scrawny screamed in agony, and reached for his face, dropping his guard and exposing his front to Bryce. With full adrenaline pumping, Bryce

straight kicked him in the groin. Scrawny instantly dropped like a sack of potatoes. Bryce took three large steps backwards and had his fists up, in a ready stance. He surveyed the battlefield. As it turned out, Big Arm was a huge skinhead. He was leaning on a trash bin with blood gushing from his wound and gasping for breath. Bryce figured that he’d punctured a lung. Scrawny was writhing in pain on the ground, in a semi-fetal position, moaning. His dislocated arm was at an odd angle, and his right hand was at his bloody face. Neither of these guys were coming back for more. Bryce took a couple more steps back. His heart was thundering in his chest, and only then did he begin to tremble.

He wiped his sweaty forehead with his sleeve. After a moment, he reached into his pocket with a shaky hand and got out his cell phone. As he went to dial the police, Big Arm realized what he was going to do. Big Arm regained some of his composure and rushed over to Scrawny, still on the ground, whimpering. Big Arm quickly yanked him to his feet by his good arm, and again Scrawny howled. Bryce stopped dialing and prepared himself for another attack. It never came. The two wide-eyed skinheads back peddled, turned and began to hobble, as fast as their wounded bodies could take them, down the alley. Bryce let them go. Bryce was still holding his cell phone when he began to shake. Adrenaline crash, he thought. He stood there trying to calm himself.

Slowly, he regained his composure. He looked around. Not a person in sight. No one saw the altercation that nearly took his life. He pocketed the phone. He didn’t have time to wait around for the police. He didn’t think they’d ever find the two thugs anyway. Slowly, finding his feet, he began to shuffle to his car. With his cowboy boots scraping along the ground loudly, his legs felt weak and limp. He realized he was exhausted. He got to his car, and plopped down in the front seat. Shaking his head, he said “What a morning!”

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