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3 Massive Trends and Opportunities: Boomers + Mobile + Social

Feel free to use or repost this graphic. All I ask is that you link to or the URL for this article as your source: Hi, it’s Dan Hodgins. I’d like to talk to you about 3 massive trends and opportunities: boomers, mobile, social‌ as well as the interactions between and within them.

In the graphic below I’ve illustrated these as a Venn diagram with all 3 circles overlapping each other. Let me explain my thoughts on these 3 key trends and how you can tap into them… no matter your business, industry or profession.

Trend #1: Boomers The first trend is boomers. There are 70 million baby boomers in the United States alone according to Wikipedia. Assuming that there’s an even split between men and women this means that there are 35 million men and 35 million women… many will need to reinvent themselves, their careers, their professions and their businesses over the coming two decades. This has many implications for institutions, industries and businesses. You would be well advised to consider how your organization or business will be impacted by the coming wave of baby boomer retirements… particularly, them them having to reinvent themselves – their work, their play and their lives in general. Many will start new businesses either full time or part time… what tools and platforms will they need to stay relevant and competitive in a world that’s becoming increasingly mobile and social? The answers to this and other related questions might provide fertile hunting ground for discovering untapped opportunities for you going forward.

Trend #2: Mobile The second trend I’d like to discuss is mobile. There are approximately 1.25 billion smartphones and tablets out there in the world… with predictions that this number will TRIPLE by 2019 to 5.6 billion mobile devices. That’s a whole lot of smartphones and tablets! The question for you becomes – how do you incorporate and leverage mobile in your industry, job, profession or business in ways that people are going to love. You would be well advised learn and get used to using mobile and social now.. because they are only going to increase in relevance. There are linkages between the boomer trend and the mobile trend. I see one of these key linkages as being health. The baby boomer generation is will have to figure out how to manage their health and fitness in their retirement. A friend of mine always jokes that his full time job now that he’s retired is managing his own health and fitness. The shift toward baby boomers having to manage their health and fitness will have massive societal implications that will ripple like shock waves through many different types of businesses and industries… some that have yet to be started. Will you spot these opportunities early enough to capitalize on them?

Trend #3: Social The third trend I’d like to discuss is social. There are so many different social networks, platforms and apps out there these days. Social just keeps expanding in terms of its scope and reach. It begs the question – how does this social trend interact with the boomer trend and mobile trend? I see a couple of key linkages. The main linkage I see between boomers and social is something I call relations… (only because I didn’t have room for the word ‘relationships’ in the graphic’). Boomers will want to keep up with family members, friends and even co-workers via social media channels, networks and mobile devices. This will have some key communication implications going forward. People are changing how they communicate… and mobile as well as social are bound to play more profound roles in how we interact and communicate with each other and also how we consume content and media of all types… including stealth marketing messages cloaked as informative and educational content delivered to your mobile devices! The linkage between the mobile trend and the social trend is something I call human. Human focused, human centred, human storytelling… human, human human. To bring together mobile with social you must consider how to tell stories that are human-centered in ways that create human warmth and increase human connection…. [insert evil businessman comment] to drive more sales down the line. You must tell human-centered stories using mobile and social in ways that are native to the unique flavor, tone and ‘vibe’ of each channel or platform you use. These 3 massive trends as well as the interactions between and within them form the backbone of a major societal and cultural shift that the Internet and mobile devices are facilitating. And we are right in the midst of this massive transformation…. it’s exciting stuff!

You would be very well advised to understand how this shift is going to impact your business, profession, industry, job or organization… specifically if you need to reinvent yourself, your career, your profession, your business or your organization. If you do not understand how to use mobile and social in effective ways you risk becoming irrelevant in a world where mobile and social absolutely dominate. Today’s presentation covers 3 massive trends and opportunities: boomers, mobile, social. Certain industries, professions and businesses will see a huge impact from the interactions between and within these trends… some more than others. Regardless, the human needs and wants of boomers will focus primarily on health, wealth and relationships… and understanding how mobile and social will facilitate the boomer generation achieving their life goals is one of the most important business questions of our time. Thanks for listening to today’s brief presentation, and I hope you’ll join me next time for more trends and technologies at the intersection of mobile, social and human. Bye for now! View article on the web:

3 Massive Trends and Opportunities: Boomers + Mobile + Social