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September 2009


Norm Negre Practical Craft

Bill Irwin Orchid Show

The Hilo Photography Club is a photography club based on the Big Island of Hawai’i, and has been meeting monthly since 1978. Our members all have a common interest in photography and in sharing their craft/ profession/hobby with others. Skills range from novice to professional. We currently have around 50 members from all parts of the Big Island. The club holds a meeting every month in Hilo. In addition to a business meeting, we often have demonstrations, slide shows from members or invited photographers, invited lectures, in-club photo contests and exhibits, discussions about upcoming contests, photographic technique, technology, equipment, digital manipulation, darkroom, etc. This monthly meeting is usually the 3rd Wednesday of the month, at 7 p.m, at the Kamana Senior Center on Kamana St. in Hilo Google Map. Hilo Photo Club Website Editor Bob Douglas 333-0402


President’s Corner By Doug Halsted

Notes from the Second Banana By Steve Godszak

“Character, like a photograph, develops in darkness.� - Yousef Karch

Think about it. Is it still relevant in the digital age?

Meeting Minutes, XXXX, 2009 By Mary Goodrich


Calendar Now through October 2009 Lyman Museum - Na Pa’i Ki’i Salvaged from trash cans in 1964 and then stashed in archives for decades, a collection of glass plate photographs capturing life in the Kingdom of Hawai`i from 1883-1905 has been resurrected in Na Pa`i Ki`i `o Brother Bertram. As the first Marianist principal of St. Louis College (now St. Louis School in Honolulu), German-born Brother Bertram Gabriel Bellinghausen left a legacy of education and service to the islands. As a pioneering photographer with a particular interest in the maka`āinana or common people, his legacy includes nearly 2,000 images of the people and landscape of turn-of-the-century Hawai`i. This exhibition features a selection of photos of Hawai`i Island. For more info see

On September 16, HPC welcomes local photographer Norman Negre as a guest speaker. His presentation will include a step by step “How it was Made” explanation on one of his motorcycle images. Norman Negre isn’t one of those photographers who finds his muse in his subject. He isn’t really subject-oriented – or muse-oriented – at all. Instead, the longtime phtographer approaches his craft from a practical perspective. "I like to emphasize that the camera is a precision instrument," the Big Island photographer says. "That means precision in concept, composition and technique -- and that takes knowledge and have, and that's where skill really comes into play.

Harley at the Keaau Bypass

Calumet Photo of the Week, September 16, 2008


Hilo Rains was awarded Juror's Choice at the current Hilo in our H'arts exhibit at Wailoa Center, on display until 8/28.

"You've got to make the best of what you have, and that's where skill really comes into play. It's about really knowing how the photographic process relates to human vision. "What you see is NOT what you get, so the photographer must have an idea of what (the picture) will look like. Sometimes this is formed along the way." For the first time in nearly 40 years of shooting pictures, he's a portrait photographer at Aloha Photo Art Studios in Hilo. "It's challenging, because these subjects have emotions, feelings, egos, so it's hard to do what I want. It's not like shooting a rock or something. You gotta have people skills. That's something I'm working on," he says with a laugh. "Still, it's enjoyable. I'm fortunate because ... I have as much freedom as can be expected in a business environment."

Many of us have seen Norman’s nicely framed photographs hanging at Border’s in Hilo. So how did he get this choice exhibition spot? He simply asked the Manager of Border’s. He changes the exhibit 2 or 3 times a year. Right now, he is exhibiting some images of motorcycles and the annual mochi pounding held at Akiko’s Buddhist B&B in Hakalau. Norman uses Nikon equipment; and for medium format, a Graflex XL, and a Graflex Crown Graphic for 4X5. (Portions of this article are excerpted from Norman’s interview with Joleen Oshiro in the 12/14/08 edition of the Star Bulletin.)

The Hilo Orchid Show Photos by Bill Irwin

Remember, Whatever happens be sure to stop and smell the flowers. And be thankful for all those who labor to make it all happen.

I had a dream: I had a dream and in that dream I entered into the sacred mountain, the sacred mountain here being the realm of Madam Pele and other forces that shape the physical world.   Once inside the labyrinthine of that holiest of places I was given to see the secret workings of that realm we call nature.  The knowledge of the origin of all things was given unto to me.  I entered the workshops where all things of the physical realm are created. I saw the molten lava flow forth which upon cooling becomes the Earth, I saw the workshop where the delicate flowers are created.   Fortunately I had my camera with me and was able to get a snap of the little Menehune* peoples assembling the flowers deep within that sacred place.  (see below)   *Menehune - Legendary race of small people who worked at night building it remained unfinished.

fishponds, roads, temples. If their work was not finished in one night it

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HPC - Sep 2009

HPC - Sep 2009