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Memory of 9/11


On September,11th, 2001 KFC opens a new store in central. See the Al Qaeda terrorist group hijacked four planes and crashed


them into buildings in the USA.

Sports: Osama bin Laden was the leader Chicago Blackhawks of the Al Qaeda terrorist group and wins another game again 7-1 against the the architect of the 9/11 attack. He Maple Leafs, they claimed responsibility for the win once again! Congrats attacks. The first plane crashed Blackhawks! See p3 into the World Trade Center

around 8:45am,followd by the

Enntertainment: Garfield, Crossword, second plane 20 minutes later. It was then people realized it was no accident, it was an attack and panic Sudoku, Snoopy, struck. Suddenly another plane crashed into the Pentagon shortly after the Spot the difference .see P4 second plane crash. Then the unthinkable happened, one of the Twin towers collapsed and smoke and dust was everywhere. At 10:30am the second tower collapsed. In addition one more plane crashed in Pennsylvania at an empty field at around 10:30am. People say that the passengers took over the plane and crashed it into a field. A survivor called Zack was in the pentagon during the event and this is what he said “I was there and saw the smoke and death.I saw the destruction and felt the sadness,madness and other sickness. We were assigned to protect the Vice Presidential Mansion. I don’t know if the president was there or not but i still protected it,it was my order” All in all the 9/11 attack was one of the most deadliest attacks in U.S history because of the fact that 2,950 people died that day, the most damaged area was in New York. In 2012 the new World Trade Centre was the tallest building in New York and is set to be replaced by a new tower called ‘Freedom Tower’.

9/11 newspaper  
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