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The Hong Kong Daily Newspaper

28 April 2014

Disappearance Of MH370

By Kevan Kenner

On March 8th at 01:41am Malaysia flight MH370 disappeared from radio contact and visibility before it arrived at Beijing from Kuala-Lumpur. On the plane there were 239 people and 2 pilots. Many world leaders and governments have agreed that this is the most significant search and rescue operation in world history and the truth may not be discovered. Australia, Malaysia, the UK, New Zealand, China, Japan and south Korea are sending their armies and navies in planes and battleships to search for flight MH370 in the sea of Perth where it is believed to have landed, the search is costing millions of dollars from around the world and is using many planes and ships. but no proof of what happened has been discovered yet. There are many opinions about what happened to MH370, some people believe that the plane was hijacked and the plane was purposely crashed in the ocean. Others say one of the Some also say it was progressive series of failures and the pilot attempted to land in a deserted area. others say it was “captured” by a UFO, and others say the aircraft was stolen by passengers and flown somewhere else, and some people say its on the moon or on mars. But nobody knows the truth about the plane. The big question is “What Happened to the plane”, the creepy thing is that the last words of the co-pilot were “All right, good night” this raised some suspicion and because of this many people fear the people onboard have died and the families of the people onboard MH370 pray that they are still alive, but the Australian ship the Ocean Shield has detected pings made by the black box and are still scanning the ocean for the ruins of the plane, they have been searching the ocean bed with a unmanned submarine called the bluefin-21, but it will take 2 hours for it to get to the bottom of the sea, 16 hours to scan the sea, 2 hours and 4 hours to download the scan of the ocean bed, sadly it only contains 2 hours of data, luckily they save the most important data so it may take a long time. So PRAY FOR MH370!



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Kevan Kenners report on the malaysian flight MH370

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