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Monday, 9 June, 14

HOW ACTIONS CAN CHANGE ACCESS TO OPPORTUNITIES Volunteer work for people in poverty Donations to opportunities Bring people in poverty into society, give them an education

Monday, 9 June, 14

CIRCUMSTANCES THAT DETERMINE ACCESS TO OPPORTUNITIES One circumstances that can determine access to opportunities are when somebody is in poverty, they have a poor upbringing and cannot be sent to school. In countries that the government does not have any control over the people, they may have to have a curfew for a certain period of time, then it might have to go to a coop, therefore it might be too dangerous for kids to go to school Again, depending on where they are born, if they are born in third world countries their family might not have enough income so they cannot send them to school, denying the fact that they can have full potential. You cannot reach your full potential if you do not have an education

Monday, 9 June, 14


Monday, 9 June, 14

L A C K O F E D U C AT I O N In this photo a person has a lot of trouble trying to read this book, but he cant due to the fact that he has no education Monday, 9 June, 14

T H E R I G H T T O A N AT I O N A L I T Y In this photo each person has a nationality based on the one behind them. Everybody should have a nationality Monday, 9 June, 14

T H E R I G H T T O H AV E P R I VA C Y This person doesn’t really have privacy as everybody is trying to get at him. Many famous people cannot have much privacy. Monday, 9 June, 14

T H E R I G H T T O N O T B E S O L D A S A S L AV E Nobody has the right to sell you as a slave like the person in this person is! Monday, 9 June, 14

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