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Actions can Support or Deny access to rights and opportunities STP- Assessment By : Kashish Mulchand

Monday, 9 June, 14

Summative Criteria You will be successful if you/r: Task 1 • Answer the three lines of inquiry showing a clear explanation • Explain in detail your understanding of the LOI Task 2 -Photo story • Take a photo that is clear and can convey a right being granted or denied • Blurb adds meaning and describes the right being granted or denied Task 3- Presentation . Layout of slides use all space creatively and are easy to read

Monday, 9 June, 14

Reflection of Summative Peer Assessment(Annika) (M+) I think that your layout is easy to read. I think the photos are clear. I think you could add more detail on the blurbs.You explained the LOI in detail. I would give you a an meeting plus. Self Assessment (M) I think I could work in my detail on the ILO’S.

Monday, 9 June, 14

LO1:1 ILO 1= Circumstances that determined an individual's access's to opportunities Different types of people who live in different types of circumstances, have more or less opportunities then some people The opportunity’s the individual has depends on their country, skin color, disability

Monday, 9 June, 14

LOI:2 ILO 2= The way people basic rights are granted or denied Different types of people have their basic rights and some don’t The reason some people don’t have their basic rights is because of their circumstance

Monday, 9 June, 14

LOI:3 LOI 3= How actions can change access to opportunities If you take action it can affect the way people have access to opportunities in a good or bad way To make sure your you affect someone in a good way you have to make sure your idea is sustainable

Monday, 9 June, 14

Freedom of Speech Right to have freedom of speech

In this photo Larissa is not allowing Andrea to express her feelings. Monday, 9 June, 14

Right to Name and Nationally This is a photo of Larissa’s name and nationality. Right to have a name and a nationality

Monday, 9 June, 14

Right to Play and Rest

Right to play and rest In this photo, Larissa’s playing in the playground. Monday, 9 June, 14

Right to Have Honest Information

Right to have Honest Information

In this photo Larissa’s is reading a newspaper. Monday, 9 June, 14

Photo story  

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