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It all unfolded on December 7, 1941 when the Japanese divebombed 8 huge battleships in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, USA. The Japanese did it because they would have full control of the Pacific Ocean if they defeated the US. Today is the 73rd anniversary. Experts think that the Japanese did it because they would have full control over the pacific if they attacked the US. Australia, Hawaii, and Japan controlled the Pacific Ocean in WWII. If Japan defeated the US, then it wouldn't be that hard to take over Austrailia. After that, full navy control over the Pacific Ocean would be achieved.When Japan attacked, they destroyed many things and many people died due to the fact that they were unprepared. Eight humongous battle ships were destroyed including the USS Arizona(above) and the USS Nevada, and many more battle ships. They also destroyed 200 anti aircraft planes and the US

lost more than 2000 lives.

Before 9/11, this has been one of the most deadly attacks on US soil. The thing is, the battleships were no longer the most important thing for the navy. Aircraft carriers were, but most of them based in Pearl Harbor were on missions far away from Pearl Harbor. Also, even though they lost many lives and battleships and planes, they didn’t attack the land so the bases, airfields, runways and fuel tanks were untouched in good condition. In other words, it was easy for the US to bounce back. In last years anniversary, because of the US government shutdown, it forced WWII vets from going to memorial in Washington D.C on December 7, 2013. Many people were outraged and offended so they struck down the fences to let the vets in.

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