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Vitoria’s Learner User Manual 2013/14

Multiple Intelligences This graph shows that I am a very Interpersonal, Logical, Musical, and Intrapersonal. I am not very Kinaesthetic.

I am a Left Brain thinker This means that I am Creative, I like shapes and patterns, I am good at singing, music, theater, etc., I prefer visualizations, I’m emotional, I like colours, I’m active, and I ask “why”, more often than “how”.

I think this glass is Half-full This may mean that I am Optimistic. HalfFull!!!!!!


I learn best when I am with a partner or a group, but that depends on what we are doing. When we are preparing for a presentation, I like working in groups, when we are writing creative stories/fantasy stories, I like working independently. Because when I am writing independently, I can have my own ideas instead of sharing them. When doing presentations, I like working with other students because I don’t enjoy presenting by myself. Strengths ✓ Maths ✓ Literacy ✓ Interpersonal ✓ Music ✓ Time Management ✓ Art ✓ Intrapersonal

Weaknesses ➡ Kinaesthetic ➡ Visual/Spacial ➡ Naturistic

Learner user manual(Vitoria)  
Learner user manual(Vitoria)