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Hannah’s Learner User Manual 2013/14

Multiple Intelligences This Graph shows that I am intrapersonal, kinesthetic, visual/ spatial and naturalistic. I am not a linguistic person, Music, logical and interpersonal .

I am a Left Brain thinker This means that I am creative, art, visualization, likes to see the “whole” picture, colors, active, willing to take risks, Asks “why” more often than “how”.

I think this glass is half full. This may mean that I am optimistic.

I learn best when independent or working in partners, because I don’t like to work with to many people.

Strengths -working by my self -PE but not swimming -art -works well with touching and feeling -try out new things

Weaknesses -swimming -writing stories -reflective -working in groups -does not work well when listen -sit still

Hannah's learner user manual