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Twenty year old American Jon Black is not your average US citizen. He is cursed. He doesn't know why or how but he is. It started on a cloudy drab day with Jon inside his new house unpacking his suitcase. He had just moved to Texas. As he did, he looked out the window and saw a mall nearby. I’ll get something to eat after I settle down, he thought. He finished unpacking and tidying up, and went upstairs to his room to get changed as he had gotten quite dusty unpacking. But when he came back down, he was dumbfounded ,he saw that the house was a mess again! “What happened in here!!!” He shouted, now I’ll never get my dinner!

He put back his stuff again, and drove to the mall to get the dinner he so strived for. On his way there, he saw a car driving on the wrong side of the road. He didn’t notice it was coming straight for him, he thought that the driver would notice him and get back on the right side. As the car got closer Jon prepared for impact.Suddenly Jon felt his car flying through the air, he was weightless. The car did two backflips and landed, all demolished. The engine was broken and the windows had shattered. Jon slowly slid out of the wreckage surprisingly unharmed and stomped out to yell at the other driver.

But when he got to the car that had crashed into him, Jon stopped in his tracks. There was nobody in the drivers seat. Now Jon began to worry. What was happening? And why was it happening to him? There were so many unanswered questions. But there were no answers. Who was doing this to him?Jon was determined to find out.

As he walked to the mall, (he couldn’t take the car of course) he took one last look at the destroyed car. There was definitely no one inside and this accident could not be explained. Jon set off towards the mall still in shock, this day was beginning to be unexplainable. As he approached the mall and was just about to go inside the mall when he heard a creaking sound. All of a sudden

a billboard on the outside of the mall began to fall !!! “Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!� screamed Jon. He was frozen with shock and could only manage to shield his head with his hands. The sign sped down and managed to miss Jon by inches. He was left standing there with wreckage all around. Jon was dazed and confused and stumbled to the sidewalk to sit. Why is this happening to me? he thought. He needed to find out why this was happening to him and who was doing this.

Jon started to wonder who was doing these things to him and was unsure when the mystery character would strike again. He bought his groceries without any drama and started back home.

As he left the mall he took another look at the billboard. Again there was no sign of who had done it. Jon slowly made his way home and ate his dinner. It had been a nerve racking day and nothing bad had happened since he had entered the mall! But that was what worried Jon.

What if the mystery character was planning a huge event and waiting to strike when Jon least expected it?

After an exhausting day Jon’s eyes started to get heavy so he decided to get some sleep. As he got to his room he did not make it in time to change and just flopped onto the bed in exhaustion. Suddenly, two hours later, he was startled awake by the smell of smoke! He jumped off the bed and searched his room and around the house.He was confused as there was nothing causing the smoke.

At that moment he caught a glimpse of orange light in the corner of his eye. He moved to the lounge window and he looked outside. What he saw was the most horrifying sight yet. The whole front lawn was on fire.

He did not even have time to think before his body was sprinting away from the window and he was dashing out the back door to safety. Now that he was left with nothing, Jon went to his brothers house. As Jon knocked on Jacks door all the lights were off as it was the middle of the night. After a short time a light flicked on and a sleepy looking Jack opened the door. “Hey” said Jon. “Jon, what are you doing here in the middle of the night?” he mumbled while rubbing his eyes. “Its a long story, any chance I could stay here the night, I will tell you about it in the morning”. “Sure”, said Jack. But why do you want to stay with me? Don’t you have a house just down the road from here? “About that”...Jon began. “Wait” Jack said calmly. “First, sit down and i’ll get you something to drink. Then you can tell me the whole story”Jack saw the look on Jon’s face and wanted to hear about what had happened. Jon agreed. They sat down and Jon told him about how he thought he was cursed. “I see” said Jack.

“Lets think about this problem of yours. How will we know when the curser will strike back? We will need to think”. “Should we call the Police? Could they help?”.They decided to wait until morning and to take turns keeping watch. If one of them saw someone coming or something happening that was out of the ordinary, they would wake the other person. Jack took the first watch. As he did, he saw a few animals roaming around the backyard. But one of them looked slightly different. Suddenly, Jack found out why. That animal wasn’t an animal at all! It was a human. The mysterious person wore a black cloak. Jack knew why. The person didn’t want his face to be seen. And Jack knew why that was too. The person didn’t want anyone to know it was him that was causing all the trouble. Jack quickly woke Jon.

Together they watched as the mysterious person came closer to the house. Suddenly, a ladder dropped down from nowhere in front of the person. The person quickly climbed up. Jon and Jack ran out of the house and looked up. And just in time too. As soon as they got out of the house,the house suddenly collapsed! Jon and Jack weren’t harmed. They ran, or tried to. A plane landed right in front of them. And the person in the black cloak got out. He went over to Jon. Jon was petrified. He had finally come face to face with the person that had been cursing him the whole time!!! He started to run, but then stopped. The character took of his hood. And an all too familiar face looked back at Jon and Jack. An older Jon stood before them.

He looked like he was about thirty. “Who are you!?” Screamed Jon. “This may sound quite strange, replied the other Jon, but I am you.” “What do you mean?” Asked Jon. “I am me!” “I am you from the future”.He said. “I have come back to try and get you to my portal.” “What portal? “Asked present day Jon “I have been trying to save you” future Jon replied.” You see, In the future, you were going to be killed by someone. I was trying to get you away.” “But where does the portal go?” Asked Jon. “It goes forward into time, so that you can avoid his presence. “Tell me about this mystery figure, said Jon.” “Do you recall a guy named Damian in university? Well, it is strange, but it seems you did some harm to him without meaning it.” “What did I do? Asked Jon.” “He came up with a brilliant idea which everyone was ecstatic about until you proved him wrong. He was the superstar and suddenly everyone stopped trusting him.

His reputation was ruined! He was livid and wanted to destroy you. You need to get to safety which will give time to take care of Damian.” “Ok said the original Jon, but where is the portal? “It is here”, replied the other Jon. And a portal suddenly opened out of nowhere. “Good luck Jon”, said Jack who had been listening to the conversation the whole time. They both said goodbye to each other as Jon disappeared into thin air and the unknown.

Cursed By Akash