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CrazyFat cat Revenge of the pizza

By:ChunSan Leung

Crazy FatCat

“One step”, “Two careful” Whispered Fat Cat to himself as he crept slowly into the old man’s house next door. His mission to steal their super tasty freshly cooked pizza. As he crept through the kitchen he could see the end in sight. Fat Cat was definitely going to be well fed tonight! He grabbed the pizza victoriously and then had an awful feeling all of a sudden... he was not alone! Fat Cat spun around and saw the old man looking angrier than the devil. The old mans face was getting red hot with frustration. Fat Cat needed to think fast or else this may be the end for him. As the old man leapt at Fat Cat, he dodged the old man by inches. With the pizza still in his hand Fat Cat took off at a sprint through the kitchen door.


All the way through, Fat Cat ran nervously around the house with all the energy he had left to run. The old man slowly followed him but it took a long time for him as he was old and his legs could only manage to walk. Fat cat jumped out the window while the old man headed to walk out the door furiously. As soon as the Grumpy old man came out of the door he said: “I give NO MERCY!!!”. With Fat Cat’s heart pounding he ran and stole a bicycle and cycled just like a cheetah running down the driveway. Fat cat looked backwards to have a clear check that the old man wasn’t following him but then just at that second he turned his head back to the front….BAM!!!!!


Fat cat soared through the air from the bicycle and landed on his garden with his belly on the ground and with the pizza still on his hand wiggling. Fat cat sighed and said “finally I’ve got what I want”. Fat cat walked inside, put his pizza in the oven and got his plate ready. Bill, Fat cats owner came to the kitchen and asked “Where did you get that pizza from, Fat cat”. Fat cat replied coolly “I stole it from our neighbor”. Bill got so worried and his face began to turn red and screamed loudly “DID YOU KNOW HE IS MY BOSS!!!”. The house shook so badly that a pictures began to fall down.

Bill took a seat and began to calm down, then he said: “Do you agree that this village is getting a bit boring, like that people don’t talk to you and just look at you. Not to mention we now have an angry neighbor who wants us dead. Hey! Wait I got an idea,- how about this- Why dont we go stay in a hotel until he is a little less angry. It might be fun and it will be a nice change from this boring little town! I know a great hotel a few hours away, near the town I grew up in- its just a short flight from here!” That made Fat Cat so excited that he forgot he had a Pizza in the oven. Bill took what was left of the burnt pizza out of the oven and they both started eating. After they finished eating they went to there car, an ASTON-MARTIN DB9. They drove and drove and talked about how awesome the hotel was gonna be.

“Beep...beep...beep�. Bill parked his car at the airport carpark and got out of the car and quickly ran to the main terminal. They checked in and went to a coffee shop. They ordered a cup of coffee and went to sit at a table. Just as they sat down they realised that old man from next door was sitting in the booth next to them eating a burger. What were the chances of that? They were terrified but luckily the airport speakers crackled on and announced their flight had started boarding. They snuck out of the coffee shop and hurried to their gate, checked their tickets and quickly boarded the plane.

As soon as the plane took off, Bill and Fat cat ordered a steak for dinner as well as some of those tiny soda cans you can only get on planes. After dinner they played some video games on the small T.V. in front of them; they played this game called Nyan cat when it was night time and they switched on the volume to the highest and all the people that were sleeping turned and looked at them with anger. An old lady sitting across shouted at them saying: “I’M SLEEPING CAN’T YOU SEE! NOW CAN YOU BE MORE CONSIDERATE AND PUT THE VOLUME DOWN NOW”. After the angriness Bill and Fat cat lowered the volume and just played silently.

As soon as they both had a game over because that ‘Nyan cat’ had eaten a vegetable. They decided to take a good nights sleep, snoring so deeply they were like pigs in wonderful nice mud. They snored their way through the rest of the flight and until the early morning. Ring….ring…..ring….ring. Something had woken everyone in the middle of the flight- the pilot had sent out a message saying that the plane’s engine had broken down; “PLEASE EVACUATE!” was the message. Suddenly the plane’s right part of the wall broke off and chairs started to fall out. Fat cat and Bill put on their parachute as quick as a flash. They both jumped out of the plane and released the parachute and landed safely in a unused field on the edge of a small city. It was an amazingly lucky escape. It just so happened they also managed to land in field opposite to a hotel… Their hotel!

They walked to the check-in and asked the lady for a big room and two big bathrooms. The lady gave them the key and they charged to the room. As they went in their room they ordered pizza but the dinner lady said: “Sorry, we don’t sell pizza’s here”. So Bill and Fat cat decided that they could try a small pizza cafe they saw from their window; ‘Pizza-Cat’. Just as they got out of their room they smelled something similar to what they smelled before in their home town. Then they realised that it was that same delicious and hot pizza they ate before- the sam Pizza that started all of this mess- that same delicous Pizza that fat Cat stole from their neighbors house! So they quickly knew that they gotta get that pizza ready for a good dinner tonight!

They went down the lift in the hotel, walked down the opposite side of the street and entering the cafe, but just then Bill checked his pocket trying reach for money but then realizing that he had already spent all his money on the hotel room. That wasnt the only thing that Bill noticed. He saw a man sitting at a booth who looked eerily familiar. Bill screamed all of a sudden which made the old man aware and took a look over at them curiously. FatCat immediately jumped up and started running away. “Help! Help! He’s going to kill us!” FatCat Screamed. Bill wasnt handling himself much better, “Please I beg you dont hurt us… I’ll pay you money! I’ll give you my Cat! Anything just dont hurt us!” he pleaded.

“Just wait a second here” the old man croaked. With that he pressed a button behind the counter and the security shutters dropped, trapping Bill and FatCat alone with the old man. “Explain yourselves!” demanded the old man, “ why the heck are you two fools running around my Pizza shop?” “Just wait a second here” the old man croaked. With that he pressed a button behind the counter and the security shutters dropped, trapping Bill and FatCat alone with the old man. “Explain yourselves!” demanded the old man, “ why the heck are you two fools running around my Pizza shop?” The old man looked puzzled.

Then he said:“wait a minute, the other day my twin brother stole my latest pizza which was amazingly delicious but he used it to set up his own new company. So are you guy’s saying that you stole the pizza from him? FatCat replied:“Yes, we did. The old man was smiling so greatly he said:“You saved my life. my twin brother is a bad brother but with you guy’s helping he couldn’t copy my idea, thank you so much you guy’s. After that Bill and FatCat realised that this was the good twin brother and the one before in town was the bad twin brother. The old man was so happy after all the excitement, he told us that we could have free pizza’s to eat, so FatCat and Bill ordered the specials on the menu and ate happily after all.

Crazy Fat Cat  
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