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Sedum telephium, Fabaria, 40 cm

Sedum acre, Oktoberfest, 6 cm

Sedum acre, Yellow, 6 cm

Sedum aizoon, Euphorbioides, 40 cm

Sedum album, White, 10 cm

Sedum ellacombianum, Selskianum hort, 10 cm

Sedum floriferum, Bailey’s Gold, 10 cm

Sedum reflexum, Crooked Yellow Stonecrop, 30 cm

Sedum hybridum, Czars Gold, 15 cm

Sedum montanum, Jenny, 20 cm

Sedum hispanicum, Spanish Stonecrop, 10 cm

Sedum pulchellum, Widow’s-cross, 10 cm

Sedum oreganum, Oregon stonecrop, 5 cm

Sedum sexangulare, Tasteless Stonecrop, 8 cm

Sedum spurium, Coccineum, 15 cm

Sedum stoloniferum, Stolon Stonecrop, 20 cm

SEDUM BLANKET SYSTEMS – Green Biodiverse Roofs Sedum roofs can play an important role in creating additional wildlife spaces in urban areas and in the conservation of rare or endangered species. Green roofs house a large swathe of invertebrates. Danfo provides bespoke green roof solutions to fit any building or area. Simple Sedum Blanket Systems are especially selected for their draught resistant capabilities. Sedum roofs have also been shown to have benefit for a limited range of invertebrate species. The sedum blanket also provides a foraging source for bees. Danfo has provided sedum roof designs to a wide range of locations and building models. Examples of sedum roofs are shown within this brochure.

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Danfo Living roofs for Public Toilets  
Danfo Living roofs for Public Toilets  

Danfo Living roofs for Public Toilets