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Conservation 2014


National trust, Heddon Valley Adding separate entrances to the building improves safety and reduces the risk of vandalism. A welcoming window was added to this National Trust building along with the Modulet system. After


Southchurch gardens, southend-on-sea Danfo provides refurbishment in line with the style of the building and the surroundings.



MODULET, IN-Build Modules – The Unique In-build System for Public Toilets Danfo’s Modulet system is an ideal choice for facilities in need of a refurbuishment. The Modulet can be built into an existing building to blend in with the surrounding environment. The Modulet system consists of three different modules: WC, Disabled WC and Urinal. These modules can be combined into an optional number of cubicles in both existing or new public conveniences. All functions such as soap and hand wash are recessed into the wall and sensor controlled – hygenic and reliable. The Modulet system has been specially designed to withstand the wear that public toilets are often exposed to. The materials are carefully chosen for easy cleaning and graffiti removal and to prevent misuse.

Technical information – General The hand wash unit and toilet bowl are manufactured out of stainless steel, with integrated functions. The Modulet wallboard is made of water resistant plywood and clad with a special laminate for easy graffiti removal. Danfo’s public toilets are built with separate toilet rooms for increased safety and reduced risk for misuse.

– Service area The Modulet system is based on having all vital components, such as control systems for heating and ventilation as well as waste water and ventilation pipes located on the back of each Modulet wall panel within the service room. These components are out of reach for the public, but very easy to access for authorized service personnel via the service room. All consumables are replenished from the service room. This is also where cleaning materials and equipment can be stored.

– Electricity and water Max effect 2300W per wall. For Ø15 mm water connection.

– WC Stainless-steel wall-mounted toilet bowl for easy floor cleaning. The Disabled WC has a stainless steel wall-mounted toilet bowl with arm supports. A knee space under the washbasin unit allows for easy wheelchair access and reach range.

– Urinal Stainless-steel, water free urinal. Separate hand wash/hand drier unit (optional).

– Hand wash unit Stainless steel module for hand wash, soap, hand drier, toilet paper and waste paper basket. All functions are integrated within the module.

– Modulet panels standard dimensions WC Disabled WC Urinal

Height 2200-2500 mm, Width 1200-1450 mm Height 2200-2500 mm, Width 1535 mm Height 2200-2500 mm, Width 800-1200 mm

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Danfo Conservation refurbishment of Public Toilets  
Danfo Conservation refurbishment of Public Toilets  

Danfo Conservation refurbishment of Public Toilets