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Plan exhibitions for maximum impact


Guaranteed success with long-term planning Sticking to the plan ensures success The check-list from GS Advertising helps you keep the big picture when planning an exhibition. Before an exhibition, organisers need to make many practical and time consuming preparations, and in order to keep a good overview – and not least stick to the budget – it is of great importance that the schedule does not slip. Due to the fact that most exhibitions take place in limited spaces of time in the spring and autumn, suppliers are pushed hard. So are exhibition centres who have their own time frames that need to be held. Missing a deadline can often lead to substantial extra expenses for e.g. new requisitions, packaging and shipping. Let Advertising help you keep in control We can help you with whatever you need to organise and run an exhibition, anywhere and at any time. We plan, build and direct exhibitions as total contracts, and have our own construction staff who build your exhibition area and take it down again. No job is too large or small, and we draw on a far reaching network to support our own expertise. As the customer you are part of the entire process, from concept development until you are standing in the finished stand. During the whole process you have just one point of contact, the project manager who ensures that everything is going according to plan.

Start here Below you can see a list of typical tasks that need to be performed before a successful exhibition. Use as inspiration for how to get off to a good start. You can also call GS Advertising for a talk about your special needs. 10-12 months before exhibition

 

Decision of goal, strategy, theme and budget Order exhibition stand and placement

6-9 months

            

Preparation of concept proposal/layout Decision regarding activities Detailed planning Detailed drawings Production of exhibition elements and graphics Assembly of products Furniture, podiums, plates, glasses, cutlery etc. Order water, telephone line, IT-connection, stand aid, packing, transport Discuss catering Book transport, hotel etc. for staff Order entrance pass, visa, parking Book photographer, order flowers, plants, decoration Division of areas of responsibility – key contact

3-6 months

 

Production of brochures and exhibition material Preparation of products

     

Campaign launch and presentation on website Preparation of PR and invitations Print literature Approval of graphics, multimedia, invitations, printed material Preparation of complete list of products, literature and other items that will go by lorry to the exhibition Order food and drink

2-4 weeks

    

Send out invitations and PR Approval of product placement and assembly of products on podiums Packing of products Transport of products and other material to exhibition site Lorry is packed and departs for exhibition

1 week

Construction of exhibition stand

The day before

Approval of exhibition stand and hand-over to customer

During the exhibtion

 

Events, activities Ensure everything is going according to plan

After the exhibtion

  

Deconstruction of exhibition stand Evaluation Follow-up

1-3 months

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Exhibition planner  

Plan exhibitions for maximum impact