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Both left and right pages are part of my ‘Observe and Create’ manifesto I did for the Manifesto brief. I have always had an interest in the overlooked things in life, and always found something special can be made out of it. On the left page I have some engine observation photos, and above is my manifesto itself.

I created a stop frame animation for our Manifesto display work when Neil Drabble came in for the workshop. I based the animation on a camera journey and then the animation became the ‘creation’. This can be watched by clicking the play button above. The images on the right show my animation concealed within a locker which I modfied to fit a small projector into, which then looped the video and people could watch it through a hole where the lock used to be. Around it are the other projects from the other students who shared the same manifesto.

Above is a link to the short video clip we made for the Aphorism brief. Our aphorism was “A smile is the same in any language�. The video shows us putting coloured post it notes over people’s faces as they enter the tube station. The idea behind this was to replace their straight faces with smiles, represented with the coloured post-it notes. The music was composed and performed by me, which I recorded directly from my digital piano. Click the play button above to view the video. The images on the right show my independent extension of this brief, where I put the aphorism in a frame and placed it in public to remind people to smile.

The images on this spread show the design and the final outcome of the badges we made in the workshop with Mark Pawson. I Based the characters off of a personal design, and made them into a set, which when put together say “Mischeif�.

These pages show the design for the game we made for the Social Kit workshop with George Wu and Sarah Gottlieb. We made a game where a song was made into phonectic parts, and each player had to take a card, and read each phonetic part however the card told them to. The game could also be recorded and played back to see how it sounded.

The images on this spread show our kit being tested. We chose 6 people who we thought would be best suited to this, as we had targeted this game to people with a healthy sense of humour. The game was successful considering it’s strange nature, and we recieved good feedback; This game got a lot of laughs.

These images were from our ‘Origins’ brief we were set early on. On the left, I created a timeline without using dates, by making a timeline of the modern hat (roughly 1900’s). This was illustrated by hand using a graphics tablet.

The image above was from another timeline inspired piece, where I created a small collection of fonts, ranging in age from oldest at the top, to newest at the bottom. I then printed this onto parcel paper mounted on standard paper.

These are the 4 boards we created for the PaperCo direct mail piece brief. The mail piece was a cube that folded over and over to show a message, which also included a QR code which could be used to be directed to the Paperco website.

This is the dummy model we made for the PaperCo brief. This is only a greyscale prototype, as the real one would be made out of a cream cartridge paper and embossed with silver print. It features everything else the real one would.

This is the piece me and a group of 4 others made for the ‘Making Do’ workshop with Mary Ikoniadou. Our brief was to alter her Making Do magazine, and make it into something new. We used acetate to write over the illustrations with what we saw in each image. We then made this into a bound magazine which Mary is interested in using in the future.

This spread shows one of the pieces I did for the LAB: Make me think brief. I bought a mirror, which I then made a ‘Me’ print for, and printed it around the outside, and then made some stencils by hand with the words Vessel and Soul. The idea behind this was to make people look in a mirror long enough for them to look past their exterior, or their ‘vessel’ and see their soul. The ‘Me’ prints around the edge were to centre the attention of the person looking in the mirror.

This is another piece which me and 2 others worked on for the LAB brief. We did this one in a small communal garden with permission, to externalise our design. The quote was from Jamie Paolinetti, and the idea was to make people think about their imaginations and possibilities in a relaxed environment, which is why we externalised it in a communal garden. It was all stencilled by hand, and the word ‘Limitations’ was 3D.

This was another independent piece for the LAB workshop. I made a canvas, simply with the word Deja Vu on it, to encourage people to think about Deja Vu itself, and what it could mean here in this position. Every other day I moved the canvas to create a Deja Vu feeling that the audience had seen it before somwhere else.

This is the start of my main Independent Practice. Since the manifesto ‘Observe and Create’ was originally an idea I came up with, I decided to continue it independently. I added some more instructions to the original manifesto and reproduced it again.

This spread shows the observation and creation of a skate shoe idea. Skateboarding affects each area of the shoes differently depending on the trick and your stance. I created an illustration that shows where each style of trick wears the shoe down. I externalised this piece by posting it up on

This spread shows my ‘overlooked’ idea. We take a lot of things for granted, and I wanted to show how each thing was such a luxury by labelling them with various ‘clouds’ showing how amazing they really are in a way that no one else would immidiately think. I did these in public and privately, some of which are still there.

This is my design investigation work. I created a stop frame animation for my presentation, which I wrote, illustrated and did a voice over for. The video can be seen by clicking the above play button. On the right is a photo of some of the papers I used in creating the animation. To the right you can see some of the pages I used in the making of this animation.

This idea was inspired by observing London as a whole. I noticed wherever I was there was always a lot of construction work going on, so I created a poster to create a feeling of a

work in progress by painting a silhouette of London and keeping the front part half painted. I created this using a graphics tablet.

This was an observation of one of the ‘Bronze men’ in London. I’d always looked at them and wondered so many things, so I put those questions from observation into a creation.

This was one of my favourite pieces of my Independent practice. I have always had a very keen interest in cars and engineering, So I did some engine observation and created a font out of it. Each letter is a genuine car part, with very little altered. They were all drawn by hand using a graphics tablet, and it is now a working font called “Turbo�.

This spread shows images from when I externalised the font in a picture frame. I wrote “A Well Oiled Machine�. I took this to my local car garage, who were more than happy for me to show it in their workshop, and were also kind enough to let me leave them a copy, which is now in their waiting room, which was very rewarding.

These ideas were based on the observation of liquids and gasses. I used a spray paint can above and created a spray cloud that showed the contents of the can in a written form.

This piece was uploaded online, and then retweeted by MTN paints themselves, which linked the image on their twitter page with almost 2000 followers.

This was one of my favourite pieces using paper. I find liquid to be very interesting - the ways in which it moves and forms shapes. I used several pieces of paper and illustrated a fluid look on

each to represent the water, the splash and the pour. I used the lines and different levels of paper to show the water’s flow. I put this inside a glass ro represent pouring water.

Evaluation This semester has been quite different than the others for me. I feel I’ve managed to improve on using more interesting mediums and styles. I feel I’ve also been able to work on almost anything and find some level of enjoyment within it once I get into it, rather than doing it because I have to. I found that some of the projects, namely independent and LAB, I was able to get into it and once I had found my pace, I discovered I was able to work with more ease and come up with more ideas, which is something I found I always struggled with slightly. I also think that as a whole, my portfolio this semester has been much more focused, in the same way that I have been. I felt this semester involved quite a lot of different processes, and I ended up producing a number of videos, which I hadn’t really done in previous semesters. I was also very happy with how I managed my time this semester, and found that in doing so I was able to work more comfortably. Using different materials was something I found to be quite enjoyable, and is something I still haven’t gotten too into, so in the final year I aim to do a lot more material experimentation. One thing I felt I hadn’t really discovered until recently was that I could have a bit more freedom within my work. There was still a structure to it, but once I realised I was able to work more openly, I began to work with more incentive. There were aspects of difficulty in this semester too. I found externalising my work effectively to be quite difficult, but do feel I managed to accomplish it to a degree. One of them problems I faced was I would spend a long time creating the work, and not leave myself a lot of time to externalise it. I’m sometimes a bit hesitant to try and get my work into new places, but I found if I tried, I usually got a chance to do it, which did help my confidence and allowed me to get my work out to some more audiences, and even have my work kept permanently in one location. I would like to have done more externalisation, and it’s something I’ll be looking to do more of next year. Working with PaperCo as a real client was also really useful I think, as it gave me an insight into working for a client and what happens within that. Design investigation was harder than I thought it would be, but my visit to Airside was really valuable as I got an idea of how such a studio works, which is something I felt I lacked before hand. I did a lot of group work this semester, which I’m still unsure on. Sometimes I found it to be very enjoyable and the outcome of the work was very good, and other times I found I wasn’t as happy as I would have been if I had been working on it alone. I also found that sometimes my ‘style’ or approach to work would encourage me, and sometimes it would discourage me. I feel I’m closing in on a style, but I’m not quite there yet. I also feel I’d like to try more with my portfolio layouts; I’m not unhappy with it, but I feel I could do more with some more work, which is sometime I aim to do in the future. I definitely feel that the main element of my style is illustration and hand craft based, both digitally and traditionally, but I need to explore further into this over the next year. I feel that when it comes to design, I like simplicity as well as detail, depending on what I’m working on. The new pace I discovered this semester will also help me next year to improve on some of the points I mentioned above. Overall I feel good about this semester and the quality of work I have put together, and I know what I want to improve on next.

BIBLIOGRAPHY Websites: Locations (for externalisation): Ikea, Croydon branch Thornton Heath - Private owned communal garden C.A.R - Croydon Auto Repairs 5050 Bristol Other: “Making do” Issue 0 (2007) - Mary Ikoniadou

Dan Hawes GD portfolio YR2  

Dan Hawes GD portfolio YR2