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Dane Stanton Animation: DV3600 Year 3 Reaserch: 26/09/11 Ideas Brainstorm, first ideas.

Image 1 (Brainstorm) First thouthts on receiving the task, some have been on my mind for a while some have just made up as I am writing. At this stage I am thinking about going down the route of cyclist storyline. As cycling is a hobby of mine and before I could drive I used to cycle to work, also it is becoming more and more comon seeing cyclist on the roads. However I would like to play around with the crazy story. Not really thought up a storyline but something mixed media and a way of showing of different types of animation, traditional hand drawn, stop - motion and live footage, all put together in After Effects. (Am also thinking about stop motion a lot, as I was experimenting with play - doe for the experemental task in the previous week.)

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year 3 animation student: Dane Stanton. Lecturer: Will Stephen-Bishop