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Although this looks completely different to the original character I think it has worked out for the best. I know some things are missing but I was thinking of adding the mouth on in flash afterwards. This character was quite easy to create as I draw each componant seperately. The ears, the eyes and the base of the head. I then put each item in place and the created a new layer on the bottom layer, this allowed the lines to stay visable. And then coloured the whole head in. Quick review 20/01/12 although I am quite behined I am very happy with my main character and the theme of my animation. Curiosiyt killed the cat/ facing your fears. Whilst the kid heres noises down stairs and goes to investigate, he is confronted by a scribble monster and is then eaten. I think I will have to continue by compleitng the backgrounds and creating some practise shots, ie walk cycles and animatic. I will have to aim to get this completed by the 6/02/12 to keep on track wich gives me 3 and a bit weeks. Wich I think is rtealistic. If every thing goes to plan.

animation year 3 folderwork  

year 3 animation student: Dane Stanton. Lecturer: Will Stephen-Bishop