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Dane Stanton Animation: DV3600 Year 3 Summary (why?) I will be looking at creating an independent animation from 1.5 minutes to 5 minutes for my end of year show, graduating from my degree at University of East London. I would like this to show of a set of my animation skills that I will hope to possess to impress employers to give me a chance of employment. (What?) I will be recording my thought process of my independent animation by documenting all my reaserch wheather it be toutorials, illistrations, books, animations, (professional and amiture) and my struggles through my final animation, through a journal. Reporting my thought process from week to week. Also a profesional folder embodying action plans, storyboards, character design sheets, essays, reports and an evaluation. (How?) I am very inspired by aniators like Julie Pott, Agnes salek. also I have been inspired by Mexican Illistrator Caracrimen, all avalible on 'My Likes' on my Vimeo page. Character I will have to experiment to see what way will look better hand drawn and will look more free hand and lose lines, however creating a sketchy look finish or drawn on my graphic's tablet and then both ways will be coloured in photoshop. Background I might try and play around with paint and scan in water colour and pastels to give my background some texture. Also I will use bright colours and faded them a bit. This will make the main character stand out from the background and clearly seperate the two. I was also considering not putting in walls or many ojects, just leaving in the main forground items and having a clean background. Animation will be mainly done in Flash but this might limit the camera action, so I might bring sections into After Effects. This will allow me to play around with the camera mode, and also creating DOP (Depth Of Field). Main reasons for choosing Flash and After Effects was that I have a better understanding of the software and own a copy of the software on my computer giving me xtra time to animate at home, and at the library. (Who?) I will be setting myself targets to reach weekly, however the only part of the animation I might need to ask for additionl help will be the voice over. I have seen an animation where every sound was made by a persons voice ie creaking doors and car engines. Or it might have limited sound so only very brieth speech.

I have a contact that is a trained professional at voice overs and has already agreed to help out when needed, as long as she is free so I will give notice to when she will be needed and leave the slot open for a week or so, to give her some freedom. How Long? Week start

Week No.

Task to complete



Experiment with stopmotoin techniques.













Practise character design



Practise set designs.





Choose favoured story lines and more in depth reaserch into each idea.



Think about how I will use sound? How much? If I will need voice actors? How many?










Brainstorm initial ideas Reaserch on style, character and background sets.

Have chosen my final idea and stuck with a style that I will carry through my animation.


Create storyboards, and animatic.


Create final character designs.







Test animations, walk cycles, head turns, lip sync.

Tick on completion













Completion on first round of the animation. Review and re-make.



Re-make review.





Start animation.

Review with others.

02/04/12 09/04/12

Final adjustments







Dane Stanton Animation: DV3600 Year 3 Reaserch: 26/09/11 Ideas Brainstorm, first ideas.

Image 1 (Brainstorm) First thouthts on receiving the task, some have been on my mind for a while some have just made up as I am writing. At this stage I am thinking about going down the route of cyclist storyline. As cycling is a hobby of mine and before I could drive I used to cycle to work, also it is becoming more and more comon seeing cyclist on the roads. However I would like to play around with the crazy story. Not really thought up a storyline but something mixed media and a way of showing of different types of animation, traditional hand drawn, stop - motion and live footage, all put together in After Effects. (Am also thinking about stop motion a lot, as I was experimenting with play - doe for the experemental task in the previous week.)

Short animation review. 10/10/11 A Love Story in Milk Written and produced by Stephen Follows Directed and edited by Danann Breathnach Link here: A great animation were an inanimate object, a male milk carton, falls in love with a female milk carton and they enjoy a life together however they are torn from each other when, the female carton goes for recycling, the male carton gets put with normal rubbish. The out come being, you should recycle all your rubbish as ending up at the dump is not nice and not envirmentaly friendly. I originally thought it was stop motion but it is just live action cleverly thought out. One reason why I liked the animation was how they created the feeling of happyness and sadness, without using any facial expression. I think this was created through the camera work, like the close up on the eyes when in the dustbin, and the slow zoom out at the end giving the feeling of hoplesness and the sense of being alone. I also like how this could be delivered to a wide audience. Chilldren would be drawn to it with the bright colours and the fact that it is an ordinary object that they have seen, used in another way. Plus very straight forward and straight to the point. However the message would be manly targeted at adults, to get them to recycle. And that works to. Kibble and Bites Written and Directed by Agnes Salek Link here: A really intresting animation about a man and his dog in, what gives a cottage feel, house when they hear a noise out side, the man lets the creature in the dog is weary. Then the enevitable happens and the creature kills the man and then turns to the dog next. I love the sketchy hand drawn feel of the characters, I like how the the main feature, the dog, is the only character with all his facial features. And yet you still feel all the uneasy ness of the piece and the build up to the drama.

Very nice story, not to complicated. I think the colour scheme works very well, not a lot of colours. Bright colours for the main characters so they stand out, and neautral colours for the set, background.

The Good Wife Directed by W. Scott Forbes Music by Cyrille Marchesseau Sound by Julien Begault link here: really like how they have not used any speech but it still tells you the story brilliantly, and you get a real sense of the emotion of the characters with the quick cuts and the lighting of the piece. I think they really tought of the story when lcreating the shots. As you can tell the wife is unhappy and feels trapped with the unusal camera placements. For instants the camera under the table and the shot looking out over the city but them trapped in the house. Really like the artwork that went into this piece. And how they change the depth of field in some scenes.

Streamschool (Patakiskola) Directed by Peter Vacz Background by Kati Egely Narration by Piroska Molnar Music by Yvein Monq Tutor Jozsef Fulop Translation Joseph Wallace link here: A tale of growing up based on a hungarian poem. A tale of a girl traveling from a small brook to the sea. Great stop motion animation. I like the texture of the film. And I think it all ties in well with each other. Explained on Peter Vacz blog, using the empty jar inbetween the background and the camera gave a very realistic underwater look. I also like the simplicity of the character, I think I would like to have a simplistic character to.

Quick review (17/10/11) have looked at a lot of films mostly on vimeo, however I have cheacked out cartoonbrew, drawn and youtube, but most of the good things was on vimeo as well as beeing on an alternitive website. I still feel no closer to what my idea will be however I am thinking that I woud like to do 2D, though this was always my intension. Also I am thinking maybe hand drawn and/or stop-motion. I want a simple story but I will have to just keep doing more reaserch and hope something stands out for me. Or that I can adapt a story which I feel I could make my own

Character design 24/10/11

Character design first design.

One of my initial ideas of the cyclist that came into my head at the bigining. I do like the drawing however I did try to draw the bike again in a different position and did not turn out that good. Maybe not the easyest thing for me to draw. Need more practise.

A couple more designs, mixed with ink and water colour pencils. This character is loosely based on my partner, I have used certain features in the drawings. More so in the first two pictures on the left and middle. The right not so much.

Another quick sketch of a simple fun looking character. I like the simplicity of this charracter as this will make it a bit quicker to draw frame by frame and will leave me more time to animate.

A quick photoshop character I did whilst playing around with texture. I used basic shapes and then whilst using the Free Transform tool and Wrap, I minipulated the character into shape then add texture by using different brushes and changing the opacity to very low, allowing me to get some different effects. Although I dont really like the character I do like the texture of the jumper, also there is a tiny bit of texture on the face and hands but is still a bit to faint to see.

Quick review (26/10/11) Dont think I have created my new character yet but I will keep going. Have seen a few more animations and a few that I liked contained good characters. But some seem like vector images and although they look good I would prefer to have a more loos and sketchy style. More like kibble and bites. Fee like I should have a rough idea but I seem to be unable to come out with anything good. However it is still early and I have time as long as I keep going.

More reserch animation review's 29/10/11 Una Pieza Mas – Marian Ruzzi y Sr. Amable Directed and Illistrated by Luis Safa: Caracrimen Animation by BASA Music by Marian Ruzzi y Sr. Amable Very nice animation what looks like illistration and hand drawn and animated through After Effects. I really like the tracking shot in the forest following the fox chasing the bright light. I really like the style and how they used the camera in After Effects it works very well and I like the plan colour scheme it. I also really like the fox character in this animation. With the big eye's. In the smart clothes.


Directed by Antoine Arditti link here: A funny hand drawn animation, I also like the very intresting and suprising ending. I like the style and the black and white worked very well. It actually looks like it was all drawn and scanned in and placed together. This means a lot of drawing and a lot of paper. But that is why I like this animation so much. Reminds me of bill plympton's work.

Chobani | Snow Angels Directed by Yves Geleyn link here: beautifuly illistrated and animated. Even though this is not really the route I want to take with this project I do get really inspired by this animation, I love the characters that are all vector images as they dont distort when the images get larger, when the camera moves in.

I do like the characters for this animation here a few that I have taken from there blog.

I would guess it was made in Illistrator and then imported into Photoshop and coloured and textured. They kind of remined me of the Photoshop character I did but just a lot better. Quick review 30/10/11 have a rough idea about a child facing his fears, like he is scared of the dark and maybe monsters come to attach him, I know its a bit like Monster Inc but it will be 2D and a completely different style. Although I was originally thinking about going towards kids as my target audience I think by expanding it to a older and wider audience it will be more fun and allow me to be more creative. I still havent really thought out it completely so I will carrying on with the reaserch and may be do a rough storyboard.

First rough storyboard 7/11/11 More reserch animation review's 21/11/11

Red Directed by Hyunjoo Song Music by Steve Mahpar link here: a great what to me seems like an adaptation of little red riding hood. I love the use of only red and white. However I really like the look and style of the animation. I think this Is what I would like me finnished piece to look like. It has that sketchy messy style that I really like. It looks like it is all hand drawn or drawn on a graphics tablet, to get that nice free hand look. And than coloured in Photoshop maybe. This is how I would do it however there is other software that you could use like Toon Boom etc.

Howard Directed by Julia Pott Voice over by Carolyn Saint Pe Sound design by Danny Boyle Music by Walter Assistant animator Robin Bushell link here: A sad story about how two people fall in love and then how one of them falls out of love with the other person. I like the sweet child like drawing style, I think it works very well and you can see that this style illistration is very popular. You find characters like this drawn on lots of merchindise like t-shirts and bags. Julia Pott even has here own creations as tattoos for sale with.

I also like the character desgin the Julia Pott.

Character design 23/12/11 some more sketches that I have done that I like but still not sure if I will use it. I think the head maybe a bit big, however I did draw it bigger to give the character a child like appearance but I dont think it has work very well, it just lookes like its styled like that.

Another character that I have done. I like this one and think it will work in my final piece. He looks like a child and I like the look of this character.

Background design 9/01/12

Here are the first background design scene's that I have created in Photoshop. I have created each section in different layers so I can play around with the different sky's and different style mountains. I like the texture of the mountains in the first image however I prefere the sky in the second. I think I only have to add in the house/ houses and the tree's.

A couple of designs for mountains to maybe use in the background. The first image on the left is my favourite. Plus I like the shading. Quick review 9/01/12 out of all the films I have seen I think my favourites are julia Pott's films I like the style and I really like her character desgins. I like the anthropomorphic characters, though I am not sure how good I at drawing animals I will do a pratise sheet carrying out quick sketches of my cat. I also really like the style of Hyunjoo Song's red. I really feel like I should have a character and a story by now so I am going to focus on creating a final storyboard and character over the next week.

Cat drawing for anthropomorphic character 10/01/12

Quick sketches of my own cat. Character ideas 16/01/12

These are some more character designs that I have done. I like these and they have an resemblance to my cat (a siamese cat). As I am running a bit behined schedual I think I am going to start animation tests to see how the character looks in motion.

These are the first drawings that I did that led me on to drawing the main character. I think these had dog features rather than cat features, thats why I changed it a bit, furthermore it relates to the story more, curiosity killed the cat.

These are some draings of the character I did and coloured in using water coloures to see the out come. It looks nice but I think it might be a bit to time consuming. However it made me think it might be useful to test another again on another project, when there is no time limit involved. Although I am happy with this character when putting him into the computer and photoshop the character changed a bit, I did get a few people telling me that the character looked like a duck a bit and that I should colour him all the same colour and not white. So combined with changing the nose to look more cat like and changing the colour the character ended up like this.

Although this looks completely different to the original character I think it has worked out for the best. I know some things are missing but I was thinking of adding the mouth on in flash afterwards. This character was quite easy to create as I draw each componant seperately. The ears, the eyes and the base of the head. I then put each item in place and the created a new layer on the bottom layer, this allowed the lines to stay visable. And then coloured the whole head in. Quick review 20/01/12 although I am quite behined I am very happy with my main character and the theme of my animation. Curiosiyt killed the cat/ facing your fears. Whilst the kid heres noises down stairs and goes to investigate, he is confronted by a scribble monster and is then eaten. I think I will have to continue by compleitng the backgrounds and creating some practise shots, ie walk cycles and animatic. I will have to aim to get this completed by the 6/02/12 to keep on track wich gives me 3 and a bit weeks. Wich I think is rtealistic. If every thing goes to plan.

Backgrounds designs 22/01/12

image 1

image 2

First two scenes that I have put together. I was thinking that in image 1, I can put directed by and voice actors names in the space so that is why the compistion is like this, with a lot of space on top. Secondly I mixed photogragh with 2D, the mountins are actual photos that I have changed the hue and saturation and increased the blue tone on the image. And then I have done a simple landscape around it. I thought it would look nice having the different styles together. These were very influanced by julie pott's animation an I think it shows a bit of her style with the bold bright colours. Now having a background I will quickly try a bit of animation with the character in the scene. (On the disk named as test head animation review of practise animation. 24/0112 After looking at the clip I think it is a bit to jittery, I know I originaly said I wanted it tolook sketchy but this is not what I had in my head. I might have to try a different style. I might have a go drawing it with my graphics tablet and see what it looks like drawing it all like that. This was done by drawing it out in photoshop and exporting and importing the images into flash and putting it all together. I will try drawing it all frame by frame in flash instead. Background final 06/02/12 Although I had already started the background and thought it was basically ready as I have been tried a different style and look of the main character I have created new backgrounds, I know I have to pick a style and stick to it so I think now I will definatly be carrying this style to the end. I have just finished a rough clip using the new style. How ever there is no colour on the main character and some of the background furniture. However this is more the style I had in my head when thinking of movement however I think I have had to compromise on style. (on disk named animation

Monster creature 10/02/12

image 1

image 2

This is the the scribble monster. Image 1 is the final vesion as image 2, is to similar to the previous film I have seen, Kibble and Bites. However I think image one is right for the role that I need him for. The scibble monster will have to expand over the whole scene to end the animation, as if he was taking over the scene. I think this will be a good way to end the animation. New backgrounds 15/02/12 scene 1

I have gone for a more simple, unclutterd look which will allow the main character to stand out. I have also photocopied the paper that I use to draw on to give it that yellow background colour. It also looks like it has a bit of texture to it and just makes it a bit nicer than plain white. We also go back to this scene after scene 2. Scene 2

this is a very simle scene as it is just a shot showing what the character is looking at, the clock and the time. As the first scene is quite semetrical apart from the lamp I wanted to put the clock of to the right and not in the center. This is also following the rule of thirds when thinking of photography. Scene 4

Just a bit of a close up shot showing a side view of the stairs, this scene is also used after scene 8 as it shows the monster climbing up the stairs to get to the main character.

Scene 5

the bathroom shot, I only included the toilet and the sink as I dont really need a bath in the shot, also by adding the toilet it makes it look a bit more symetrical. Scene 6

scene 6 has the bed opposite the door. Instead of having the door and the bed coloured plan, I used the paint brush in photoshop and turned the opacity down. I then coloured the odjects in, in lines to give it the painted effect. Scene 7

High angle looking down at the bed. I have not included the sheet as I will draw this in with the character frame by frame. I placed the bed in the middle as I thought it would look best this way.

Scene 8

The monster will be running through the woods to get to the house. I decided to not colour the trees, as they will be moving and I wanted the monster character to stand out. This seemed like the best way to do that, also this keeps the style of the rest of the animation. I have also noticed that I have changed the style of the character of the scribble monster. He looks a bit more rough and loose, however this works well with the film. Scene 9

The final scene is just the end and by Dane. After the monster has expanded over the whole scene I will use the rubber to write the end also my name.

Critical review On completeion of the animation I have had a good mixture of good and bad feedback from different types of people to review were I can improve and how to improve my work, also what is good about my work. And after whatching my animation back to myself a couple of time I have some good points I can see although, I am not saying that there wasnt any bad points and I will be trying to review them now starting with the bad aspects. I think the main part that I can see that I will need to improve on would be the sound. Although when watching it in flash the sound seems to match up. After it has been exported it always starts thesound early. Which I have tried putting the sound forward a bit but then it changes the rest of the sound and the rest of the sound is out. This will be some thing I will need to reaserch into a bit further. But it is not only this point witht the sound. When recording it I can hear me press a button to start the recording, another error from me. To improve on this I would have to say that to record the sound first and make sure it is right, and then match up the animation to the sound. This will also help me when animating to not rush parts of the animation. I think this is the biggest thing I have learned when looking back over this task. If I was to start again I would definatly record the sound first. As it would give you a much better finished product. Another part to improve on would be a follow on from the sound, some of the animation is to fast. When watching it back it seems to be straight to the point. To many cuts in the animation. To me it doesent seem to flow, but this will be improved by recording the sound first again. But this is something I will have to try and relise as I am animating. These were the main things that I noticed when watching my animation back to myself. However some feedback was that the character should be coloured in more, his head and hands and also I should of coloured in his jumper. I can see why they might think that but I liked only having the trouses coloured in, also this matched the backgrounds as I only selected particular part to colour in. another improvement some one menchioned was to add eyes to the scribble monster, like red eye to make him look eveil. I think this would of worked however I didnt think it was that necessary so I decided to not take there advise this time. But for all the faults, I can see some positives. I like the style the loos sketchy style of the main character and the scribble monster. I think if I improved on my drawings and had a bit more patience I could improve a lot on my work. I did find when I was animating I had to step away and do somethink else because I could see my drawings started to get sloppy. I also liked the style of drawing each item and scanning it in to colour in photoshop, I think some items looked really good. One thing that stands out was the clock on the wall, also the bed. I really liked the sheet that was coloured in again and again frame by frame, it gave a really good effect. Alltogether I really enjoyed this project. And if I came up with an idea early on it would of hopefully turned out even better, however I am happy with the outcome. If I could start again I would of recorded the sound first and slowed the whole animation down and I might of played around with the scribble monster a tiny bit more but I have learned to record sound first and another lesson would be to finish early so you can make more improvments to, I would also would of liked to try different 2d software instead of flash, and spen a bit more time on the detail of the characters. But apart from that I am happy.

animation year 3 folderwork  

year 3 animation student: Dane Stanton. Lecturer: Will Stephen-Bishop

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