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6 step by step projects for you to try at home

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• Victorian Tag Album • Handbag • Time Flies Clock • Accordian Frames • Occasion Planner • Wall Canvas

NEW Papers • NEW Rubons • NEW Rhinestones

a new year... Welcome to 2008 and on behalf of everyone

on the past year and remember some of

at Kaisercraft we would like to wish you all a

those special moments. If you are anything

very Happy New Year.

like me you will have so many photos of

Our range is rapidly growing and we have received some wonderful feedback regarding the products we released last year, and hope that we can continue to excite you all with what we have in store for this upcoming year . I am very fortunate as my

these moments ready to be scrapped. If you refer to page 31 of this Workshop you will see we have just released a Tag and Mini Album range . These cute little albums are quick and simple to create so you will be able to make one for almost any occasion.

hobby has turned into a fantastic job and

Each month we are adding to our paper

YES I get paid to scrapbook all day. But with

range and they are just getting better and

every new product released it means more

better. I know I get excited every time a

work so I would like to take this opportunity

new range is released so we have included

to welcome Al and Sandra to our design

a special section in this workshop which

team – as well as taking some pressure from

details all our new and current papers so you

me they are loads of fun to work with and

can do the same.

wonderful additions to our scrap room.

We have other great projects included in

Now is it just me or has the past year just

this issue. The only thing missing are your

flown by? When I look back, it doesn’t seem

precious photographs will that will help you

that long ago, my little babies were in my

remember some of those special times you

arms and now my youngest has just finished

have had over the past year. So grab the

Prep. On page 8 we have our Time Flies

products needed from your local scrap store

clock which you can create using photos of

and get together with some friends and

your child at different ages to remind you

enjoy making some of these projects.

of how time does just fly by, but also it is a great addition to your child’s room. Our new Accordian Frame set is another project you

LIFE: to be Enjoyed. Live it, Experience it. Laugh about it, Learn from it and then SCRAP it...

can do the same with and is a great keepsake or makes a perfect gift for someone special. Before we get too far into the New Year I hope you all get the chance to sit back and reflect



Issue #4 Beyond the page

Melissa Kennedy


Rhinestones & Pearls Bling is in. There is nothing like a bit of bling to draw attention. Everyone loves a little bit of glamour and glitz, so add a little sparkle to your projects and layout with our range of Rhinestones and Pearls. With over 54 colour and size options we have got you covered.

in this issue

workshop KAISER workshop is a free publication with fresh ideas for scrapbooking & craft projects. It is available from craft & scrapbooking stores or you can download it from

workshop team Alison Hannah Scrapbooking Adviser Melissa Kennedy Scrapbooking Adviser

Beyond the page Try your hand at these 6 simple projects

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Nicole Wingert Designer

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Carolyn Kaiser

w w w. ka i s e r c ra ft . c o m . a u


Materials K aiser P r o d u c t s : SB153 Victorian Tag Album Wood Flourishes - Butterflies Pack Little Miss Paper Collection Rhinestones Rubons - Little Girls, Baby Girl Acrylic Paint - White, Pretty Pink Paper Flowers - White, Lime and Pink Large Split Ring

O t her : Ribbon Foam Mounting Tape

Victorian Tag Album The great thing about Tag Albums is they are simple to make and can be easily adapted for any occasion. Filled with quotes, photos and special memories this gorgeous little girl album will delight anyone who picks it up to read.



SB153 Victorian Tag Album

Wood Flourishes - Butterflies

Kaisercolour - White & Pretty Pink

Paper Flowers - White, Lime, Pink


Issue #4 Beyond the page

Rhinestones Mint Green

Rubons - Little Girls, Baby Girl

The Little Miss Collection

Gently sand all the wooden pieces, removing any rough edges. Paint all the album edges in white and set aside to dry. Take the piece that will become your front cover and paint in Pretty Pink Kaisercolour and allow to dry. Choose coordinating papers from the Little Miss Collection and adhere them to the remaining nine sides of the album. Once dry, trim off the overhanging edges and around any holes with


a sharp craft knife. To give your pages a 3D effect, cut out flowers and mount them with foam tape. Decorate the remaining pages as desired, with photos, quotes or messages of your choice. You may choose to print out desired quotes on to some coordinating cardstock or simply place rubons directly onto your pages. Further embellish with Rhinestones, Rubons and Paper Flowers. I have used a white gel pen to add some doodling to the flowers and paper. Once your pages are complete, use a small foam brush and gently swipe white paint around the edges to give them a soft distressed look. Join album together with a split ring and embellish by tying some matching ribbon onto it.


This album can be adapted to any need - if you prefer using portrait photos, why not try using the album vertically?


Why not try using your paper scraps to create countdown cubes instead? We have used two Beyond the Page photo cubes and.


w w w. ka i s e r c ra ft . c o m . a u


Materials K aiser P r o d u c t s : SB124 Handbag Bloom Paper Collection Rhinestones - Mint Green / Soft Pink Kaisercolour - Pretty Pink Rubons - Basics Love Postmarks

O t her : Ribbon Foam Mounting Tape

Handbag Why hand out lolly bags at the end of a birthday party? This cute handbag would make a great alternative filled with goodies. I can’t think of a little girl who wouldn’t want one.


SB124 Handbag



Rhinestones - Mint Green & soft Pink

Issue #4 Beyond the page

Kaisercolour - Pretty Pink

The Bloom Collection

Gently sand all the edges of your handbag to remove any rough edges. Using Pretty Pink Kaisercolour colour, paint both sides of all the pieces of the handbag, including the edges, and allow to dry. If you use a lighter shade you may have to apply more than one coat of paint.

Using coordinating paper from the Bloom collection, cover all your outside pieces. For a different effect I have placed the striped piece on an angle and then trimmed the overhanging edges with a craft knife. Next glue your handbag together. You may need to use oversized rubber bands to hold the pieces together whilst they dry.



If your girls are a little older why not make it an activity at the party? That way they will have their very own personalised handbag to take home.

Now it’s time to embellish your handbag as desired. From this paper collection I have cut 6 different flowers that coordinate with the stripes. Once you have worked out where you would like to place them, this may mean moving them around until


you are happy with the layout, mount them with foam tape to give them a 3D effect. Girls LOVE bling so add Rhinestones to the centre of the flowers to give them extra sparkle. Finally to complete your handbag, use matching ribbon and tie a bow around the handle. Gorgeous - every little girl will want one of these!

w w w. ka i s e r c ra ft . c o m . a u


Materials K aiser P r o d u c t s : SB148 Time Flies Clock Little Man Paper Collection Kaisercolour - Mango, White and Pistachio

O t her : Chipboard Letters & Numbers Brads Buttons Ribbon

Time Flies Clock Can you see this beautiful clock in your child’s room or nursery? It’s easy with our new Little Man and Little Miss range of papers. Just pick three of your favourite photographs to create a keepsake for years to come.


The Little Man Collection



Issue #4 Beyond the page

SB148 Time Flies Clock

Kaisercolour - Mango, White & Pistachio

Paint the edges and back of the clock face with pistachio paint and allow to dry. Cut the following paper sizes from the Little Man paper collection: • 29.5cm x 18.5cm Cheeky paper • 29.5cm x 9.5cm Adorable paper • 29.5cm x 2.5cm Curious paper


Making sure that your clock mechanism hole is in the top right hand corner, adhere the ‘Cheeky’ sheet of paper to the top section of your clock. Next take your piece of ‘Adorable’ paper and adhere it to the bottom of the clock. Then take the strip of ‘Curious’ paper and adhere it over the join of the above two pieces. With your antique white paint, gently apply to front edges of clock to give a distressed look.


Paint the edges of the frame piece before covering with coordinating paper. Again, turn over and trim any overhanging paper. Attach some ribbon to the frame and secure with matchingtion frame onto clock face at desired angle and adhere. Paint some chipboard letters and numbers in matching colours and glue to your clock face. From the patterned paper cut out two clouds and a sun and glue these around the clock mechanism hole. Embellish further if desired with buttons or bling.

Assemble your clock mechanism to your clock face. If you have trouble doing so you can download further instructions from


brads. Tape three 7 x 7cm photos to the back of the frame. Posi-


our website. To assemble the clock stand, simply slot together and glue to secure. Once it is dry you can paint it a matching colour, I have used mango. Place your finished clock on the stand to display and your project is complete.

w w w. ka i s e r c ra ft . c o m . a u


Accordian Frames

Materials K aiser P r o d u c t s : SB145 Accordian Frames Sorbet Paper Collection Kaisercolour - Pretty Pink Pearls - Blush, Pearl Brads - Sorbet Paper Flowers - White 2.5cm

If you love having photos on display, or marking special occasions then these accordian frames are perfect. Whatever the occasion, any special person in your life will look fantastic showcased in these little frames.


o t her : Ribbon Foam Mounting Tape

SB145 Accordian Frames

Kaisercolour - Pretty Pink



Paper Flowers - White 2.5cm

The Sorbet Paper Collection

Issue #4 Beyond the page

Pearls - Blush & Pearl

Brads - Sorbet


Why not fill your frames with favourite inspirationl quotes instead? It would look great sitting on a scrap or work desk.

Tips 1

This product comes tabbed, so begin by snapping the six frames into individual pieces. Using a sharp craft knife you can trim off the tabs to the edge of the frames, and then using a sanding block, sand the sides smooth.

Use some spare thick card or an icy pole stick to slip between your frames when adhering the ribbon. It will mean the frames are evenly spaced.

Paint all of the edges and and both sides using Pretty Pink Kaisercolour, and allow to dry.




Choose coordinating sheets of paper from the Sorbet collection

Finally, take a long strip of ribbon and adhere all your frames

to cover your frames. Glue the papers to the frames, and once dry

together to make an accordian shape. You can then glue a

trim off any overhanging edges and cut out the centre pieces.

smaller square of cardstock onto the back of each frame to

Embellish your frames as desired with bling, cut out flowers or

hide the ribbon and give it extra strength.

rubons. You can mount some cut out flowers with foam tape for a 3d effect.


Next take 6 5.5 x 5.5cm photos and adhere them to the backs of the frames.

w w w. ka i s e r c ra ft . c o m . a u



Occasion Planner

K aiser P r o d u c t s : SB146 Occasion Planner To Have & To Hold Paper Collection Kaisercolour - Antique White, Black Pearls - Pearl Rubons - Flourish Corners, Wedding, Script Upper/Lower case

Are you planning a wedding? Then this planner is just what you need! You can keep track of all your wedding details like your guest list, bridal party, reception, cake and flowers. There is room to cover every aspect of your day and is a wonderful keepsake to look back on.

O t her :


Ribbon Chipboard Letters Dimensional Magic

SB146 Occasion Planner



The To Have & To Hold Paper Collection

Issue #4 Beyond the page


Rubons - Flourish Corners, Wedding

Kaisercolour - Antique White, Black

Pearls - Pearl

Gently sand the edges of the planner smooth. Using a matching colour, we have used antique white, paint all of your planner edges.


Choose coordinating papers from the To Have & To Hold


collection to cover your planner pages in. After covering one side, be sure to cut out the holes so you can see where to cut when you cover the other side. Take some chipboard letters and paint them mathing colours. Once dry you can add dimensional magic to the letters (if desired) and then adhere your headings to the right side of your pages.


Now it is time to decorate the inside pages. You can make inserts with tabs to suit you headings and give you more room to write. In the receipts page we have cut a 17.75 x 11.75cm piece of matching paper and adhered it to create a pocket. You can embellish the other page as desired. To complete your planner, add a heading and embellishments to decorate. Then simply clip the planner together with metal split


This planner can be used for any occasion - Christmas, School, even a special birthday, just change the paper and headings accordingly.

rings and decorate with ribbon. Now its time to get planning! w w w. ka i s e r c ra ft . c o m . a u


Materials K aiser P r o d u c t s : SB161 Small Canvas x 3 Kaiserwood - Coaster Vagabond Paper Collection Kaisercolour - Antique White Flourishes - Curls Pearls - Blush

O t her :

Wall Canvas Do you ever wish that your canvases were strong enough to hold all the extra elements? As our canvases are made from wood they are strong enough to add as many elements and dimensions as you desired. There are four sizes available, designed to fit together for a creative display.



Take your wooden canvas pieces and carefully sand all edges smooth. Once you have chosen a paint to match


your papers, paint all edges of the wooden pieces and set aside to dry. More than one coat of paint may be necessesary if you have chosen a pale color. SB161 Small Canvas x 3

Kaisercolour - Antique White Kaiserwood - Coaster

Pearls - Bliss 14


Vagabond Paper Collection Issue #4 Beyond the page

Flourishes - Curls


1st Canvas – Using the “Wanderer” paper, decide which part of the design you wish to display and then cut it into a 14 x 14 cm square and adhere to one of the wooden canvases 2nd Canvas – Decide upon a photo to feature on this canvas and


Experiment with the angle you crop your photo down to create a more artistic feel.

print it out. Crop the photo to a 14 x 14 cm square and again adhere to the next wooden piece. 3rd Canvas – Cut the following pieces • 7 x 14 cm rectangle from Vagabond Traveler (blue side) • 9 x 9 cm square of Vagabond Traveler (floral side)


If you like the distressed look you could also paint, ink or sand around the edges of your wooden canvases.

• 7 x 14 cm rectangle from the Vagabond Gypsy Place the two 7x14cm pieces, one above the other on the last wooden canvas and adhere a piece of red ribbon over the join in the centre. Take your small square coaster and paint around the edges with antique white. Set aside to dry and then cover this coaster with the 9x9 piece of patterned paper and carefully trim the rounded corners. To create the three dimensional effect on this piece we have adhered a small flat piece of wood under the coaster to give it extra height. Paint a wooden flourish in a co-ordinating color and adhere to the top of your canvas, just underneath the top of the coaster. Add a few pearls above the ribbon on either sides of the coaster to complete you project.

w w w. ka i s e r c ra ft . c o m . a u


Over the next few pages we have showcased our entire current paper range, including all our new releases. Our paper ranges are constantly growing and I know I get excited every time a new one is released. I now find it hard to decide which collection is my favourite. The desgin team are doing an awesome job and they just keep getting better and better! Black or white, bright & colorful, curls & swirls, fresh and funky even shabby or chic, we have something for everyone. I’m sure you will find a paper to suit your style. Regardless of what you are creating, whether it be a layout or a Beyond the Page project I’m sure you will find a paper to suit almost every occasion. Melissa

Be Mine Just in time for valentines the Be Mine collection will set hearts racing! Bring out your romantic streak with shades of purple and pink together with splashes of lime and white in cute love hearts and dots!

P196 Dotty

P197 Smitten

P198 Charmed

P199 Besotted


Paper Collections


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