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DANELIA D. DOYLE 19 Colliston Drive, Kingston 10 (1876) 388-6704 ‘I am a tree and trees never die’

ABOUT ME I am a deliberate creator. I love focusing my creative power in support of initiatives that are rooted in artistry, community and spirit. Over the last 10 years, I have had several experiences that have helped hone and establish many of my talents. These include completing certification in the Techniques and Practices of Project Management at Project Management Global Institute, Voice and Speech training from Media Technology Institute, CPTC and broadcasting & producing training from Radio Jamaica Limited. At 28 years old, I recognise my unique ability to listen to the desire of a client and create a system of achieving that desire with my administrative abilities and perform a variety of roles through my expressive and intuitive abilities. As my formative years in family and work exposed me to diversity, I am able to perform well in vast circumstances and with all types though I thrive in environs that allow me flexibility and multidimensional experiences. As a former writer and blog host/presenter at The Gleaner Company, I developed my storytelling skills through conducting interviews and spending time with persons of interest to capture the essence of what they do and communicate that to readers & viewers. I have worked with Chris Smith Management as a writer and production assistant and provided social media account management and the writing of press releases for clients signed to Blueprint Publicity. I continued to work in production as a volunteer with the team of Pulse in Caribbean Fashion Week and later transitioned into project management and administration at Delmay Distributors Limited. My life has been fun and filled with many magical moments. I believe in the power of self and empowerment of the individual. My aim at every beginning is to have fun, establish objectives and harmonise with my team towards a shared goal. This has brought be joy, expansion and success and my intention is to continue my evolution.

MY SKILLS        

Project Management Administrative Management Storytelling Creative Writing Copy Writing Voicing Proof Reading Producing

 Social Media Management  Event Hosting  Public Speaking

WORK EXPERIENCE Quality Management Consultancy | 26 Ravinia Mews, Kingston 6 Executive Assistant October 2012 – January 2017      

Maintain company phone, answer and direct calls, record messages and respond to inquiries. Conduct interviews Supervise procedures Manage payroll, process utility payments Plan and assist with events Provide onsite support at workshops/retreats

Ashebre – The Virtual Restaurant | 56 Old Hope Road, Kingston 5 Operations Manager January 2014 – September 2016        

Implement and manage daily/ project processes Plan, coordinate and ensure successful execution of events Prepare/ Manage budgets and projections for projects and events Train and maintain high performance team Recruit team members Payroll Manage Public and Client Relations Establish and maintain positive relations with industry partners (internal & external)

Administrative Assistant/Business Development Manager - September 2012 – September 2014      

Maintain company phone, answer and direct calls, record messages and respond to inquiries. Conduct interviews Supervise procedures Manage payroll, process utility payments Plan and assist with events Target Marketing

Digicel Jamaica | Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston Marketing and Business Development Assistant- July 2012 – September 2012  

Conduct market research on potential products and services using telephone interviews and offsite locations Prepare and present report on information gathered

Miss Jamaica World, 25th Anniversary | Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston 5 Production Assistant    

Interview and compile information from all past winners of the competition for the production’s anniversary staging Assist with coordinating events and appearances for participants Answer phones and respond to inquiries Chaperone participants and assist with performance and appearance preparations when necessary


Reading for kids –Bookophilia Limited Interviewer – National Youth Service Writer – Youthlink Magazine/ The Saturday Gleaner Presenter/Producer/ Production Assistant – RJR 94 FM.

Danelia Doyle Resume 2016  

Here outlined is an updated copy of my resume.

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