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Courses of Photography, Which is the Best One? Courses of Photography – Which is the Best One? There are many courses of photography out there and it can be a bit of a daunting task to find the best one for us. There are several steps we should follow when choosing… First: Where are we in our photo education? Have we been shooting for years and years and are very advanced? Or have we just gotten our first Camera and just want to learn how to get better photos of our friends and family. Second: What are our educational goals? Do we just want to learn the basics – quickly – so we can get some nice photos? Or, has the “photo bug” bitten and we want to be a professional photographer someday. Third: What kind of time commitment are we willing to make? Are we willing to go off to live at a college and study photography full time? Or do we have family commitments that require us to work full time taking care of them? So we can only study after everyone goes to bed at night – or on the weekends? Or something in between those extremes… For most of us, going off to college isn’t an option so we end up looking locally. A night class costs less, but they have to progress at the pace of the slowest member and can frequently be a massive waste of time. Do we learn well on our own? In that case, a distance learning course would work. We could get a course where the lessons are sent to us and we can study at our own pace. The negative aspect to most of these is that they tend to be rather pricey; frequently costing around a thousand dollars – sometimes more. And we have to be self motivated to study. Another good option is to find an online course. They are frequently very reasonable in price, you can study on your own schedule and at your own pace, and in most cases they are comprehensive enough to teach us everything we need or want to know – with very little time commitment. When looking into courses in photography, take a few minutes to determine how it will fit into your lifestyle. You’ll save hours and hours of frustration and potentially a lot of cold hard cash. If this daily tip was a nice review of what you already knew – GREAT! If it taught you something – you need my “On Target Photo Training” course. All of it, right now!


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Courses of Photography, Which is the Best One?