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DanefĂŚ is a brand that has embraced the Nordic weather with brightly colored designs since 2005. DanefĂŚ is you and me. We design for the long walks with conversation, fun and friendships. Mid-winter outings to the playground with the kids. For those quiet moments alone in a spot in the sun. Our collections are for ladies, men, and children and meet the need for comfortable and functional clothing from head to toe. You will therefore always find tops, jackets, softshells, dresses and accessories for the whole family in our range. All of our designs are practical, comfortable and full of colors that put smiles on faces. Life goes on - whatever the weather.

Maude Thermo Jacket / Sigrid Dress / Lea Scarf / Carmen Beanie

Brunhilde Winter Parka / Lea Scarf / Carmen Beanie

Gravhund Wtretch Winter Parka / London Skirt / Charmer Beanie

Gravhund Wtretch Winter Parka / Sigrid Dress

Susanne Dress

Hilde Dress

Secret LS T / Jasmin Skirt

Regina Dress / Jakobsen Dress Laura Softshell

Saftig Fleece / Topaz LS / Vera Beanie

Raw Fleece

Corgi Winter Parka

Marianne Softshell / Charmer Beanie / Hugger Scarf

Mops Winter Parka / Vera Beanie

Edith Rain Jacket / Charmer Beanie

Nora Winter Parka / Vera Beanie

Text Josefine Dress

Flora Winter Parka / London Cord Skirt

Text Winter Parka / Primeur Dress / Carmen Beanie / Mops


Nordby Shirt / London Cord Skirt

Opera Wool Dress

Sigrid Wool Dress / Charmer Beanie

Olina Hoodie / Walse Pants

Asta Wool Roll Neck / Madelaine Cord Skirt

Wool Darling / Opera Wool Dress / Friend Scarf / Vera Beanie

Nine To Five Suit

Maude Thermo Jacket / Hugger Scarf / Charmer Beanie

Gurli Winter Parka / Primeur Dress

Primeur Dress

Susanne Dress

Bea Softshell

Gurli Winter Parka / Valborg Dress

Flora Winter Parka

Edith Rain Jacket e

DENMARK SjĂŚlland & Bornholm + Norway & Sweden Eva Soranzo Tlf: +45 25 15 61 60

DENMARK Jylland & Fyn Maria Glad Fernandez Tlf: +45 51 95 90 75

GERMANY Handelsagentur Brenda Boos Tlf: +49 (0)30.217 566 32 Fax. +49 (0)30.443 576 74


Agentur Syster Yster


Nina Kern Tlf: +31 6 12040274 Tlf: +41 78 7683506

Slagelsegade 8A, st., 2100 København Ø DENMARK CVR-29173648 Tlf. + 45 69 14 99 00

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