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Oda Jacket / Gallop Pants

Himmelbjerg Midseason Jacket / Bronze Pants

For the past decade, Danefæ has told, re-interpreted, and actively exaggerated the stories and traditions of the raw Nordic life and its ancient mythology of great heroes and incredible legends. We curate the beauty, toughness, optimism and humor we see around us in our northern lattitudes, and make beautiful, colorful, fun and simple products that fit easily into real life. Danefæ is owned and operated by Nina, Eric, Louise and Christine

Danefæ outerwear for Danish weather: Since day one we have made functional outerwear for children and adults, that keeps you warm and dry, but also looks great ! We believe that function is primordial, but you should not have to compromise on style. Our outerwear is built on ski-wear principles: high-tech membrane systems and taped seams keep wind and rain out, but still lets your body breathe. Parallel to this, our outerwear is designed for a life in the city, at school, work and play, guided by our principles of simplicity, free movement, and color. All weather is fair weather, when you have Danefæ on!

Danefæ quality: Our goal is to make products that last wash after wash, play after play, day after day. We have defined standards for everything from tear strength, abrasion resistance, and color fastness that are above the market average. Our ultimate quality point though, is that Danefæ clothes stand up to the wear and tear that life puts them through, and can serve for numerous life cycles as they are passed on to multiple owners.

Danefæ and safety: Danefæ products must be safe and worry-free for our customers. This applies both to function as well as that which is hidden from the eye. We have defined standards for the chemical content of our products, as well as safety guidelines for our design. These standards are reviewed annually and updated under the applicable law of the independent test labs SGS and Danish Technological Institute (DTI) to ensure that we are always at the forefront of recent developments in legal, safety, and health requirements. In addition, we optimize product requirements even further from our own experiences as users, and with feedback from our customers. We perform random safety and health tests every season with SGS and DTI to ensure that we live up to our standards.

Danefæ and Kids: Danefæ’s main customers are kids, and we want them to love their Danefæ clothes! They must be cool, fun, beautiful, and great to wear. Vibrant colors, bold prints, and soft fabrics join forces to make Danefæ a favorite detail of daily life. Our clothes should inspire stories - both true and fictional ! Our goal is that our products fit easily into kid’s daily lives and in no way obstruct movement and play.

Danefæ community: Hop on board with us on Facebook and Instagram, so we can give you the freshest Danefæ news and tips, as well as keep up with the latest from you.

Kornelija Dress / Spagat Pants

Sophus T / Fox Pants

Big Daddy Zip-Up / Silver Pants

Sophus T / Silver Pants

Sophus T / Katholt Pants

Slub LS / Silver Pants

Coast Dress / Spagat Pants

Zip ‘n Roll Hoodie / Gold Pants

Mille Baby Dress

Basic SS / Kirsten Jog

Sophie T / Spagat Pants

Sophie T / Gold Pants

Sophus T / Silver Pants

Basic LS / Svaervaegter Pants

Northpole T / Svaervaegter Pants

Storm Body / Silver Pants

Sylvester Sweat / Svaervaegter Pants

Splash Dress / Spagat Pants

Lukoeje Set

Baby Basic T / Spagat Pants

Milka T / Silver Pants

Hvalpe Set

Slub LS / Bronze Pants

Slub Raglan T / Bronze Pants

Sophus T / Bronze Pants

Slub LS / Bronze Pants

Lukoeje Set

Cookie Dress / Spagat Pants

Northpoile T / Silver Pants

Milka T / Silver Pants

Sana Sweat / Silver Pants

Northpole T / Spagat Pants

Jeppe Jacket

Oda Jacket

Oda Jacket / Gallop Pants

Sophie T / Gallop Pants

Mandel Dress / Gallop Pants

Storm Body / Silver Pants Jr.

Zip’n Roll Hoodie / Silver Pants

Johan Midseason Jacket / Fox Pants

Sloppy Joe T / Solskin Shorts

Northpole T / Bronze Pants

Big Daddy Zip-Up / Bronze Pants

Sloppy Joe T / Solskin Shorts

Beagle T / Silver Pants

Cake T / Retriever Shorts

Big Joe T / Wayne Jeans

Puddle Dress (reversible)

Liva Winter Jacket AmerikaT sweat / Austin pants Sophie / Retriever Shorts

Spejder Parka

Sigurd ringer / Vaegtloefter pants

Himmelbjerg Midseason Jacket / Solskin Shorts

Big Joe T / Bronze Pants

Sloppy Joe T / Fox pants

Boss Sweat / Solskin Shorts

Orkan Suit

Ocean Dress

Godnat Set

Solbaer T / Ice Cream Shorts

Emilia Midseason Jacket / Mandel Dress

Pop Dress

Polka T / Nutty Shorts

Tide Dress

Karoline Set

Brise Suit / Silver Pants

Northpole T / Bronze Pants

Basic SS / Silver Pants

Rainbow Ringer / Gaucho Shorts Henri Sweat Badger Shorts

Basic SS / Silver Pants

Basic SS / Fox Pants

Baggaardskat T / Gallop Pants

Fly Dress

Tornado T / Bronze Pants

Storm body / Spagat Pants

Garden Dress

Solbaer T / Bronze Pants

Garden Dress

Baggaardskat T / Gallop Pants

Basic LS / Silver Pans

Miranda T / Spring Pants

Donut Dress

Cake T / Retriever Shorts

Nanna Dress / Spring Pants

Ocean Dress / Spagat Pants

Rainbow Ringer / Spagat Pants

Joanna Dress / Spring Pants

Cookie Dress

Sophie T / Solskin Shorts

Big Joe T

Rainbow Ringer / Solskin Shorts

Northpole T / Solskin Shorts

Rainbow Ringer / Bronze Pants

Sigurd Ringer / Silver Pants

Rose Midseason Jacket / Fox Pants

Northpole T / Kirsten Jog

Rose Midseason Jacket / Gallop Pants

Rose Midseason Jacket / Gallop Pants

Kornelija Dress / Spring Pants

Rosa Stretch Jacket / Silver pants



u m s m h g

Sloppy Joe T / Volley Shorts

Baggaards Kat T / Ice Cream Shorts

Limbo Dress

Hotdog T / Volley Shorts

Mistral Suit

Solbaer T / Ice Cream Shorts

Bubble Suit

Ocean Dress

Rainbow Ringer / Volley Shorts

Vesterbro Dress

Mistral Suit

Sloppy Joe T / Volley Shorts

Reef Suit

Mamasita Suit

Egelund Suit

Florida Top / Dolphin Shorts

Florida Florida Top Top // Dolphin Dolphin Shorts Shorts

Tuberider Suit

Mamasita Pool Trunks Suit Mamasita Suit

Tuberider Tuberider Suit Suit / Sahara Hat

Reef Suit

Baby Svoem Baby Baby Svoem Svoem

Tuberider Suit

Quality with Care

Danefæ manufactures with care. Read more about our CSR policies on:

Classensgade 47, DK-2100 København Ø CVR-29173648 Tlf. + 45 69 14 99 00

Danefae Kids Spring / Summer 2018  
Danefae Kids Spring / Summer 2018