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By: Ellie Daney and Sarah Owen Illustrated by: Sarah Owen

Millions of years ago, dinosaurs were leaders of the Earth. Most dinosaurs lived near the water. After dinosaurs became extinct, their old fossils slowly became thick and turned into oil and ended up at the bottom of the ocean.

Offshore driller outside of Louisiana.

After finding out that oil existed, people began building large offshore drillers, to get to the oil. Offshore drillers, are people that drill into the soft ground of the ocean, and suck up all of the oil that can be found.

OPEC Symbol Members of OPEC

OPEC, which is also known as Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries is a company that revolves around 12 countries that produce and sell oil. They sell oil to countries all over the world, including America.

42 gallon barrel filled with oil.

Have you heard your parents talking about the prices going up? The prices of oil have been going up and down over the past year. The price of oil today can vary from 2 dollars to even 3 dollars and 50 cents per gallon. This is because oil is becoming less available.

Petroleum oil is used to fuel the car you ride in everyday, and it also can be found in different chemicals. It can also be used in an airplane that you might fly in. Oil is also in your everyday food. Many more things are made with oil every day.

Major oil companies

Oil companies can be found all over the world, some are even in America. Major companies that sell oil, that you may know, are Shell and BP. BP was recently involved in the oil spill in the south.

Every year, the average person uses 441 gallons of gasoline to drive their car. When heating your house you use 4,759 feet of natural gas. Everyday you use about 12 gallons of petroleum oil. Oil can be found in almost every room of your home.

List of Petroleum Products found in your home: 









Soccer Ball




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The World of Oil  
The World of Oil  

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