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Rebecca Dandrea Interior Design Portfolio

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Wentworth Institute of Technology Boston Massachussetts Bachlor of Science Interior Design August 2013

William F. Collins Architects East Setauket, New York Interior Designer September 2013- Present Completion of Technical Drawings while using Revit and AutoCad Produced Designs Based on Clients Need’s and Expectation’ s

Software AutoCad Vectorworks Revit Adobe Suite CS6 Microsoft Word Powerpoint Excel Adobe Acrobat Pro Adobe Reader

Study Abroad May - August 2012 I Studied Overseas for 90 Days Which Consisted of Residing Primarily in Berlin,Germany. During the 90 Day Stay, Travel Continued to Specific Destinations in Spain, France, Switzerland and Italy. The Primary Goal Was to Learn About Different Cultures, As Well As Broaden Our Design Techniques Based On Cultural Styles.

Innersite Interior Design Hauppauge, New York Interior Design Intern January 2012 - December2012 Produced all Technical Drawings using Auto Cad Answered Phone Lines Assisted in Client Need’s Assisted in Material Selection

Suffolk Transportation BayShore, New York Driver’s Assistant May 2009- August 2013 Attend to Driver Insured Clients Were Safe During Transist Filed Paper Work Sorted and Scanned Confidential Documents

Manual Space Planning Hand Drafting Specification Writing Basic Construction Documents Communication Leadership Strategizing

Scholarship Wentworth Institute of Technology September 2009-2013 Merit Scholarship

Senior Thesis

Summer 2013

Wentworth Insitutute of Technology Lindenhurst, New York

For senior thesis Vault Steakhouse is located in Lindenhurst, New York in an old abandoned bank. The existing conditions of the building covered up the tall windows and original ceiling heights. In Vault Steakhouse the idea is to expose hidden elements. This includes taking advantage of ceiling heights, existing windows, as well as exposing the kitchen, which is typically a hidden element in restaurants. Both a fabric ceiling and wood elements are used for acoustics and help make the space visually interesting. This project was constructed with Revit, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

First Floor Plan

Mezzanine Floor Plan

Exploded Axonometric

Front Entrance Perspective

Mezzanine Perspective

Ceiling Detail

Handrail Detail

Wood Wall Detail

Bar/ Lounge Perpective

Bar Lounge Section

Back Bar Detail

Hospital Design Spring 2013

Wentworth Insitutute of Technology

Boston Mass.

For this specific project the focus was to help integrate translational medicine into the healing process. This is where bedside is brought together with bench side. The client and patient work together with the doctors and researchers. From my research on translational medicine I have found that lighting lends patients an optimistic view for their road to recovery. My project revolves around lighting coming through different ways and translational medicine. This project was constructed with Revit, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Second Floor Plan Third Floor Plan

Second Floor Wall Type Diagram 1/2 Glass 1/2 Gypsum Board

Third Floor Wall Type Diagram 5’0”-8’0” Wall Glazing

3’5”-7’0” Wall Glazing

Wayfinding Perspective

Wayfinding Detail

Lounge Elevation

Lounge Perspective

Meeting Room Axonometric

Nutrition Bar Perspective A Nutrition Bar Perspective B

Second Floor Public Vs Private Diagram Third Floor Public Vs. Private

Corporate Design

Summer 2012

Save the Children


In Studio VI the task at hand was to create a space for a non-profit organization. The building was on the third floor of a building that was originally used as a newspaper manufacturing office. The space is designed around the fact that it is non-profit and the employees get their salaries from donations. Due to those circumstances I chose to make the main material used are recycled bits, such as plastic bottles, cardboard tubes, recycled doors, and using as much of the original structure as possible. The structures placed in the building can be dismantled and taken to the new location if need be. This project was completed by using Vectorworks and Photoshop.

First Floor Plan With Alternative Arrangements

Movement Diagram Cable Placement Diagram

Work Space Perspective

Bottle Wall Detail

Work Space Lighting Elevation

Bottle Wall Perspective

Class Work

Fall 2011

Construction Documents

Boston, Masss

During our Construction Documents Class we had to complete a full set of drawings. They are complete and include the Demo Plan with Key Notes, General Legend and a list of Abbreviations used. The Partition Plan complete with Wall Types. A Furniture and Finish Plan that includes a Room Schedule. There is a Power and Electric Plan that has Conference Room Sections next to it. Next is a complete Reflected Ceiling Plan with Enlarged Details, as well as a whole set of Elevations on the following page. Lastly there are Enlarged Details of specific Walls.

First Floor Plan

Reflected Ceiling Plan

Conference Room and Reception Area Details

Conference Room And Wall Type Details


Spring-Fall 2012

Innersite Interior Design

Hauppuage, New York

While working with Innersite, I completed technical drawings using Auto Cad Lite. I used this program to produce sections, elevations, floor plans, finish books and finish schedules. I was included in client meetings, went to construction sites, and choose materials. When working with the residential side of the program I completed furniture drawings as well.

Typical Reflected Ceiling Plan

Medical Room DetailElevation

Wall Elevation and Cabinate Section

East- West Elevation North-South Elevation


Fall 2013 - Present

William F. Collins

East Setauket, New York

While working with William F. Collins, I completed technical drawings using Auto Cad. I used this program to produce construction documents, lease exhibit for the town and finish schedules. I went to construction sites to survey, and choose materials that best fit client needs and expectations.

Lease Exhibit Exploaded Equipment Plan

Lease Exhibit Elevation

Additional Skills

Fall 2009-2012

Wentworth Insitutute of Technology

Boston Mass

Throughout schooling I have learned to freehand draw technical drawings, as well as perspectives. We learned to complete perspectives using Photoshop, and the other Adobe Suite programs.

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