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My grandparent’s biography

In this biography I am going to talk about my grandmother. My grandmother’s name is Hanan. She is my mother’s mum. She was born in Syria, Homs on 17 th July 1949. My grandmother has a big family. Her mother’s name is Nazmeia and her father’s name is Fawzee. She has 4 sisters and 4 brothers.

My grandmother stayed in a school called Al Wahda School for 6 years then she left when she reached grade 6. My grandmother was the best hula-hoop dancer in her school. She used to play with minimum 6 hula-hoops at the same time. My grandmother used to make her own dolls. She used to choose the color of the clothes and the buttons shape. She also used to knit for her doll different clothes in different colors and styles. My grandmother was 16 years old when she got married. She was 18 years old when she had her first child. My grandmother was 38 years old when her first grandchild came. Now, she has 14 grandchildren.

When my grandmother grew up, she took care of her grandchildren. She used to feed them and change for them and mostly do everything. My grandmother loved her grandchildren and gave them all her time. When my grandmother reached 47 years old her husband (my grandfather) died after a heart surgery. She was very sad but even though she didn’t show it, she kept on smiling. My grandmother played the role of a mother and a father to her children and her advice to them was, “Always behave good, help others and love each other�. I love my grandmother. She is always close to me.

My grandmother's biography  
My grandmother's biography