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Dando Drilling Exploration Equipment Multitec 4000

Increasing productivity, safety, profitability

Dando Drilling Exploration Equipment Multitec 4000

Designed for the job A rig developed from the outset for small footprint mineral exploration, the Multitec 4000 is also modular and customizable to your project. Traversing steep, muddy terrain? We have a safety recovery winch and widened tracks ready to install. Dando thrives on providing the rig needed for the job.

High penetration rates with high efficiency With a size that belies its rotary head performance, the Multitec 4000 can perform wireline coring, rotary air blast, reverse circulation and open hole mud rotary drilling with the kind of penetration rates you would expect from a much larger rig. High efficiency hydraulic systems and the latest advanced range of small and powerful deck engines means that running costs, in addition to capital outlay, are kept to a minimum.

Safe and user friendly Designed to exceed the high standards set by UK, European and international mine site operators. The Multitec 4000 builds on decades of experience in exploration drilling to provide a safe and easy to operate and maintain unit with a refined control panel, easy sighting of the borehole and quick access to all main components.

Durable, globally supported, low maintenance Manufactured from all European and American metals and components, Dando rigs are designed to out pace others in both productivity and longevity. Engine options ensure your rig has the best local support with power supplied by Caterpillar, Perkins and Hatz among others, and Dando’s team of drill engineers are always close at hand to provide support on site. With durability comes the lowest routine maintenance and servicing costs which translates directly to a better bottom line for you.

Multipurpose, Multiple advantages

MODULAR BY DESIGN The Dando Multitec 4000 is modular and can accommodate a range of engines, pumps, winches, mast lengths, carrier vehicles, and other ancillaries. The following is an example of a high-specification crawler mounted 4000 for coring in steeply sloping and slippery jungle terrain.

Rig Safety


3 Emergency stop buttons. Safety gate with auto rotation speed decrease. Hydraulic system protection valves. Low emissions and noise. EN 16228 compliance.

Steel box section. 4000Nm of pullback ideal for 0-250m of H-Wireline. 3.6m working stroke to use 3m rods. 240mm double break out clamps. Mast dump for angle drilling between 45 to 93 degrees.

Ancillaries Radio remote control provides safe tracking and fine control while manoeuvring through uneven or slippery terrain. Recovery winch for aiding tracking in the steepest and slipperiest jungle terrain.


Rotary head

Max Torque 600Nm. Max RPM 750Nm. Suit wireline coring from N to P sizes. Floating sub for fast, damage free rod connection.

Turbo charged 110Hp Perkins engine in noise attenuated canopy. Bosch-Rexroth hydraulic system. 170L/m at 1000 psi FMC coring pump. Wireline and 1.7 tonne tool handling winch.

Size and weight


Single grouser, steel tracks to clear thick mud easily. Wider 300mm units provide additional lateral stability when traversing slopes but maintain a small footprint.

1550mm width provides additional stability in uneven terrain and allow access to forested areas with minimum impact to flora. A low centre of gravity provides excellent stability and high tipping points on steep inclines.


Multitec 4000 for Mineral exploration draft  
Multitec 4000 for Mineral exploration draft