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you matter The world is our classroom. Join us.

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For 65 years, CIEE has

been the nation’s leader in producing high-quality international study abroad and exchange programs. A non-profit, non-governmental international exchange organization, we help to set—and raise—the standards of international education. We are committed to leading by example—to providing quality, rigorous study abroad opportunities for our nation’s students not merely through the creation of guiding principles, but through concrete action, meticulous attention to detail, and employment of experts in the field.

At CIEE we pride ourselves on being different: Our people, our commitment to quality assurance, our dedication to innovation and best practices, and our obligation to transparency.

As a result, CIEE alumni are different. CIEE alumni don’t just experience the world; they engage in and embrace it. They are exposed to new places, ideas, and people. And they are challenged to question their perceptions and investigate the similarities and differences between cultures. Through CIEE programs—combined with the rich education received on your campuses— students receive a more vibrant education.




quality matters

programs require active quality assurance as well as a commitment to concrete action. At CIEE, the quality of our programs is our number one priority. We are committed to continuous monitoring and evaluation of our programs, and we strive to take real action for the betterment of the member institutions and students we serve. » Our Academic Consortium Board (ACB)— the field’s only independently elected board, made up of leading study abroad professionals from across the country— approves each new program we develop and continuously monitors all existing programs, providing the gold standard for study abroad program quality for more than 18 years.

»C  IEE’s Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Neal Sobania, offers a wealth of experience unmatched in the industry that has been acquired through more than 30 years of developing, running, and monitoring study abroad programs. A renowned teacher, scholar, and expert in Eastern African history and culture, Dr. Sobania has served on every major board in the field and has conducted more than 50 site visits to study abroad programs around the world. » Rigorous annual program monitoring, evaluating, and advising carried out by the ACB ensures that every CIEE program consistently meets or exceeds academic and cultural expectations of faculty, advisors, and students. » Transparency, a hallmark of CIEE, is demonstrated through the posting of program evaluations and student feedback on our website. CIEE was the first to publically share students’ real experiences on study abroad programs, and we are the first to implement improvements where necessary.



More than ever, college and university leaders are encouraging students to participate in international study to better prepare for living and working in an increasingly globalized and interdependent world.

Every student—regardless of economic means or academic major—should have the opportunity to enhance his or her education through time spent living, studying, and exploring in another country. CIEE is committed to overcoming the most common barriers to international study, including high costs, challenging curricula, and cultural differences.

access matters

» The most scholarship and grant opportunities in the study abroad field, including our Global Access Initiative (GAIN) scholarships which commit $1 million annually to help students overcome the economic barriers to studying abroad. » A broad range of programs—consisting of full-year, semester, short-term, and facultyled offerings—is designed to offer all students the opportunity to participate in a rich international exchange experience. » Study abroad service professionals provide students and study abroad advisors with wide-ranging support from the moment a student signs up for a program to the time he or she returns to his or her home community, to help students overcome the cultural challenges of studying abroad.



rigor matters

Every student who dreams about learning what it’s like to be in another culture should have the chance to enhance his or her education with time spent living, studying, and exploring in another country—no matter his or her background, economic means, or academic major.

» Internships with local, multinational, and non-profit organizations that have a strong, long-term connection to CIEE allow students to work with some of the best in an industry, from a telecommunications company in Spain to an international law firm in China to a women’s rights organization in Senegal. » Ping Research Fellowships for doctoral students who are focusing on the study and improvement of international education help to create future leaders in the field. » A unique Seminar on Living and Learning Abroad offers a challenging, yet supportive, environment for students to increase cultural self-awareness, compare their own values and beliefs with the local norms of the host community, and learn skills to bridge the differences between cultures, all under the guidance of a trained cultural mentor. » Grassroots and community-based service learning provides a framework for students to fulfill their educational and personal goals while building relationships in the communities where the students’ learning takes place. » Public health assignments in developing countries enable students to have a positive impact on the health and lives of those who welcome them into their communities.



» Homestays with local families provide students with opportunities to experience what it means to be a member of a family in another culture. » Language exchanges with members of the host community help students develop confidence and converse more like locals.

» Intensive language courses combining traditional study, tutors, and peer-to-peer practice offer opportunities to take proficiency to a new level.

The importance of language study is the cornerstone of international education. CIEE is committed to providing high-quality, intensive study abroad programs where this study of language involves much more than simply classes and coursework. CIEE provides opportunities for students to embrace their host cultures and become active members of their communities. The result: language comes to life. 9

language matters

» Language commitments to speak the host language at all times enable students not just to speak the language, but to begin to think in it as well. » Financial support to extend language study, including CIEE’s new Global Language Fellowship, funds students’ studies of a single world language—its different dialects, slang, pronunciation, and more—by living and studying in multiple locations around the world for a year. 10

Each student’s journey —based on his or her dreams, needs, and passions—is unique.

And it’s more important than ever that students have access to study abroad programs that advance the study of their academic majors. That’s why we offer more than 200 programs covering a wide range of disciplines, from business to engineering to architecture and design or liberal arts.


» More programs in more disciplines than any other international education organization.

options matter

» L ocations in more than 40 countries and 60 cities around the globe in diverse cultures and landscapes that capture the imagination and the true essence of a place. » Academic disciplines that span the globe— business management, engineering, environmental science, architecture, film, graphic design, and more—offered in many international settings allow students to match academic goals with program content, no matter the major or area of interest. » International Faculty Development Seminars provide faculty and administrators opportunities to gain a global perspective through in-depth encounters with people, places, and issues that shape our world.


people matter

CIEE is made up of a unique group of highly trained international program providers who have an unparalleled passion and commitment to improving international exchange. Our people make CIEE international exchange programs the best in the world by always being there for our students and institutions.

» Resident directors, experts in their fields of study, are dedicated to providing an academically and culturally valuable experience abroad. » Dedicated staff located on site at each study center—armed with firsthand knowledge and experience of the cultures and countries students are visiting—balance challenge and support to help students learn and develop. » Highly trained pre-departure and support staff located in our Portland, Maine, headquarters help students with issues, challenges, and concerns at every stage of their journey.



At the core of CIEE international programs is our partners matter


commitment to bringing together people in meaningful and productive ways. We know this is something we can’t do alone, so we partner with institutions that share our values and are dedicated to providing students with opportunities to grow academically, professionally, and personally through studying abroad. We are proud of our many member institutions and the growing partnerships we are developing with foundations and institutes that are also committed to international exchange.

» CIEE’s Academic Consortium has continued to grow in size and influence since its establishment in 1947 and today is comprised of more than 350 of the finest colleges and universities in the U.S. » Together, CIEE and The Mitchell Institute have forged a partnership to provide fellowships for high school students to study the intricacies of negotiating and maintaining peace in two of the world’s most contentious regions: Belfast, Ireland, and Amman, Jordan.


Higher education is a constantly evolving landscape. As new ideas,

theories, and best practices emerge, changes must be made to existing study abroad programs, and new programs must be developed. We make it our duty to keep up with trends and changes so students have access to programs that are most relevant to their lives and academic needs.

» New short-term options for students who want a culturally and academically demanding experience abroad but who are unable to commit to traditional semester and yearlong study abroad programs. » More choices for STEM students, including dedicated programs in engineering, tropical marine ecology and conservation, and sustainability and the environment.

alignment matters

» Collaborations with faculty to customize programs to an institution’s unique curriculum, desired learning outcomes, and specific academic goals. » Active support and spearheading of research on subjects important to international education—better alignment of

opportunities with science and engineering curricula, best practices for managing people and financial systems, exploration of the standards that are important to maintain—to fuel discussions and changes that touch students, faculty, staff, and institutions around the world. » More options for hands-on learning—from volunteering at an outreach center for street children in the Dominican Republic to interning at a community health center in Thailand—to meet growing requirements from employers that students have real-world experience prior to graduation.


» Opportunities to grow professionally and gain valuable leadership experience by helping to lead discussions, organize cultural activities, and teach English as a second language to local students.


At CIEE, we know that the future of international education depends on a

continuing search for innovative solutions to new and ongoing challenges and the creation of new offerings to meet the expectations of students, faculty, staff, and institutions. That’s why we listen to the needs of our partners and member institutions and strategically align our resources to develop new learning opportunities and improve existing programs.

future matters » Scholarship programs to support access for all students and to encourage language proficiency. » Enhanced faculty training programs developed through revisions to our widely respected International Faculty Development Seminars. » CIEE Center for Teaching and Learning, which will support curriculum development, testing and outcomes assessment, and faculty training and will provide support for faculty-led programs and intercultural learning. » More opportunities for students to participate in international undergraduate research, community development projects, and internships. » Expansion of CIEE programs to locations of growing importance to our member schools and in non-traditional study abroad academic disciplines. » Additional CIEE support services for colleges and universities seeking to expand their international programs through highquality, faculty-led programs.



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