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Creating new perspectives Partnership is our passion Automation is our profession Innovation is our mission Sustainability is our vision

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The company


Business excellence


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The company

Festo - a worldwide brand 1925






FESTO-Maschinenfabrik G. Stoll

FESTO-Maschinenfabrik G. Stoll 7301 Berkheim-Esslingen

7301 Berkheim-Esslingen

Festo AG & Co. KG

For more than 80 years – Festo build its foundation on top of quality and reliability


Festo AG & Co. KG Technology Centre

Festo is a leading industrial automation company, innovating pneumatic, electric drive and motion control related products and solutions for various industries. Founded in 1925 in Esslingen, Germany, Festo, with its global presence in 160 countries (250 locations) serves both factory and process automations. With excellent combination of outstanding management, world-class engineering capabilities, and strong expertise and experiences, Festo is a preferred strategic partner by industry players for long-term business excellence. The ability to develop custom-made products and solutions places Festo in a unique market position and through value creation, we bring you the flexibility to select the services required – from conceptualization to completion.

Festo - The company


1996 to date

Six core values The entrepreneurship obligation – we regard ourselves as a dynamic, flexible and innovative company Overall view – we think and act taking the whole picture into account. Overall usage takes priority over individual functions Global anchor – we are receptive to and respect different cultures, and in those countries in which we are active part of the economy and society Respect for individuals – we respect people and their individual personalities Partnership – we strive to achieve partner-like relationship within and outside the company Business principles – we create values for the company, our employees, our customers and our investors

Festo dedicates itself not only to automation technology but also knowledge advancement, and this is demonstrated through our comprehensive range of learning systems and worldwide recognized vocational training courses, which are provided in 39 languages.

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Our Vision: “ to become a market

leader in industrial automation by providing innovative and quality products with excellent services for its customers through competent and highly motivated employees ”

Festo Pte. Ltd

Think global, act local

Singapore Festo Singapore was established in 1980 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Festo AG & Co. KG, Germany, with the primary responsibility of providing sales and engineering support.

Festo Pte Ltd Singapore

Festo prides itself as a life-long learning organisation, where it offers industrial and technological related training courses. Festo is also an approved training provider whose objective is to further strengthen customer’s knowledge. Since establishing its presence, Festo Singapore has evolved rapidly over the years in its core competencies and resource capabilities, which made her the hub for the ASEAN region in the following capacities: • Regional Service Centre – production, manufacturing & logistics • Regional Engineering Centre – design & development of customized products • Solution Engineering Centre – design & assembly of customer solutions • Cleanroom Competency Centre – testing of Festo worldwide cleanroom products which is in accordance to the environmental criteria defined by VDI 2083-9.1 guideline

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Festo Singapore

Quality & environmental policy First in class performance in providing quality products and services to our customers Effective and efficient processes and the optimal use of resources and materials Strong commitment towards the prevention of environmental pollution Training employees to be competent and highly motivated to continually improve our environmental performance, quality and environmental management systems Observe compliance with legal and statutory requirements; communicate our quality and environmental policy to all interested stakeholders

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Festo Singapore Milestone


Founded as a branch of Festo AG & Co. KG


Started manufacturing cylinders for the region

1984 1986


1996 1997 1998 2001 Page 8 | Festo Pte. Ltd.


- Regional Service Centre (RSC) was established - Special Application (SA) department renamed Regional Engineering Centre (REC) - Started to manufacture cleanroom products for Festo Worldwide - People Developer Standard (PDS) certified


Singapore Quality Class (SQC) certified

Incorporated as Private Limited company - SDF approval training provider under Festo Didactic - Member of SIAA (Singapore Industrial Automation association) 1st pneumatic company in Asia to be ISO 9001:1994 certified

2006 2008

Sponsor of the 1st National Skills Competition in Mechatronics Automation Technology Competence Centre (ATCC) was officially opened ASEAN region R&D department, Special Application (SA) was established

2009 2010

Awarded Bronze Award for the Singapore Health Award - Integration of ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 - Appointed Training Provider for Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) - SPUR Approved Training Provider Solutions Engineering Centre (SEC) was established to support the region Approved training provider to offer full certification courses for Precision Engineering

Appointed as the only mechatronics centre for National Skills Recognitions System (NSRS) Festo Pte. Ltd. | Page 9

Business excellence

People & knowledge


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We value our people and their knowledge, their commitment has made us a successful global leader. To recognize the importance of knowledge advancement, Festo worldwide invests 1.5% of total revenue in education and training. In conjunction to this, Festo Singapore is a certified People Developer Standard (PDS) organisation which provides a structured training platform for life-long learning.

Creating tomorrow’s innovation today is how we position ourselves one step ahead of the industry. To realise our effort in research and development, an investment of 6.5% from the global turnover is utilised, which resulted in 2,800 products being patented and new products are continuously being innovated.


As a global organization, Festo strives for world-class standards. With the belief that quality and sturdy foundation is the basis of lasting success, the international standards for quality management (ISO 9001:2000) is implemented and practised. To further enhance our commitment to good business processes, Festo Singapore is awarded Singapore Quality Class certificate in recognition of its approach in managing people, processes and customers to achieve better business result thus sustaining competitiveness.


In the world of finite resources and limited regenerative capacity of ecology system, Festo recognizes that longterm economic success is only possible if ecological requirements are taken into account. Festo actively promotes and conducts its business in harmony with environmental conservation. The certification of Environmental Management System (ISO14001:2004) is an expression of this belief.

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Service excellence

Customer service



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In Festo, we believe providing excellent service to our customers starts with our people. We inspire to perfect our service by demonstrating sound knowledge in product, technology and market intelligence that exceed customer’s expectations. We strive to cultivate exceptional partnership with our customers and suppliers thereby synergizing our business.

Having a competitive advantage on engineering services, Festo Singapore forms its performance focus in identifying, interpreting, designing, producing, customising solutions for our customers. Our engineers are capable to redesign and modify any products to cater to customer’s needs. Furthermore, a pool of technical engineers is always readily available for all your technical queries and they are just a phone call away.

Festo produces and delivers its products promptly around the world and this is made possible using our global market supply strategy which allows the order fulfil management to supply to customers worldwide. Festo Singapore, as the service hub offers both local and the region cost advantages, manufacturing skills and shorter production lead time, thus, bringing us one step closer to our customers.

Information technology

For an organisation to improve its business process, information technology is imperative for management and support of the infrastructure. The business process in Festo is supported by an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system – SAP and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system – SFA. The SAP is used to manage and coordinate resources, information and business function whereas SFA improves customer service and customer management. The integration of these two systems provides value to our business.


Decentralisation is the strategy used by Festo in optimising the global logistics and warehousing network – this becomes a key success factor to Festo as customers can expect speed and reliability in our deliveries. As Festo Singapore is a Regional Service Centre, we offer various logistics and warehousing services such as drop shipments (direct delivery to customer’s customer), shorter delivery time, packing flexibility, etc.

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Product innovation

The first pneumatic product range of Festo was introduced in 1956. Today, Festo offers a complete range of automation products for various industries and we are committed to continuously bring innovative products to the industries. Pneumatic drives Piston cylinder • Rodless cylinder • Linear guide • Short stroke cylinder • Bellow cylinder • Semi-rotary • Tandem/ multi-position • Stopper • Clamping Electric drives Tooth belt • Spindle • Rotary • Precision drive Valves & valve terminals Miniature valve • Universal valve • Fast switching valve • Individual valve • Valve block • Intelligent valve terminal • Bus protocol Sensors & machine vision Mechanical vacuum & pressure switch • Electronic vacuum & pressure switch • Flow sensors • Inductive sensors • Optoelectronic sensors • Image processing

Process actuators & valves Quarter-turn actuators • Linear actuators • Sensor boxes • Positioners • Butterfly valves • Ball valves • Gate valves • Solenoid valves • Pneumatic valves • Compressed air preparation & accessories Air service unit combinations • Air dryers • Fine & micro filters • Push-in & Barbed fittings • Air reservoir • Silencers • Air guns • Tubing for specific applications Handling & vacuum technology Pick & place • Linear gantries • Boom axes • Planar surface gantries • X/Y axes tables • Vacuum generators • Suction grippers • Vacuum cups Modular positioning Robotic controller • Stepper controller • Servo controller • Servo-pneumatic controller • Intelligent motor (with buildin controller) Proportional technology Proportional pressure control valves • Proportional flow control valves Control technology PLC • Display • Pneumatic counter & timer

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Customer Solutions

Application specific

The complete range of Festo products is applicable for both factory and process automation. In circumstances, where customers have special requirements with regards to size, dimension, functionality, etc. We will adapt and develop the product to meet customer’s requirements, be it modification of any available product or new design.

Prepacked convenience

Inventory management could be a challenge for machine builders who have to deal with numerous components throughout the manufacturing process, regardless of stock handling while maintaining the cost – consumption and replenishment, retrieving components required from the warehouse, etc. The pre-packed convenience of Festo is the answer to your inventory management as it allows you to select the necessary components for one machine assembly, which is then packed in one package and delivered as a single order.

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Ready-to-install assembly

Assembling your components to one module and then testing it by yourself can be cumbersome and the tendency of selecting incompatible component can take place. With the ready-to-install assembly, all you need is one order number and the ready-to-install assembly will be delivered and this will reduce cost, time and increase reliability & efficiency.

Automation solution

The ability to offer product alone is no longer sufficient in today’s competitive environment, customers prefer a synergy with business partners who have the capability to provide automation solutions. With engineering expertise in designing and building customer specified solutions and the combination of product and technical know-how, Festo has the capacity to demonstrate its automation solutions in the field of engineering control systems, handling units and fully integrated control solutions.

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Value creation — an overview Through our value creation, Festo aims to deliver the right solution, at the right time, with the right price to enhance customer’s business.

tr y segments s u Ind

Engineering discussion



bl y Photovo


e a r in

p an e

& t r an

ltaics & fl at

s p o r t a t i on


Prepacked convenience

• Range of support – maintenance, replacement, service & repair, training, etc


• Detailed design – detailed engineering design such as 3D models, 2D drawings, pneumatic and electric circuit diagrams • Identifying the right product – with experienced engineers and range of selection tools, right and ideal components are selected • Confident – with the simulation software, reliability of the design is assured therefore a physical prototype is not needed



Ready-to-install assembly

Delivery • Flexibility – We tailor our packaging and delivery in any size or weight to any destination in the world for our customers • Installation and commissioning – the reliability of the operation is assured





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od &

g gin ka

er Wat

& waste


B i o t ech &


ar m



Planning & scheduling

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ic s

After-sales supports

Automation solution

Engineering design

• Capacity & resource management – use of IT infrastructure enables Festo to optimise and maximise our capacity and resource planning to ensure product availability • Project management – monitoring every details from specific start and completion dates undertaken to meet customer goals and objectives


h ig

Application specific

c tr


• Industry process know-how – discuss and identify customer requirements • Eye for detail – use of comprehensive data collection sheet to encompass all minute customer requirements • Conceptual Proposal – upon completion of a feasibility study

El e

Verification & validation • Acceptance test – verification of the functionality of the completed solution is in accordance to the design specification and then validated as per customer requirements • Documentation – a complete project document is made available


Project execution

• Supplier evaluation – annual evaluation of our suppliers are conducted to ensure product quality, delivery and/or service • Reliability – working with only the right partners to ensure quality, availability as well as competitive pricing

• Structured production work system – work standardization is defined, implemented and documented in accordance to our Quality Management System – ISO9001:2000 • Quality gate – each quality gate includes a check on individual completed phase to ensure that the solution built meets or exceeds customer requirements • Workmanship – skilled and experienced production team Festo Pte. Ltd. | Page 19

Value creation

Engineering discussion

Festo has the expertise to deliver high-level solution for our customers. Based on the combination of three areas of feasibility: economical, functional and technical and a comprehensive data collection sheet – an initial proposal is presented. Our years of experience in the various industries have positioned Festo to better appreciate customer’s business.

Planning & scheduling

Engineering design

The output of this stage offers a comprehensive innovative design that complements a bird’s-eye view, which describes in detail 3D models, 2D drawings, pneumatic and/or electric circuit diagrams.


Festo software is used to select the right components as well as to simulate the design to ensure its reliability thereby eradicating the need of a prototype.

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Our process excellence in billing of materials, inventory handling, capacity adjustment, process down streaming and production time scheduling boosts our capacity and resource planning. The core competencies of our planning & scheduling enable us to analyse and design customer’s objectives with flexibility, thereby, tracking our performance to meet customer’s demands. Furthermore, a monitoring tool is used in Festo that gives us the liberty to closely monitor the progress of our all our projects, including remedial action, deadline and other significant events.

Festo recognised the need for exceptional procurement standards where selecting good material suppliers are concerned. With our annual supplier evaluation, their reputation, quality, services and price are assessed thoroughly to ensure compliance with predefined standards of Festo. This allows Festo to build a supplier-partner relationship enabling the supplier to understand our requirements and it gives Festo an avenue to feedback for their continual improvement of quality and services.

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Project execution

To ensure the final products are produced consistently within the required specification, working instructions and manuals are used during the production process. Quality is thus maintained and controlled. Additionally, a quality gate is used as a check point before proceeding to the next stage.


Festo offers flexibility and simplicity in both packing and delivery. Our delivery services goes beyond the borders of Singapore to where your customers are located. We also have the logistic expertise to provide advice on the right packaging material for your solutions. Upon delivering, customers have the option to request for an installation and commissioning services which will ensure the reliability and functionality of the final product.

Verification & validation

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A test is conducted to ensure the solution complies with the design specification and customer’s requirements and the performance functions for which it is intended. A complete documentation folder consisting of project documents, user manuals, testing reports will be delivered together with the solution.

After-sales supports

To further strengthen our business relationship, Festo renders extensive after-sales support such as technical advice, maintenance, replacement, service & repairs, training, etc. Global sales support and service is our competitive advantage, which expands our after-sales support services.

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Knowledge advancement

The dedication extends beyond technology to knowledge for tomorrow innovations.

Trend set

Festo would like to be viewed as a trendsetter in Automation as such it continues to seek for more effective and efficient automation products and solutions for the industries. In collaboration with highly acclaimed universities, institutes and development companies— Festo Bionic Learning Network has become established as an integral part of its innovation processes. One example would be the use of bionics to sound out new technologies via the observation of nature behaviour as a unique way to bring state-of-art automation to the world.


The technologies of Festo deals with the tools and techniques for carrying out business activities, which revolves around market demand that complements customer’s technological needs. These technologies are but not limited to handling & vacuum technology, modular technology, proportional technology, control technology, etc. Festo provides various platforms for communicating these technologies to our customers and business partners where related technological examples and solutions are demonstrated by Festo specialists.


Imagine a world without innovation! Innovation begins in the mind which is driven by highly motivated and qualified people. These innovations aim for higher productivity; reduced costs and increased energy efficiency which are critical parameters for the success of tomorrow’s automation solutions. To achieve innovations in today’s dynamic environment, Festo is able to recognise the needs of our customers and to develop competitive products & solutions. Festo is proud to be a recipient of the Red Dot Design Award for outstanding design quality and trendsetters.


Festo products influence the identity of our company and the brand itself. The products which deliver innovation, quality and unique design are the success factors of Festo. This enforces the corporate branding and simultaneously differentiates us against competitors. Festo is always ready to impart its product knowledge by transferring the know-how of the products to our customer by way of product training. The objective of this training is to help our customers in improving productivity, maximizing machine utilization and optimising equipment performance.

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Didactic is derived from the Greek word, “Didactikos”, which means “skillful in the science and art of teaching”. It also represents our philosophy of developing people and organization in a pleasant, entertaining and informative way.

Didactic courses

Didactic training equipments

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Festo courses are developed in collaboration with notable European universities for the industries. For many decades, Festo courses are conducted worldwide in 39 languages. In Singapore, our courses are nationally recognized under Singapore Workforce Skill Qualification Programme and participants can expect to receive a Higher Certificate in Precision Engineering (Manufacturing & Production) upon completing the required modules.

Our learning equipment offers a new teaching concept for each individual with practical competencies. To name a few, the equipments are MecLab Automation, the Modular Production System (MPS) – Factory & Process Automation, iFactory, etc. The equipments simulate the factory production lines and provide an industry-like experience as well as to give more confident to the trainees in the future.

Didactic software

Festo developed learning software to help to accelerate the learning process by using real time simulation. With the integration of the learning equipment and software, it results in a complete learning tool that enables the trainees to learn, simulate and apply – from circuit designs to complex production line simulation.

Our Collaboration

Festo works closely with the respective government bodies such as Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and educational institutes to foster industrial and nationally recognized courses. Festo also involves itself in various people development activities such as student attachment (both local and overseas), memorandum of understanding (MoU), Technology Day, etc. Festo is proud to be the main sponsor for the WorldSkills International Competition, in Mechatronics and Mobile Robotics skills category.

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Industry segments

„Festo is home to nearly every automation today”

Electronics • Semiconductor • Photovoltaic • Flat panel • Light assembly

– maximum performance in a minimum space The miniature products of Festo respond to the semiconductor industry – front-end and back-end as well as the light assembly industry. They are small, precise, and compact at the same time deliver high performance. – high speed yet smooth in movement Photovoltaic and flat panel industries always require speed and performance in handling and transporting of materials. Festo offers suitable products with high speed yet smooth in movement for such industry.

Process • Water & wastewater • Biotechnology • Food production • Marine & transportation

– efficient and reliable Whether for municipal or industrial water & wastewater treatment, Festo offers individual automation solutions that are powerful, economical and reliable. – sturdy yet flexible Both marine and transportation industry require products that are sturdy and have the ability to withstand climate change. Festo has a wide range of products and solutions suitable for this industry.

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Food & packaging • Packaging • Beverage • Milk • Confectionary • Pharmaceutical & cosmetics

Biotechnology & pharmaceutical

– “clean design” and hygiene Our “clean design” products and solutions are flexible and versatile which are specially meant for food & packaging industry. These products are applicable to the following: • food zone (machine components that come into contact with food) • non-food zone (machine components that do not come into contact with the food) • splash zone (machine components can come into contact with food but does not get back into the product flow)

– pure and sterile Festo offers a range of products which comply with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and/or Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) requirements that are applicable in: • the production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) - either precision chemistry with relatively low hygiene requirements or biotechnology with high hygiene requirements • the production of the actual form - normally with high hygiene requirements

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Festo worldwide

Festo companies worldwide • Argentina • Australia • Austria • Belarus • Belgium • Brazil • Bulgaria • Canada • Chile • China • Columbia • Croatia • Czech Republic • Denmark • Estonia Page 30 | Festo Pte. Ltd.

• Finland • France • Germany • Great Britain • Greece • Hong Kong • Hungary • India • Indonesia • Iran • Ireland • Israel • Italy • Japan • Latvia

Regional Production Centre • Lithuania • Malaysia • Mexico • Netherlands • New Zealand • Norway • Peru • Philippines • Poland • Romania • Russia • Serbia/Montenegro • Singapore • Slovakia • Slovenia

• South Africa • South Korea • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • Taiwan • Thailand • Turkey • Ukraine • United States • Venezuela • Vietnam

• Esslingen-Berkheim, Germany • Ostfildern-Scharnhausen, Germany • St. Ingbert-Rohrbach, Germany • Sao Paulo, Brazil • Sofia, Bulgaria • Shanghai, China • Ceska Lipa, Czech Republic • Budapest, Hungary • Bangalore, India • Mexico, Mexico • Simferopol, Ukraine • Biel, Switzerland

Regional Service Centre • St. Ingbert-Rohrbach, Germany • Singapore • Hauppauge, United States • Sao Paulo, Brazil

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