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MAGAZINE Issue # 5

November/December 2012


Table of Contents

SPOTLIGHT ON KNIGHT COWL….……………………………............................. 2

AMAZINGLY ASTONISHING JOURNEYS……………………………….............. 3

NEW COMIC BOOK RELEASES……………….……………………...................... 4

RECAP OF DAN DELBY AT WCPL AND WYVACON…………............................6

THE NEW STARS OF MOMENTUM COMICS………………………………..........7

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KNIGHT COWL While other characters have had the high expectation of becoming the greatest superhero in the Dan Delby Comics Universe, only one character has truly lived up to that particular distinction: Knight Cowl! In addition to being the greatest superhero in the Dan Delby Comics Universe, with fan after fan coming up to Dan Delby at his personal appearances, telling him of how Knight Cowl is their favorite of the characters he has created, Knight Cowl is easily the most popular character in the entire Dan Delby Comics Universe, bar none! Whether he is protecting the streets of New York City alone; alongside his girlfriend and crime fighting partner, Web Mistress; under the guidance of his mentor Lurking Moonlight; or as part of the superhero team, Hero Crew; Greg Brent is certain to take the fight to any and all wrongdoers, as the fan favorite superhero known as, Knight Cowl! 2

Amazingly Astonishing Journeys Dan Delby takes readers on six excursions to various realms of the fantastic! Dan Delby has a new short story collection out! That’s right, Amazingly Astonishing Journeys is the latest book released by Dan Delby! This volume contains six short stories, by Dan Delby, which are quite varied in genre. A sci-fi/western entitled Sunblaze; a medieval fantasy tale entitled The Knight’s Pupil (a full-length short story expansion upon the flash fiction story of the same name published in DDC Magazine #4); a steampunk story entitled Sir Monocle and the Arrival of Ursula (previously published in DDC Magazine #4); a science fiction space opera entitled Project: Interplanetary UnityThe Anomaly (previously published in DDC Magazine #4); a dystopian science fiction tale entitled Jasper Ingleman; and a sci-fi/horror tale entitled Nebula Star: Outbreak of the Zombies round out the six short stories featured in this collection. Order now at, the official website of all things Dan Delby! 3

New comics on the block! Hero Crew #1 and Project: Interplanetary Unity #3 fly into readers’ hands! Webcomics come and go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t own your own copy of them once they have had their initial online run! That’s right, Hero Crew #1 (a one-shot comic, written and illustrated by Dan Delby, released under the Superstardom Comics imprint) and Project: Interplanetary Unity #3 (the third comic in a four-part limited series, written and illustrated by Dan Delby, released by Dan Delby Comics) are now available to own, in both printed and digital format! Go to to order now! Also, the Project: Interplanetary Unity webcomic series is still ongoing, as of this writing, as the final issue of the four-part limited series, Project: Interplanetary Unity #4, is currently in progress for the reading pleasure of the Internet community! Log on to in order to catch up and follow along, as the wildly popular Project: Interplanetary Unity webcomic series heads toward its thrilling conclusion!


Meet Dan Delby:  October 26-27, 2012; Rising Star 21 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Convention; Bluefield State College; Bluefield, WV


Recap of Dan Delby’s recent guest appearances at WCPL and WyVaCon This past July, Dan Delby was honored to have taken part in two events held in Wytheville, Virginia! First up, on July 14th, was Dan’s presentation and book signing, held at the Wythe County Public Library. Dan enjoyed telling fans of what goes into the making of his comics and short stories, as well as signing copies of his work. Special thanks to all who attended the WCPL event, and to the WCPL staff for making this event possible! Then it was on July 28th, that Dan appeared as a guest at Wytheville’s first-ever sci-fi convention, WyVaCon, which turned out to be a huge success, as over 400 fans packed into the Wytheville Meeting Center for the event! Dan had a great time meeting with fans, signing autographs, posing for photos, and participating in the con’s author panel. Special thanks to all those who attended WyVaCon, and to all those behind the scenes who made WyVaCon happen!


Gaining Momentum! The Momentum Comics imprint kicks into high gear with these new superheroes!

COSMIC STAR Space entrepreneur by day, superhero who uses space-based technology to fight crime by night! Cosmic Star will take the fight to anyone who stands in the way of good, whether they are here on Earth, or in outer space! Cosmic Star now has a webcomic available, via


sQUADron This fearless foursome of superheroes is led by Superatomic-Man, a superhuman who gained his superpowers of flight and super-strength in an atomic energy experiment gone wrong. Rounding out the group of four are Orchid Lady, a mutant superheroine with the powers of flight and the ability to generate and manipulate plant-based life at will; Mr. Monstrous, a superhuman who gained his superpowers of super-strength, super-stamina, and super-endurance when he was exposed to a rare form of radiation; and Red Cobra, a superhuman who gained his superpowers of spitting venom and slithering about when he was attacked by a bio-engineered red spitting cobra.


BURNING EMBER This mutant superhero uses his mutant abilities of flight, optical fire beams, and the generation, expulsion, control, and manipulation of fire to his advantage when standing against wrongdoers!

DARKGOYLE A mythical, magical anti-hero, Darkgoyle uses his powers of flight, super-strength, superstamina, super-endurance, and optical fire beams gained from the depths of darkness to combat those who stand in his way.



Dan Delby Comics Magazine issue #5  

November/December 2012 edition.

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