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Introducing the Cryostation with Integrated Objective Montana Instruments introduces a new tool for the cryogenic researcher. Focus on your sample at temperatures down to 3.5K with unparalleled accuracy. Drift is virtually eliminated using our patent pending design, including low drift during cooldown. Typical sample temperature is 3.5K. Designed for confocal microcopy to eliminate drift. Sample translation and focus is accomplished with built in nanopositioners. The temperature of the high magnification objective and the sample are controlled to better than 0.01 degrees for undetectable drift levels. A backup power supply is provided to ensure performance.


Housing Lid

Exterior Housing

Heater Ring with Backup Heater

Objective Collar Allows Vertical Lens Positioning

Radiation Shield XYZ Nano Positioners Pinned Interface for Precise Alignment

Base With Low Vibration Cold Platform

Cryostation with Integrated Objective


White Light Imaging A 3D calibration grid was imaged to demonstrate the system resolution. Fig. 1 shows the actual cal target. Fig. 2 was imaged by our system, with 14 pixels across the 1.2Âľm feature, or an effective pixel size less than 0.1Âľm. Figure 1

Based on High Performance Zeiss Optics The system is designed using a custom vaccuum-compatible Zeiss EC Epiplan-Neofluar 100x infinity color corrected objective with 0.90 NA and 0.31mm working distance. It has a field of view of 25mm and an object field of 0.248mm. Fig. 3 contains transmittance data.


Figure 3

Figure 2

Drift-free high numerical aperture confocal microscopy of single molecules in a closed cycle helium cryostat

Figure 4

Optical microscopy of individual quantum objects has been at the heart of some of the most outstanding new developments in quantum physics over the past decade, especially in quantum information processing, quantum sensing and quantum metrology. Optical measurements at low temperatures are key to future discoveries. This experiment demonstrates drift free high numerical aperture confocal microscopy of single molecules at 3.5K in a closed cycle cryostat. The samples are nitrogen vacancy (NV) centers in diamond that are known to be relatively dark single photon sources, which can be imaged only with well corrected microscope objectives with the highest numerical apertures. Fig. 4 shows a schematic of the confocal cryogenic microscope setup.

Resultant Images

Figure 6

Figure 5



Figure 7

Fig. 5 shows a 20 x 20um view of a Nitrogen Vacancy center. Fig. 6 shows a single dot with a 2 x 2Âľm field of view. Fig. 7 is a plot of a data slice through the dot center, showing high collected return counts from the NV center

Cryostation with Integrated Objective


Great Sample Access The Cryostation is known for its great user access to the sample space. This product offers the same features for optical and assembly. Just lift off the housing, unbolt and

remove the radiation shield and your sample and wiring are fully available for changes.

This system represents a major milestone for high NA imaging at low temperatures.

The Solution to Drift Drift is often correlated to room temperature variations. The temperature stability of the system was tested in an experiment where the room temperature was dropped by 10C for an hour. There was no appreciable change in the sample or objective temperature over that period.


Time Period

Room Temperature Swing


10 C

Sample Temperature Swing

Sample Drift



Based on proven low vibration Cryostation technology. Vacuum housing has side port to allow the user to see the sample and approximate focus distance. Built in piezo based nano-positioners allow 5mm motion in X, Y and Z for site location and focus. Applications: NV centers, quantum dots, micro photoluminescence. Confocal imaging

Cryostation with Integrated Objective


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