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Daniel Nutting

Reflective Writing

Skills & Knowledge • •

awareness of diverse & global range of design cultures & languages • experience of design research, analysis & synthesis visualising / prototyping skills & aptitudes in a range of media & formats • aptitude in compiling interim & summative design presentations • aptitude for designing through a digital platform knowledge & experience of process, component & production technology

When it comes to my skills and knowledge of my field of study I feel that I am somewhat lacking on the knowledge of it. I am a very hands one person, I don’t tend to read a lot of books and do paper based research, and this is what lets me down. As I have taken this subject through a lot of my education I have a good knowledge of manufacturing processes and what materials can be used for the certain product. To increase my knowledge of this area I need to visit specialist establishments to see them in action this would give me a greater knowledge of the inner workings of the processes. When it comes to practical work such as CAD modelling and paper based idea generation I feel I am improving a lot to when I first started the course. I have gained my confidence in this skill by attending regular tutorials on how to use the different pieces of software and my challenging features to improve project work. Throughout my design career to develop my skills and knowledge I just need to keep on doing what I do best which is designing because I will never become perfect at it, constantly learning new skills and gathering new knowledge.

Project Process As a person I have a very strong personality and not afraid to stand up in front of people and say what I think. Having this personality is a good asset to have as I am able to take to lead in a group environment whether its project work or a briefing. I am a very technology based person I like to have the latest products, some would call me “brand obsessed”, this I feel is a good thing as I know about the latest products and technologies and I am able to incorporate these into my work. I have a lot of experience when it comes to working in a team as a lot of my hobbies require working with people, from my Duke Of Edinburgh to been a scout leader . Been able to manage a project is easy all you have to do is be organise and have a set time frame letting time catch up with you is the worst thing that can happen as a designer. Luckily I haven’t missed a deadline and I don’t plan on missing one anytime in the future. • experience of design process & methodologies • experience of team leadership & management • experience of costing projects & fee negotiation • experience of planning & managing project activity • experience of managing client relationships & collaboration • experience of a wide range of project types & scales of innovation

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Daniel Nutting

Reflective Writing

I know a sufficient amount about the different design sectors that have happed over the century from what I have learned in lectures but I only know the basics, my knowledge could vastly improve on this, this links with my skills and knowledge been able to read books to gather new information which can be incorporated into my work. When it comes to managing projects I feel that I do it rather well, I don’t like leaving my work to the last limit. This is a good attitude to have as it means I Don’t rush my work, making silly mistakes and missing out on vital marks. When it comes to regulations and criteria of a certain product my knowledge somewhat lacks, I have only started to research into this on my current project where I am designing a portable on the body plug socket, materials and sizes are critical when it comes to electricity. • knowledge of design sectors & creative industries experience of project procurement & client consultation • experience in planning continuing professional development • experience and understanding of legislation & regulations • experience of design budgets & account management • experience of design practice marketing & promotion •

Values and Vision • understanding & practice of ethical business standards • subscription to policies & standards of ethical design • commitment to & understanding of the imperatives of professional practice • commitment to the advancement of design knowledge, expertise & value • awareness & practice of user centred design

I have improved a lot when it comes to designing for a certain type of user, I have done a few projects and 1 live project which is based around a certain user, I feel that it’s a good way to design an object and you are meeting the requirements of actual people and not making them up, hoping that people will like it and carry on supporting the product. I have gad an experience in this when we did a live brief with Barclays Bank they wanted a picture frame making that shows their corporate values. Every design that we did was sent to them to see if they liked it and if it fitted what they were looking for.

Reflective writing