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Welcome! Animae Caribe Animation Festival 2014

his year Animae Caribe celebrates a special 13th anniversary as the longest running film festival in Trinidad and Tobago! it is also the only international animation festival of its kind in the Caribbean.This year, the spotlight is on the Gaming and Game Development industry with a line-up of regional and international guests, workshops and panels that address the Caribbean possibilities for this segment of animation. The Animae Caribe family has grown even further to include the partnership of key sponsors including Microsoft Trinidad who has come on board as the official sponsor for all things Gaming, The Trinidad and Tobago Film Company/FilmTT and CreativeTT who have accommodated all Animation in Business workshops and panels, our youth sponsors the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) and First Citizens who have supported the Monday 27th school and student day activities, and the Ministry of the Arts and Multiculturalism who are supporting the 'Zoom Wooz' Art of Animation multimedia exhibition. For the first time in Animae Caribe history, the sister isle of Tobago has joined on as an official venue for the Festival with the kind support of the Division of Community Development and Culture of the Tobago House of Assembly. The popularity of the Animae Caribe Festival has made an impact and created growth in

many parts in the industry. There has been a growth in animation content shown on local television in the form of animated advertisements and original TV productions. There has also been an increase in applications to the University of Trinidad and Tobago's Diploma in Animation Studies. other areas of impact of the Animae Caribe Festival to date include; TRAINING – Animae Caribe is now widely acknowledged as the ‘mecca’ of animation exchange of ideas, skills and working knowledge. Animae Caribe has delivered workshops and training sessions and has gone on to create opportunities for additional training in animation for Festival attendees to international studios such as Aardman Studio in the UK. EXPOSURE/AwARENESS – Through international networks being created by the festival, (such as ASIFA (L’Association Internationale du Film d’Animation), the 2014 Festival saw a dramatic increase in film submissions of animated content from all over the world, resulting in over 300 films received this year, up from 250 in 2013 and 32 in 2012. Additionally, animation content from Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean are now requested for submissions to international festivals all over the world. ECONOMIC – Through Animae Caribe's

yearly networking opportunities, there has been an increase in cross-sector collaboration between filmmakers, Animators and Special Effects artists to increase the quality of locally produced content. Additionally, from 2001 to 2014 Trinidad and Tobago has gone from zero (0) to eight (8) fully operational Animation Studios locally, with many more animation studios founded throughout the region. PARTNERSHIPS – Animae Caribe continues its strong working partnership with the Trinidad and Tobago Animation Network (TTAN), an industry-led animation collective, which represents the stakeholders of the industry and with whom Animae Caribe collaborates closely for feedback and recommendations. TTAN has also begun to structure and organize itself as a collective to better serve the animation needs of the region and the world.


ANIMAE CARIBE BOARD MEMBERS Chairperson – Camille Selvon-Abrahams Vice Chairperson – Roxanne Colthrust Alison Smith-Dobson Sade Selvon-Abrahams Jason Lindsay Tracey Alonzo Florence Louis-Edouard Janine Charles Farray Festival Director – Camille Selvon Abrahams Public Relations Manager – Roxanne Colthrust Festival Coordinator – Sade Selvon-Abrahams Magazine Content Editor – Janine CharlesFarray Layout and Design – Sean Simon Mascot Artists – Kevin Bhall and Matthew Hudson Screening Coordinator – Omar Lewis School Day Coordinator – Corisia Warner Programmers – Camille Abrahams, Sherwin Marcelle, Nikolai Noel, Luis Vasquez, Arnaldo James Poster Design – Christopher Whitter II UTT STUDEnT GUiLD: UTT Campus Manager – Bisnath Johnson UTT CoRPoRATE CoMMUniCATionS DEPARTMEnT Videography – Media Mill Ltd. Website – Blueline Web Solutions SPONSORS AND PARTNERS • Trinidad and Tobago Film Company/FilmTT • CreativeTT • University of Trinidad and Tobago

• Ministry of the Arts and Multiculturalism • Microsoft Windows (Trinidad) • First Citizens • CNC3 • Guardian Media • Guardian Digital • North Eleven • Full Circle Animation Studio • National Lotteries Control Board • Colthrust PR • Trinidad and Tobago Animation Network • CARICOM • Blueline Web Solutions

SPECIAL THANKS • Trinidad and Tobago Animators Network • Unorthdox Magazine • UTT Animation Music and ICT Students ThE AniMAE CARibE JURY: bill Dennis Principal/Founder, Zanymation International President - ASIFA India Andres Maand Head of Animation Department Volda University Norway Riane de haas-bledoeg Deputy Programme Culture at CARICOM Michael Cherrie Senior Lecturer, UTT Academy of the Performing Arts nikolai noel UTT Lecturer in Animation, John S. Donaldson Creative Campus VENUES • UTT John S. Donaldson Creative Campus,

Wrightson Road Port-of-Spain • UTT Academy of the Performing Arts, Keate Street, Port-of-Spain • The Big Black Box, 33 Murray Street, Woodbrook • Home, 6 Scott Street, St. Claire

HIGHLIGHTED EVENTS Monday 27th october • (9AM) UTT Digital Media student Forum • (9AM - 3PM) Youth Day of activities UTT/John Donaldson Creative Campus • (7PM) Opening Ceremony - Official opening screening and Cocktails (By Invitation Only) hyatt hotel Tuesday 28th october *international Animation Day! (Global) • (4:30 PM – 6:30 PM) Celebrating Our Own – Christopher Guinness – Red Carpet Film Screening and Director’s Chat “UTT/Animae Caribe Cinema”,Theatre 1, Academy of the Performing Arts Wednesday 29th october • (1:30 PM to 3:00 PM) An afternoon with Shilpa Ranade, Filmmaker (India) – Film Screening and Q&A “UTT/Animae Caribe Cinema”,Theatre 1, Academy of the Performing Arts • (7:00 PM) ZoomWooz Live Cinema – Multimedia Art & Animation exhibition. big black box Thursday 30th october • (9:00 AM – 3:00 PM) FilmTT/CreativeTT Business of Animation Day • Global Perspective Panel • Regional Perspective Panel

Animae Caribe is pleased to welcome all regional and international guests to Trinidad and Tobago who are eager and excited to share, network and collaborate with the Caribbean to form closer business and intellectual ties to this region. As always, there will be several workshops, business panels networking sessions and special events taking place over the week. All are invited to an exciting line-up of four (4) nights of animations from all around the world taking place at the UTT Academy for the Performing Arts from Tuesday 28th to Friday 31st October 2014. Welcome once more to the Animae Caribe experience!

• Trinidad and Tobago Perspective Panel UTT Academy of the Performing Arts Friday 31st october • (9:00 AM – 3:00 PM) Microsoft Gaming Day • The Business of Games Forum • Expert Regional & International Panel Discussions • Local Games Demo • Games Lounge/Tournaments (All Day) • (7:00 PM) Business Ball & Closing Ceremony home, St. Clair • (9:00 PM) AC 'DARK NIGHT' - Screening of Adult 'Dark' Animations home, St. Clair Saturday 1st november TobAGo • (9:30 AM – 11:30 AM) Professionals Round Table Presentation (International AC Guests) Mason hall, Signal hill • (12:00 NOON – 3:00 PM) Animation Workshops • (6:30 PM) Animation Under the Stars Pigeon Point WEEK LONG RUNNING EVENTS • 4 NIGHTS OF ANIMAE CARIBE CINEMA Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday & Friday • (4:30 PM - 7 PM) All submitted animated films for exhibit and in competition will be screened during AC week. “UTT/Animae Caribe Cinema”,Theatre 1, Academy of the Performing Arts All Workshops are free of charge. Registration on the day. See centerfold for more events


T&T’s Animation Army:

Small but Strong By Katrin Callender


teven Spielberg once said “When I was a kid, there was no collaboration; it’s you with a camera bossing your friends around. But as an adult, filmmaking is all about appreciating the talents of the people you surround yourself with and knowing you could never have made any of these films by yourself”. Trinidad and Tobago’s animation industry- young though it may be- is thriving as a result of the collaborative spirit of its stakeholders. One such collaborative group is the Trinidad and Tobago Animation Network (TTAN). A vibrant Industry requires committed, driven individuals, who are well-trained in myriad disciplines, who exhibit professionalism and who demonstrate the ability to produce work that is of the best quality. In Trinidad and Tobago, as well as the wider Caribbean, we certainly do not lack candidates. One need only take the time to peruse the discussion posts or view the Trinidad and Tobago Animation Network’s demo reel to see that these animators have checked every box. TTAN has created a support network among its members, which is immediately evident from the frequency of communication and exchange of ideas on its official Facebook page. Members often post a number of useful animation resources such as video tutorials, links to new or little-known software reviews, local and international animation news and art or animation ex-

amples to stay motivated. The group benefits from the experience of several members such as Matthew Hudson, Brett Lewis, Adrian Nurse, Jonathan Scoon, Michael Richards, Sekani Solomon and Nicholas Maxwell who all have both local and international experience working in 2D and 3D animation, motion-graphics and creature animation for large reputable agencies and movie studios. Most recently TTAN has begun internal collaboration on local commercial projects and even on one or two film, short film and music video projects through the group’s networking efforts. Candid discussions are held with regard began an Animation Challenge initiated by T&T-born but internationally trained animator Adrian Nurse where members were invited to animate a sequence from a selection of audio dialogue. Some members also post samples of their work- completed or in progress- requesting feedback, which they usually receive, and in turn do not hesitate to express their gratitude for the detailed responses and constructive criticism. TTAN members often refine and repost their work, in an environment where frank but respectful critique is welcome and where the aim is a commitment to improvement and excelling in their their craft. This marriage of collaboration and mentorship is a critical case study that can be followed to show how the local and regional animation industry can prepare to take the world stage- with the brilliant and diligent TTAN army of animators, leading the charge.


THANK YOU UTT! Animae Caribe is extremely pleased to have the continuous support of the University of Trinidad and Tobago. Over the years, we have seen this collaboration blossom into a wonderful symbiotic relationship with students and staff directly impacted by the many workshops, international and regional professionals and overall branding of both entities. We look forward to continued partnership as we represent together the most innovative institutions of modern digital media in the Caribbean. Camille Selvon Abrahams Animae Caribe Fetival Founder


Game Focus

at Animation Festival US based ‘Trini’ game producer Shiva Deonarine


Senior Artist EA Game, US ‘Trini’ Caiphus Moore

id you know that ‘Trinis’ are at the helm of some of the leading games companies in the global industry? Shiva Deonarine is a Trinbagonian game producer with experience in games at the AAA level, which is a classification term used for games with the highest development budgets and levels of promotion. He has worked on several projects including the Call of Duty series, High Moon’s Transformers (Fall of Cybertron) and Marvel franchises at Activision and most recently the Gears of War series at Black Tusk Studios at Microsoft. He has spent the last 10 years pursuing his career and has extensive knowledge in project management in games at both development and publishing levels. In addition Caiphus Moore is another Trinbagonian artist who currently resides in Oakland, California. Not only does he have over a decade of experience in game development but he is also very active in the fine art and illustration world. In the gaming industry, he has held lead artist, senior artist and art director roles as well as trained outsourcing teams in various countries. He has spent most of his professional artistic career creating artwork for the video game industry and currently works as a Senior Artist for Electronic Arts (EA). He creates on a variety of mediums, from traditional canvas to 3D sculpting. His current focus is to create a synergy between his love of fine art, gaming and multimedia. These two Trinis are leading the way and a phenomenal inspiration to young games enthusiasts and designers here in Trinidad & Tobago. It is the basis for which Animae Caribe has created a new element in the annual

DreamWorks Jamaal Bradley

festival with focus on the Gaming industry. For the first time at Animae Caribe, Gaming and Game Development will be in focus for an entire day of the festival. With a global worth of US70 billion in 2013, games development is currently one of the most lucrative careers, in some cases outpacing the film industry in turns of potential revenue. Another leading international game industry professional Jamaal Bradley will also be in attendance to Animae Caribe and is slated to give a featured address regarding both games and animation. Jamaal is currently a Supervising Animator at DreamWorks Animation in the Greater Los Angeles area. Over the past 12 years he has worked in feature film and directed video game cinematics. He has used his talents in games such as Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, Golden Eye: Rouge Agent, Team Fortress 2, and Medal of Honor. He has also worked at various studios including Walt Disney Animation, Valve Software, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Electronic Arts. He has been a senior animator on Oscar Nominated films such as, Disney’s Tangled, Puss in Boots, The Croods, Surf’s Up and Monster House. Recently he has finished Supervising Animation on 2014 Penguins of Madagascar and is currently ramping up work on the upcoming Croods 2 for Dreamworks Animation. With support from Microsoft Trinidad and Tobago the Animae Caribe game forum in collaboration with CARIGAMERS is creating a buzz with young digital entrepreneurs. The Business of Gaming Day will take place from 9:00 a.m. on Friday 31st of October at the UTT Academy for Performing Arts Keate Street P.O.S. The day’s activities are open to the public and free of charge. For more info on the annual festival check


The Guerrilla Game Developers of the Caribbean By Janine Charles-Farray


hen flying under the radar as a guerrilla game developer, the best thing that could ever happen to you is that you create a hit game. It’s the big break all independent game developers dream of and eventually you hope that the success will pay off financially. GamePyong is a local, part-time game developer group that has seen its share of success and popularity among several niche mobile and PC gamers in the Caribbean. However, in spite of the success of several of its projects, game development in Trinidad and Tobago remains a severely underfunded industry. In 2009, in his final year at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Akash Harriram released the All Fours Online (AFO) card game, which allowed people from all over the world to connect and play the Caribbean game together. As AFO grew in popularity, it wasn't long before two more of his friends from the University of the West Indies, Reinaldo Novoa and Kris Manohar joined Harriram to form a brand new local game development group - GamePyong. With over a thousand downloads and a 4.2 star rating on the GooglePlay store, All Fours Online, The Trini Card Game is one of the more successful games locally but GamePyong also targets a worldwide audience and has games on many online portals which offer popular play options. “To us it is an indescribable feeling to put something we've created out into the world and have it bring a moment of happiness to someone's life. This is what drives us to keep creating games.” Harriram has been making games ever since he learned how to program. He taught himself game development through countless hours of online research and prototyping. Novoa and Manohar were introduced to game development at UWI via a course called Special Topics in Computer Science: Game Programming. After completing his degree, Manohar later went on to become an instructor at UWI for several courses including the Game Programming course. Manohar also went on to participate in the May 2013 Startup Weekend event where, along with a team of young entrepreneurs, he was awarded the third place start-up idea for their mobile game, Doubles Tycoon – an interactive, time-based simulation game based on the food preparation process of ‘doubles’ - Trinidad and Tobago’s most popular street food. Manohar and his team created the mobile game in 72 hours on the GamePyong platform and Doubles Tycoon spent the following week ranked in the top three most popular games downloaded on the

Google app store. Even with the wild and unexpected success of Doubles Tycoon with over ten thousand downloads and a 3.7 star rating, GamePyong has yet to be picked up by any enterprising investor with an interest in maximizing brand engagement through game development. The lack of sustainable investment has taken its toll on the group. Since its founding in 2009, Harriram remains the sole original member of GamePyong with Josanne La Guerre contributing to GamePyong with her business advice and conceptual game design assistance. Harriram explains, “GamePyong was always a part-time endeavour for the original three members as they all had jobs and other responsibilities. In late 2013, the members decided to split up with the possibility of coming together once again in the future.” The existing team members are no less passionate about their craft. “GamePyong has developed many games for several different platforms over the years. Some of them are: Simplicity, Card Pyong, Til Death, Proto, Sky Legend, Super Grocer, Crates and Monkory.” “Back in our UWI days, GamePyong members used to come together and brainstorm random ideas. Many games emanated from this process including Card Pyong which is an online virtual deck of cards that can be used to play almost any card game in the world.” “After coming up with an idea that excited us, we would usually build prototypes to ensure that the mechanics of the game were fun. We kept iterating on the prototypes before building the final product. Sometimes we found that the prototype wasn't as fun as we initially thought it would be and in such cases we usually threw out the prototype and started over with a new idea.” Unsurprisingly, when asked about the challenges facing Caribbean game developers today, Harriram mentioned financing and a lack of investment in game development. However, he also stressed the importance of Caribbean mobile or PC games focusing on the authentic Caribbean experience. “The problem with game development in T&T is that the industry is more or less non-existent here and getting local companies to see the potential of investing in games is difficult. But, the great thing about developing games in T&T is the amount of untapped potential that exists here.” “GamePyong does not solely focus on developing games that target a local audience. Our culture is rich with characters and folklore and that make for a great platform on which to create unique game experiences. We've tried to highlight local culture with games like Jumbies Ate My Brother and All Fours Online.”

In spite of the challenges, Harriram remains optimistic. “It is our dream that the game development industry takes off in a big way in T&T. It can start small with an indie scene, game jams and meet ups.” He hopes that the youth of T&T who may see an opportunity in the gaming industry do not get discouraged and take these first efforts of GamePyong as inspiration for the future. “Look beyond the boundaries of what you're being taught in school. If you're really passionate about learning to make games, there are thousands of articles and tutorials available for free online from which you can benefit.” “Once you've created your first game, don't stop. Keep creating games and share them with everyone you know, even if you don't think the game is very good. You will inevitably get better at game development and the games you're churning out will improve over time. Never stop learning.”

All Fours Trini Card Game

Akash Harriram and Josanne La Guerre

Jumbies Ate My Brother

Sky Legend Game

Til Death Game

Monkory Super Grocer Game

Proto Game


Trini Game


EA Games

"My fine art skills help me daily with my job as a video game artist. The computer is just another tool; like a paintbrush or welding torch. Having a solid foundation in aiphus Moore is extremely optimistic about anatomy, colour theory, composition and basic art fundathe gaming industry possibilities in the mentals translates a thousand times over to 3D and game Caribbean. development.” "Why not? The gaming industry is global. You have com“Learning the computer is far easier than creating art in panies in Sweden turning out AAA titles… my company a traditional sense for the simple fact that on the computer has offices worldwide, so why not the Caribbean? If India there is an “undo” button! Work hard at the craft of fine can be a hotbed for engineers, if the Philippines can be the art and it will make game development that much easier." new location for call centers, why can't the Caribbean be Aside from creating artwork for games, he has conthe epicentre for video game talent?" tributed his voice talents as well. His most recent accomThese encouraging words come from a Trinidad-born plishments include: Sims 3, Gods and Heroes, Golden Eye and internationally trained artist who has spent most of his professional career creating artwork for the video game in- 2, Medal of Honour: Breakthrough, and many others. Moore is also the artist behind the character design of the dustry and currently works as a Senior Artist for Elecfirst ever black default character in the 2014 'The Sims 4' tronic Arts Games (EA). PC game by EA. Moore brings over 15 years of video game industry ex"When I started in the Industry perience to the multiin 96’ I was the ONLY person of media arena. He has worked for major video My fine art skills help me daily with my colour in my company. It wasn’t game publishers like job as a video game artist. The computer until 2011 that I had an art director/boss that was of colour. I Konami, Looking Glass, is just another tool; like a paintbrush or would jump for joy anytime I saw and Locomotive Games welding torch. someone that looked like me… (a THQ company) and let alone another Trinidadian! So has created games for this (visit to Animae Caribe) literthe Playstation 1, ally brings tears to my eyes and I am so happy and thankful Playstation 2, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, Xbox, and PC. for the opportunity to share my stories, joys, heart aches A painting graduate of the Maryland Institute, College of and pains with you all.” Art, Moore has always been inspired by the natural human His connection to the Caribbean and specifically form. He creates on a variety of mediums; from traditional Trinidad and Tobago is particularly special. He is the canvas to 3D sculpting. His current focus is to create a synergy between his love nephew of Kwame Ture, also known as Stokely Carmichael who was a Trinidadian-American activist of the 1960's Civil of fine art, gaming and multimedia. Through Animae Caribe, Moore will be returning home to both share his in- Rights Movement, and later, the global Pan-African movement. sight and experience with local and regional audiences on Moore explains, "I would come to Trinidad many times the gaming industry and learn more about the animation to partake in the Emancipation Festivals on behalf of my and gaming environment. family and in honour of my uncle, Stokely His unique experience in both fine art as well as gaming Carmichael/Kwame Ture. So it’s unbelievable that this time will make for an interesting feature presentation from I get to return for something based on my own merit and which regional illustrators and game developers can learn achievements. I’m in awe." much. By Janine Charles-Farray



His intent is to see more content coming out of the Caribbean and to contribute to the development of the region. "I don’t want it to stop with just Anime Caribe. I want to see games, apps, classes and curriculums all coming out the Caribbean that show the amazing diversity and colourful stories of our culture! His advice to Caribbean game developers is "Believe in yourself and your culture! You can become successful and accomplished if you just roll up your sleeves and put the time into your craft. Being from a Caribbean family, I fully understand that the title ‘game developer’ doesn’t sound as fancy as doctor, lawyer or banker. It took a long time for my family to realize that I truly had a career and that it was more than just, “My nephew does make Atari.” Working in this industry has taken me to Japan, China and The Philippines… ESPN headquarters, NBA All-Star Weekend, The United Kingdom and even pilot lessons in an airplane!" His artwork consists of fine art with a focus on figure painting. His current goal is to firmly establish his fine art career and to continue to create professional artwork for AAA video games.

Moore will give a special feature address on the Business Gaming Day of Animae Caribe 2014. See the official schedule at the centrefold and reverse centrefold of this magazine!


Young Dynamos in

Animation By Katrin Callender


ccording to Carl Jung, “There is rarely a creative man who does not have to pay a high price for the divine spark of his great gift.” This year, “Young Dynamos” looks at the careers of two industry professionals and two graduates of UTT’s Diploma in Animation programme.These young men know what it means to give of their best to produce great work.

Nicholas Maxwell

Maxwell got his start as part of a production house responsible for a Nestle Dairy Dairy commercial, and was later able to show his abilities working alone on a White Oak television commercial. But it was lending his expertise to commercials for KFC that yielded rewards in the form of positive feedback from his peers. For Maxwell, it “Felt great… getting a couple awards

and recognition from my Industry.” Like many artists, he admits that he often works 24/7. However, the extremely self-motivated Maxwell is committed to achieving great things. He says, “I continue to do what I love. My outlook on life is that there is fun in learning and you just have to understand that you just gotta eat Crix sometimes- big up to Crix dem.”

Christopher Denzil Boxill

Christopher Boxill is a graduate of UTT’s Diploma in Animation programme. During the two years he studied Animation, Boxill learned traditional Animation techniques and was introduced to a host of software programs that he ultimately used to create his film, In Curious. Boxill, whose phenomenal illustrations were often admired by his classmates, now works at Lab 206 animation studios in Trinidad. While not feeling as though he made tremendous sacrifices, Boxill says he “was focused on what he wanted and…is still working to get himself there.” With regard to his future plans, Boxill notes, “I guess I’m looking to create my own story, have it made into a twenty minute short. I want to teach too.”

Ramon Granderson

Fabien Kong

Animator, Fabien Kong “always loved to draw and sketch and was fascinated with cartoons” because of the way they moved and because of the imagination demonstrated by the stories told. Kong began his career at Advanced Dynamics Ltd., and is today the Lead Animator and Head of Production at Lab 206 Studios where, he says “It’s awesome to be collaborating with this band of talented lunatics.” Kong’s resume includes work on the 2010 T&T short film “Dirty Clothes” by Dawn Pirthiesingh, as well as corporate assignments. And his journey has required him to make sacrifices. “What did I not give up? You name it: love, friends, health, time, money.” Even so, he has also enjoyed success. “I have been surprised by the enormous acceptance of the Carnival Mas band ‘Tribe’ t-shirt logo I designed for their 10th Anniversary. The feedback that I get (on my work) is that it’s really amazing.”

A year two student of UTT’s Diploma in Animation, Ramon Granderson is the winner of the People’s Choice Award for his student film, ‘Chemical Wings’. Granderson worked on this five minute film for two years without the assistance of a team of animators. He states, “Animating the entire film alone was a lot of work but it was a choice I made”. Of his victory he says, “Winner or not, putting in the hard work… never giving up… and completing the film were my reward.” Granderson, who has “been painting, drawing and sculpting from the age of three” continues to explore new artistic forms to express himself. He declares, “I love art and I will not ever stop creating…” In the future, Granderson hopes to become “an Art teacher…or teacher in the creative field.”


An mated

Lad es

kylie homer

samantha farmer

tsiane foster

By Katrin Callender


he song “Let it Go” from Disney’s animated feature film, Frozen is loved by audiences worldwide.The idea of lead character ‘Elsa’ creating a home, in the space of her choice, using only her bare hands and her natural talent-is a powerful concept and one which resonates for some upcoming starlets of the animation industry. The following highlights two female animators who are graduates from the Diploma in Animation at the UTT John S. Donaldson Creative Campus and who are fast becoming formidable forces within the Trinidad and Tobago animation industry.

KyLiE HomEr 3D phenomenon, Kylie Homer is a critical member of the team at Full Circle animation studio as one of the lead 3D designers. Mentored by Full Circle Founder and Caribbean animation pioneer, Camille Selvon-Abrahams, she is also an essential part in shaping the industry regionally through her work with the “Animating the Caribbean” programme. According to Homer, the initiative is one which facilitates workshops to introduce youth in the Caribbean to animation and which “promotes a sense of community and (encourages youth to) explore future opportunities .” Since the start of the programme, Homer has enjoyed seeing her students thrive under her tutelage. “I hope that …it provides hope for those who want an artistic career. I hope to show young girls that they can enter what is generally viewed as a male field”. SAmAnTHA FArmEr Samantha Farmer is a graduate of UTT’s Diploma in Animation programme. Farmer’s skill with Maya, the software used in 3D animation classes at UTT, encouraged her to get into the fields of 3D Printing and Projection. Farmer enjoyed learning about 3D printing. “3D printing to me was the highlight of being a 3D artist; to actually have your creation in a physical dimension was, for want of a better word – epic.” It was in another class that Farmer was introduced to projection. Her success in the course resulted in being hand-picked by the course lecturer for future employment. “Projection is such a broad word… it can mean a lot. Is it mapping a building? Is it a movie? Are we just making this building or area light up ... Or is it going to be interactive? ... I personally think that it’s growing in popularity and I see it becoming a fixture in today’s Business and Entertainment sectors.” Farmer continues to refine her gifts in her free time and is inspired by self-motivated artists who do what they love. For Farmer, “(Art) gives hope in this suit-clad world.” other dynamic Ladies of Animation (Special mention):TSiAnE FoSTEr and CLiviA viALvA. Clivia vialva


TUESDAY SCREENING FUNFLIGHT DIRECTOR: Jiri Hanzlicek WRITER: Jiri Hanzlicek TITLE: Stěrka/Wiper DURATION: 07:30 Mins COUNTRY: Czech Republic DIRECTOR: Sergei Dragunov WRITER: Sergei Dragunov TITLE: Flowerman DURATION: 08:18 Mins COUNTRY: Estonia DIRECTOR: Kai-Ting Yang WRITER: Kai-Ting Yang TITLE: So Close So Far DURATION: 06:26 Mins COUNTRY: Taiwan DIRECTOR: Tatiana Moshkova, Marina Moshkova WRITER: Tatiana Moshkova, Marina Moshkova TITLE: The Wires DURATION: 06:21 Mins COUNTRY: Russia DIRECTOR: Tatiana Moshkova, Marina Moshkova WRITER: Tatiana Moshkova, Marina Moshkova TITLE: Together DURATION: 03:14 Mins COUNTRY: Russia DIRECTOR: Mark Evan WRITER: Mark Evana TITLE: A Thousand Cranes DURATION: 03:45 Mins COUNTRY: Singapore DIRECTOR: Daniel Jacome WRITER: Daniel Jacome TITLE: Cincopata DURATION: 04:01 Mins COUNTRY: Ecuador DIRECTOR: Zara Abraham WRITER: Zara Abraham TITLE: Hathi DURATION: 06:47 Mins COUNTRY: USA DIRECTOR: Danny Clark WRITER: Danny Clark TITLE: Amazing Adventure DURATION: 03:21 Mins COUNTRY: USA DIRECTOR: Anna Blaszczyk WRITER: Anna Blaszczyk TITLE: Trzej Krolowie DURATION: 08:09 Mins COUNTRY: Poland DIRECTOR: Mohammad Reza Gholami WRITER: Mohammad Reza TITLE: The Beggar DURATION: 03:48 Mins COUNTRY: Afghanistan DIRECTOR: Stepan Koval WRITER: Stepan Koval TITLE: Black Soil DURATION: 04:02 Mins COUNTRY: Ukraine DIRECTOR: Oksana Nesenenko WRITER: Svetlana Konoschuk TITLE: Cossacks tale of Yakym, virgs and tsar Klyuk DURATION: 04:30 Mins COUNTRY: Ukraine DIRECTOR: Andre Sterchille WRITER: Andre Sterchille TITLE: The God of Fire DURATION: 01:45 Mins

COUNTRY: Brazil DIRECTOR: Luca Fattore WRITER: Luca Fattore TITLE: BZz DURATION: 01:26 Mins COUNTRY: Denmark DIRECTOR: Dmitry Vysotskiy WRITER: Dmitry Vysotskiy TITLE: Pik Pik Pik DURATION: 03:40 Mins COUNTRY: Russian Federation DIRECTOR: Andrey Sokolov WRITER: Andrey Sokolov TITLE: A stranger among icebergs DURATION: 13:25 Mins COUNTRY: Russia DIRECTOR: Ismael Lito & WRITER: Gabriel Calegario TITLE: Ismael Lito Paleolito DURATION: 06:20 Mins COUNTRY: Brazil DIRECTOR: Carlos De Carvalho WRITER: Carlos De Carvalho TITLE: Juste De L'eau DURATION: 04:42 Mins COUNTRY: France DIRECTOR: Luca Zuberbühler WRITER: Luca Zuberbühler TITLE: Lothar DURATION: 13:20 Mins COUNTRY: Germany DIRECTOR: Robert Löbel WRITER: Robert Löbel TITLE: Wind DURATION: 03:49 Mins COUNTRY: Germany DIRECTOR: Yanlai Chen WRITER: Yanlai Chen TITLE: The Wedding Letter DURATION: 1:23 Mins COUNTRY: China DIRECTOR: Nadia Meezen WRITER: Nadia Meezen TITLE: Bears on the Road DURATION: 04:07 Mins COUNTRY: The Netherlands DIRECTOR: Brad Pattullo WRITER: Brad Pattullo TITLE: Indian Ate The Woodchuck DURATION: 04:00 MIns COUNTRY: USA DIRECTOR: Nicolás Conte WRITER: Nicolás Conte TITLE: Yo te quiero! DURATION: 08:10 Mins COUNTRY: Argentina DIRECTOR: Agnieszka Waszczeniuk WRITER: Agnieszka Waszczeniuk TITLE: Coquetry, or how women seduce DURATION: 03:21 Mins COUNTRY: Poland DIRECTOR: Balder Westein WRITER: Balder Westein TITLE: Pommes Frites DURATION: 02:10 Mins COUNTRY: The Netherlands DIRECTOR: Colorbleed Animation Studios WRITER: Colorbleed Animation Studios

TITLE: Mac n Cheese - Supermarket DURATION: 02:50 Mins COUNTRY: The Netherlands DIRECTOR: Ratchaneekorn Uthaithammarat WRITER: Ratchaneekorn Uthaithammarat TITLE: Luukmaai (little seed) DURATION: 04:14 Mins COUNTRY: Thailand DIRECTOR: Joost Lieuwma WRITER: Joost Lieuwma TITLE: Leaving Home DURATION: 06:38 Mins COUNTRY: The Netherlands DIRECTOR: Sharron Mirsky WRITER: Sharron Mirsky TITLE: Blackout DURATION: 04:00 Mins COUNTRY: Canada DIRECTOR: Rosana Urbes WRITER: Rosana Urbes, Thiago Minamisawa and Bruno H. Castro TITLE: Guida DURATION: 11:18 Mins COUNTRY: Brazil DIRECTOR: Thomas Fraser WRITER: Thomas Fraser TITLE: Avocado Bear DURATION: 05:09 Mins COUNTRY: UK DIRECTOR: Joseph Szokoli WRITER: Joseph Szokoli TITLE: Parcel Quest DURATION: 02:00 Mins COUNTRY: USA DIRECTOR: Michael Altman & Anne Yang WRITER: Michael Altman & Anne Yang TITLE: Broken Wand DURATION: 03:13 Mins COUNTRY: USA DIRECTOR: Sonja Dumas WRITER: Sonja Dumas TITLE: Avocado and Zaboca DURATION: 04:36 Mins COUNTRY: Trinidad and Tobago DIRECTOR: Agnieszka Waszczeniuk WRITER: Agnieszka Waszczeniuk TITLE: You sometimes come here DURATION: 05:02 Mins COUNTRY: Poland WEDNESDAY SCREENING PROTEST DIRECTOR: Beto Prado WRITER: Beto Prado TITLE: School of Crime DURATION: 02:36 Mins COUNTRY: Australia DIRECTOR: Adam Schachner WRITER: Adam Schachner TITLE: The Old People Museum DURATION: 04:53 Mins COUNTRY: Canada DIRECTOR: Berin Tuzlić WRITER: Berin Tuzlić TITLE: Phonies DURATION: 03:26 Mins COUNTRY: Bosnia and Herzegovina DIRECTOR: He Zong-Han WRITER: He Zong-Han

TITLE: Watch Watch DURATION: 06:14 Mins COUNTRY: Taiwan (R.O.C.) DIRECTOR: Petre Tomadze WRITER: Petre Tomadze TITLE: Love Hurts DURATION: 02:32 Mins COUNTRY: Republic of Georgia DIRECTOR: Christophe Gautry WRITER: Christophe Gautry TITLE: l'arbre maigre (Skinny tree) DURATION: 06:00 Mins COUNTRY: France and China DIRECTOR: Min Jeong Kim, Hyun Min Kim, Chae Min Park, So Young Ahn, Ji Yeon Yu TITLE: I'm happy DURATION: 12:49 Mins COUNTRY: South Korea DIRECTOR: Tatiana Moshkova, Nino Kavtaradze WRITER: Nino Kavtaradze TITLE: Big Bang DURATION: 01:30 Mins COUNTRY: Russia, Georgia DIRECTOR: Anna Milovanova WRITER: Anna Milovanova TITLE: Passage DURATION: 00:33 Mins COUNTRY: UK DIRECTOR: Valerie Chang WRITER: Valerie Chang TITLE: Pepe Luu DURATION: 04:52 Mins COUNTRY: The Netherlands DIRECTOR: Christian Stahl WRITER: Madleen Kamrath, Julien Wilkens, JensHenrik Kuiper TITLE: 20Zwoelf DURATION: 03:34 Mins COUNTRY: Germany DIRECTOR: Barbara Marheineke WRITER: Barbara Marheineke, Susanne Mikulski TITLE: Grünes Gold DURATION: 13:10 COUNTRY: Germany DIRECTOR: Hannes Rall WRITER: Hannes Rall TITLE: Das Kalte Herz DURATION: 29:05 Mins COUNTRY: Germany DIRECTOR: Anna Ottlik WRITER: Anna Ottlik TITLE: Way Out DURATION: 05:38 Mins COUNTRY: Hungary DIRECTOR: Liwei Chiu WRITER: Liwei Chiu TITLE: Weather Boy! Ep05 DURATION: 22:24 Mins COUNTRY: Taiwan DIRECTOR: Liwei Chiu WRITER: Liwei Chiu TITLE: Weather Boy! Ep07 DURATION: 22:12 Mins COUNTRY: Taiwan DIRECTOR: Aleksey Balashov WRITER: Collective work TITLE: Suddenly our life changed DURATION: 02:52 Mins COUNTRY: Ukraine

DIRECTOR: Jorn Leeuwerink WRITER: Jorn Leeuwerink TITLE: The Sheep Shop DURATION: 03:17 Mins COUNTRY: The Netherlands DIRECTOR: Manuela Buske WRITER: Manuela Buske TITLE: Die Spinnerin DURATION: 04:45 Mins COUNTRY: Germany DIRECTOR: Anna Shepilova WRITER: Anna Shepilova, Alexander Molchanov TITLE: Golden Eggs DURATION: 08:00 Mins COUNTRY: Russia DIRECTOR: Esther Casas WRITER: Juan Bissone, Samina Virani & Eugene the Poogene TITLE: Creamen DURATION: 11:00 Mins COUNTRY: SPAIN & USA DIRECTOR: Tatiana Poliektova, Olga Poliektova WRITER: Tatiana Poliektova, Olga Poliektova TITLE: Quagga DURATION: 01:59 Mins COUNTRY: Russia, UK DIRECTOR: 23. Wesley Nicholls WRITER: Wesley Nicholls TITLE: Public Awareness ad 45 DURATION: 00:45 Mins COUNTRY: Trinidad DIRECTOR: Zarah Knebel WRITER: Zarah Knebel TITLE: El Color De Leo DURATION: 14:28 Mins COUNTRY: Spain THURSDAY SCREENING ART DIRECTOR: Rob Verdino WRITER: Rob Verdino TITLE: Crossing Lanes DURATION: 03:00 Mins COUNTRY: USA DIRECTOR: María Cristina Pérez WRITER: María Cristina Pérez TITLE: Añejo DURATION: 09:20 Mins COUNTRY: Colombia DIRECTOR: Sylwia Kubus WRITER: Sylwia Kubus TITLE: Hemp Lullaby DURATION: 02:13 Mins COUNTRY: Germany DIRECTOR: Oleg Fedchenko WRITER: Oleg Fedchenko TITLE: Guests at my Home DURATION: 05:05 Mins COUNTRY: Ukraine DIRECTOR: Zofia Dabrowska WRITER: Zofia Dabrowska TITLE: The Sea DURATION: 005:00 Mins COUNTRY: Poland DIRECTOR: Mashaallah Mohammadi WRITER: Mashaallah Mohammadi TITLE: Ax DURATION: 03:12 Mins COUNTRY: Iran DIRECTOR: Jill Johnston WRITER: Jill Johnston

TITLE: Don't Be Afraid of Bears DURATION: 03:26 Mins COUNTRY: USA DIRECTOR: Dana Sink WRITER: Dana Sink TITLE: Love Ball: Ball on Fire DURATION: 03:36 Mins COUNTRY: USA DIRECTOR: Tatiana Moshkova, Marina Moshkova WRITER: Tatiana Moshkova, Marina Moshkova TITLE: Night Lights DURATION: 01:00 Mins COUNTRY: Russia DIRECTOR: Kamila Kucikova WRITER: Kamila Kucikova TITLE: In Line DURATION: 03:57 Mins COUNTRY: Slovakia DIRECTOR: Max Hattler WRITER: Max Hattler TITLE: A Very Large Increase in the Size, Amount, or Importance of Something Over a Very Short Period of Time DURATION: 02:00 Mins COUNTRY: Russia, UK, Germany DIRECTOR: Max Hattler WRITER: Max Hattler TITLE: Stop the Show DURATION: 01:00 Mins COUNTRY: Russia, UK, Germany DIRECTOR: Breanna Cheek WRITER: Breanna Cheek TITLE: Fallow DURATION: 04:04 Mins COUNTRY: Canada DIRECTOR: Brandon Lake WRITER: Brandon Lake TITLE: Tin DURATION: 06:55 Mins COUNTRY: USA DIRECTOR: Trygve Nielsen WRITER: Trygve Nielsen TITLE: The Cowboy - In Color DURATION: 06:42 Mins COUNTRY: Norway DIRECTOR: Tran Thi Huyen Tran WRITER: Tran Thi Huyen Tran TITLE: Apples DURATION: 00:56 Mins COUNTRY: Singapore DIRECTOR: Diego Akel WRITER: Diego Akel TITLE: Flows DURATION: 02:42 Mins COUNTRY: Brazil DIRECTOR: Po-Yen Wang WRITER: Po-Yen Wang TITLE: The Voyage (In the End: The Beginning) DURATION: 06:37 Mins COUNTRY: Taiwan DIRECTOR: Walter Volbers WRITER: Walter Volbers TITLE: Mite DURATION: 03:38 Mins COUNTRY: Germany DIRECTOR: Masanobu Hiraoka WRITER: Masanobu Hiraoka TITLE: Land DURATION: 03:41 Mins

COUNTRY: Japan DIRECTOR: Rebecca Blöcher WRITER: Rebecca Blöcher TITLE: Quälen DURATION: 04:03 Mins COUNTRY: Germany DIRECTOR: Xaver Xylophon WRITER: Xaver Xylophon TITLE: Roadtrip DURATION: 22:03 Mins COUNTRY: Germany DIRECTOR: Philipp Artus WRITER: Philipp Artus TITLE: Snail Trail DURATION: 03:00 Mins COUNTRY: Germany DIRECTOR: Lucette Braune WRITER: Lucette Braune TITLE: Through You DURATION: 07:55 Mins COUNTRY: The Netherlands DIRECTOR: Liga Steda WRITER: Liga Steda TITLE: Sadness Cosmo DURATION: 01:11 Mins COUNTRY: UK DIRECTOR: Ada Polcyn WRITER: Ada Polcyn TITLE: Ever After DURATION: 04:43 Mins COUNTRY: UK DIRECTOR: Konrad Peszko WRITER: Konrad Peszko TITLE: Collector DURATION: 03:04 Mins COUNTRY: Poland DIRECTOR: Michal Spiegelglas & Inbal Ochyon WRITER: Michal Spiegelglas & Inbal Ochyon TITLE: In Her Footsteps DURATION: 07:45 Mins COUNTRY: Israel DIRECTOR: Natalia Ryss WRITER: Natalia Ryss TITLE: The Catfish and the Moon DURATION: 06:18 Mins COUNTRY: Russia DIRECTOR: Diego Dada WRITER: Diego Dada, Fabio Scarselli TITLE: Cantarella DURATION: 08:20 Mins COUNTRY: Italy DIRECTOR: Nai-Wei Liu WRITER: Nai-Wei Liu TITLE: Something Important DURATION: 07:16 Mins COUNTRY: USA DIRECTOR: Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet & Joris Clerté WRITER: Olivia Rosenthal TITLE: La nuit américaine d'Angélique DURATION: 07:25 Mins COUNTRY: France DIRECTOR: Wojciech Wojtkowski WRITER: Wojciech Wojtkowski TITLE: Ex Animo DURATION: 06:52 Mins COUNTRY: Poland



MoN 27Th ocT

TuES 28Th ocT

WED 29Th ocT

ThuR 30Th ocT

FRI 31ST ocT



DIGITAl MEDIA STuDENT FoRuM university of Trinidad & Tobago John D creativity campus







buSINESS pANEl The Business of Animation as it relates to positioning and capitalizing on regional and global opportunities for the Caribbean.

ThE buSINESS oF GAMES FoRuM MIcRoSoFT Animae Caribe and CARIGAMERS Platform. Embracing Gaming as a Feature for the Future. Acknowledging gaming to be the most lucrative sector in digital media industry it is now a constant in the festival.

*pRoFESSIoNAlS RouND TAblE pRESENTATIoN MASoN hAll, SIGNAl hIll (9.30am -11.30am)


International guests give a brief overview of their career and workday at Disney, Turner Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network etc


*FEATuRE ADDRESS 1 – bruce Smith Diversity Among ‘The Giants’ (9am- 10.00am) Best known as the creator of Disney Channel's The Proud Family. Bruce studied animation at California Institute of the Arts. One of the few Black animators working in the industry, in 1998 he joined Walt Disney Feature Animation and served as a supervising animator on Tarzan, The Emperor's New Groove, Home on the Range and The Princess and the Frog.

INTERAcTIVE DISplAYS/DEMoS Microsoft Guardian Media FCB Booth Art Society Display T&T Film Company Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism Creative TT CARIGAMERS Platform North Eleven Display UTT ICT & Animation Display ScREENING John D creativity campus cinema (9am-4pm) Cinema open for screening featuring Animations from around the world. UTT and UWI student’s animations will also be screened with filmmakers present for a Q/A session. opENING GAlA &ScREENING. 7pM And screening UTT NAPA Foyer and Chinese restaurant (Special Invites Only)

*FEATuRE ADDRESS 2 – Tobias von burkersroda Animating a hit Show (10.15-11.15am) 3D Animation Director ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’ at the Cartoon Network Development Studio Europe. The top-rated animated series reaches over 115 million viewers worldwide. It has been honoured with 24 awards including 1 Emmy. Attendees will get a full overview of the show’s production workflow with an emphasis on its incredible animation process! *FEATuRE ADDRESS 3 – Jamaal bradley “Acting out Your life: A path in Animation” (11:30pm-12.30pm) With years of experience at DreamWorks, Jamaal reviews his journey as an animator and discuss how students and upcoming artist can navigate the waters of learning and becoming an animator. He will screen his work as well as some of the processes involved. *bREAK ouT SESSIoNS Ac Room1/2/3/ (1:15pm-4pm) • Style Diversity – Tobias von Burkersroda ‘Amazing Gumball’ elaborates the many animation techniques used for the hit show. • Appealing character Design and other Fun Anecdotes - Bruce Smith ‘Princess and the Frog‘ • content creation - Jamaal Bradley ‘Supervising Animator at DreamWorks Animation’

*FEATuRE ADDRESS 1 – Rogerio Nunes The Art of Animation (9am- 10.00am) Brazilian artist independent animator & producer. Rogerio has directed and produced animated documentaries, and artistic animations for visual arts projects. He is currently producing the Heart of Darkness project for a feature animated film inspired on Joseph Conrad's novel.

Ac DISplAY booThS NApA Foyer

FEATuRE ADDRESS John D creativity campus cinema Richard Pursel – Sponge Bob Tobias von Burkersroda– Amazing World of Gumball 2 SESSIONS 11.00 am -12am And 12.10am – 1.10pm

Ac DISplAY booThS NApA Foyer

2014 FESTIVAl SchEDulE (9am-4pm) WoRKShopS- Ac Room1/2/3/4 (half hour sessions 9am-4pm) Corretta Singer/3D Printing Microsoft Touch/Games ICT Fun Features TTAN Workshops/ 3D Special Effects 3D Animation Workshop Traditional Animation Workshop Stop Motion Animation Workshop

*FEATuRE ADDRESS 2 – caiphus Moore Fine Artists and their Role in the Gaming Industry (10.15-11.15pm) The Fine Art of Animation & Gaming a surprising platform for fine artists. Hear how a ‘Trini’ Fine Artist became a senior designer at EA Games with several games behind him, Simms, and much more. *FEATuRE ADDRESS 3 – Shilpa Ranade, India culture & Art in Animation (11:30pm-12.30pm) Shilpa Ranade teaches Animation at IDC, IIT Bombay. She completed her MPhil in Animation from the Royal College of Art, London and has directed short animation films for Channel4 UK. Her films won accolades in some of the most prestigious animation festivals. She has also illustrated numerous books for children. *Ac 14 SpEcIAl Screenings – Shilpa Ranade, Indian Film, Director Present for Q/A. ‘Goopi & bagha’ are two wise fools, one lives to sing & the other to play the drum. Despite their acute ineptness, their passion for music knows no bounds. *bREAK ouT SESSIoNS Ac Room1/2/3/ (1:15pm-4pm) • Fine Art of Animation & Gaming - Caiphus Moore ‘Games Designer EA Games & SIMMS 2’ • 3D Jewelry Design Workshop - Coretta Singer ‘Jamaican Animation Network’ • Storyboarding Workshop - Richard Pursel ‘Spongebob Square Pants’

*uTT ApA FoYER (9am -4pm) A space to meet and network and have a ‘cuppa coffee’ during the event.

*uTT ApA FoYER (9am-4pm) A space to meet and network and have a ‘cuppa coffee’ during the event.

*Ac 14 SpEcIAl ScREENINGS. 4.30-6pM NAPA Theatre 1 Celebrating Our Own, Christopher Guinness – Screening and Directors Chat

*Ac 14 SpEcIAl ScREENINGS 4.30-6pM - NAPA Theatre 1. Common Wealth Connection Screening. Under the patronage of the British High Commission



INDIAN hIGh coMMISSIoN RESIDENcE. 7pM (TBC) Feature Address: Bill Dennis Indian Animation (Special Invites Only) Adventures of Goopi & Bagha by Shilpa Ranade (Special Invited Guests)

*ZooMWooZ lIVE cINEMA AT bIG blAcK boX. 7pM Live-cinema performance and installation works where various artistic disciplines, theatre, live video, comic, animation, shadow play are mixed with live-camera paper models and actors. Imagine a film being made where you can see ‘the making of’ all at the same time. Venue TBC

*GlobAl pERSpEcTIVE 9am – 10.45am SpEAKER 1 - Max Howard - Studio Head Executive (Turner/Disney/DreamWorks) Creating a regional platform for global collaborations SpEAKER 2 – Joan Vogelesang (Animation Industry Expert) Global Overview of the Business of Animation Q&A *REGIoNAl pERSpEcTIVE 11am–12.45am SpEAKER 1 - Jason Lindsay (Managing Director Full Circle Animation T&T) Perspective of the Regional Animation Industry SpEAKER 2 - Corretta Singer President Jamaican Animation Network SpEAKER 3 - Rogerio Nunes Director of Karmatique Imgs Brazil. Latin American Perspective. Q&A bREAK *locAl pERSpEcTIVE (1.30am-3pm) • TTAN & JAN – Trinidad & Tobago Animation Network, Jamaica Animation Network Country Overview • Ryan Khan, oliver Milne & c Guiness Using Animation in Modern Day Media *Ac NETWoRK hoT SpoTS uTT ApA FoYER (3pm-5pm) A space to meet and network and have a ‘cuppa coffee’ during the event. • MAKING ThE DEAl louNGE - A meeting space for one on one discussions • STuDIo ShoWcASE hAll – An interactive display where studios can display promote their business *uTT ApA FoYER (9am -4pm) A space to meet and network and have a ‘cuppa coffee’ during the event. *Ac 14 SpEcIAl ScREENINGS. 4.30-6pM - NAPA Theatre 2 Norwegian Animation from University of Volda Norway *ANIMAE cARIbE ScREENING oF INTERNATIoNAl SubMISSIoNS. 6.00-7pM NETWoRKING pARTY MIcRoSoFT RooFTop. 7pM In collaboration with Microsoft Trinidad to celebrate the Business of Animation ‘let your hair down’ chiller Lime.

pANEl DIScuSSIoNS *REGIoNAl GAME pANEl 1: 9.30am – 11.30am Local Panel discussing and Demo of Three Games Created by Local Game Developers and Q/A Session 2. A Berahazar – ‘Antilles’ 3. Victor Dollabaille – ‘Tiny Island Studies’ *GAMES EXpERT pANEl 2: 11.45am – 12.30pm Overview of the industry and their role in the big picture. caiphus A. Moore US Based Trini Games Designer EA Games The Sims 4 Shiva Deonarine US based Trini Games Producer & Developer Call of Duty, High Moon’s Transformers (Fall of Cybertron) and Marvel franchises at Activision

*ANIMATIoN WoRKKShopS MASoN hAll, SIGNAl hIll (12pm -3pm) • Stop Motion • Games Design • 3D Projection • 2D Demo • Character Design • 3D Animation Demo • TTAN Demo and Workshops • UTT Animation Students Demo • UTT Game Design Demo • UTT Motion Capture Demo

• Stop Motion • Games Design • 3D Projection • 2D Demo • Character Design • 3D Animation Demo • TTAN Demo and Workshops • UTT Animation Students Demo • UTT Animation Students Game Design Demo • UTT Animation Students Motion Capture Demo *Ac ScREENING oF ANIMATIoNS FRoM 2014 SubMISSIoNS


ANIMAE cARIbE TobAGo cloSING GAlA. 6.00-7pM

ThA cocKTAIl REcEpTIoN. 7pM Post Screening cocktail reception. In collaboration with the Tobago House of Assembly and part of Tobago Art Week.

TobAGo SpEcIAl cloSING MAGDAlENA GRAND RESoRT. 7pM Screening and Award Cocktail reception to close the AC Tobago Edition.

*All DAY • Competition • Microsoft Demo • Local Games Demo • Tournament • Displays *Ac NETWoRK hoT SpoTS uTT ApA FoYER: 3.30pm-4.30pm A space to meet and network and have a ‘cuppa coffee’ during the event. • SpEED NETWoRKING – 5 min opportunity to interact with established companies • STuDIo ShoWcASE hAll – An interactive display where studios can display promote their business *uTT ApA FoYER (9am-4pm) A space to meet and network and have a ‘cuppa coffee’ during the event. *ANIMAE cARIbE ScREENING oF INTERNATIoNAl SubMISSIoNS FoR 2014. 6.00-7pM NAPA Theatre 2 cloSING AWARD GAlA. 7pM Caribbean Animation Business Ball to end to the business. Awards & 3D Projection Display. (Special Invited Guests) *DARK NIGhT. 7pM - Dark and adult animation screenings in costumes for a fantastic night of animations under the Halloween moon. HOME 6 Scott Street St Clair

EVENT IS opEN To ThE publIc


FRIDAY SCREENING WEIRDISH DIRECTOR: Escarla Abrue & Mikhael Villegas WRITER: Escarla Abrue & Mikhael Villegas TITLE: 92 Dreamin' DURATION: 03:35 Mins COUNTRY: USA DIRECTOR: Ji Inn Jung WRITER: Ji Inn Jung TITLE: Beluga DURATION: 02:07 Mins COUNTRY: USA DIRECTOR: Jiri Hanzlicek WRITER: Jiri Hanzlicek TITLE: BE-42 DURATION: 07:30 Mins COUNTRY: Czech Republic DIRECTOR: Josep Antoni Ribas Rossello WRITER: Josep Antoni Ribas Rossello TITLE: The Unforgettable Pianist DURATION: 06:45 Mins COUNTRY: Spain DIRECTOR: Lukasz Szozda WRITER: Lukasz Szozda TITLE: Good Deed DURATION: 06:53 Mins COUNTRY: Poland DIRECTOR: Wojciech Ostrycharz WRITER: Wojciech Ostrycharz, Malgorzata Perfeniuk TITLE: Paper World DURATION: 06:42 Mins COUNTRY: Poland DIRECTOR: Mathieu Girard WRITER: Mathieu Girard TITLE: La plus vieille pierre / The oldest stone DURATION: 10:00 Mins COUNTRY: Canada DIRECTOR: Afiq WRITER: Afiq TITLE: Afterline DURATION: 04:06 Mins COUNTRY: Singapore DIRECTOR: Ng Wan Hian WRITER: Ng Wan Hian TITLE: Irma DURATION: 04:00 Mins COUNTRY: Singapore DIRECTOR: Venty WRITER: Venty TITLE: Me DURATION: 03:34 Mins COUNTRY: Singapore DIRECTOR: Mizmor Watzman WRITER: Mizmor Watzman TITLE: A Thing So Small DURATION: 8:48 Mins COUNTRY: Israel DIRECTOR: Chawalit Kaewmanee and

Wanichaya Phraejunya WRITER: Songsin Tiewsomboon TITLE: Nine DURATION: 08:34 Mins COUNTRY: Thailand DIRECTOR: Mondo Ghulam WRITER: Mondo Ghulam & Eddie Harrison TITLE: Spamorama DURATION: 02:07 Mins COUNTRY: UK DIRECTOR: Thiago Savona WRITER: Thiago Savona, Victor Almeida TITLE: The Scarecrow and the Firefly DURATION: 03:25 Mins COUNTRY: Brazil DIRECTOR: Alan Holly WRITER: Alan Holly, Rory Byrne TITLE: Coda DURATION: 09:00 Mins COUNTRY: Ireland DIRECTOR: Ramya Chandrasekaran WRITER: Ramya Chandrasekaran TITLE: Kookaburra DURATION: 03:52 Mins COUNTRY: Australia DIRECTOR: Olga Makarchuk WRITER: Olga Makarchuk TITLE: The Gum DURATION: 07:45 Mins COUNTRY: Ukraine DIRECTOR: Ariad Shiknagi & Gal Genossar WRITER: Ariad Shiknagi TITLE: The Garden Keeper DURATION: 10:27 Mins COUNTRY: Israel DIRECTOR: Shaun Pitz WRITER: Shaun Pitz TITLE: Espresso Manifesto DURATION: 06:56 Mins COUNTRY: USA DIRECTOR: Gerald Leach WRITER: Gerald Leach TITLE: Escape From Castle Evol DURATION: 03:42 Mins COUNTRY: UK DIRECTOR: Liz el Saadany WRITER: Liz el Saadany TITLE: Follow Through DURATION: 05:56 Mins COUNTRY: Netherlands DIRECTOR: Daniel Ferreira WRITER: Daniel Ferreira TITLE: Los Rosales DURATION: 09:32 Mins COUNTRY: Italy DIRECTOR: Ines Christine Geisser & Kirsten Carina Geisser WRITER: Ines Christine

Geisser & Kirsten Carina Geisser TITLE: An Adventurous Afternoon DURATION: 06:00 Mins COUNTRY: Germany DIRECTOR: Stefan Müller WRITER: Stefan Müller TITLE: Déjà-Moo DURATION: 09:59 Mins COUNTRY: Germany DIRECTOR: Moritz Poth, Rafael Starman WRITER: Moritz Poth, Rafael Starman TITLE: Happily Ever After DURATION: 04:30 Mins COUNTRY: Germany DIRECTOR: Long Li WRITER: Long Li TITLE: Zuzumi DURATION: 03:00 Mins COUNTRY: USA DIRECTOR: Arad Safarzadegan WRITER: Arad Safarzadegan TITLE: Taxidermy DURATION: 07:31 Mins COUNTRY: Iran DIRECTOR: Michael Visser WRITER: Arnoud Rijken, Michiel Snijders & Jan Eduards TITLE: Forever Mime DURATION: 07:10 Mins COUNTRY: The Netherlands DIRECTOR: Michiel Wesselius WRITER: Michiel Wesselius TITLE: Jorka DURATION: 08:00 Mins COUNTRY: The Netherlands DIRECTOR: Joanna Adamska WRITER: Joanna Adamska TITLE: Twilight Tango DURATION: 02:52 Mins COUNTRY: UK DIRECTOR: Ivan Maximov WRITER: Ivan Maximov TITLE: Long bridge of desired direction DURATION: 08:55 Mins COUNTRY: Russia DIRECTOR: Davor Bujakovic WRITER: Junaid Chundrigar TITLE: Haring DURATION: 02:12 Mins COUNTRY: The Netherlands DIRECTOR: Aleksandra Brozyna WRITER: Aleksandra Brozyna TITLE: Gruby i chudy DURATION: 8:41 Mins COUNTRY: Poland DIRECTOR: Alexandros Apostolakis

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TITLE: Dinner For Few DURATION: 10:09 Mins COUNTRY: USA and Greece DIRECTOR: Sachio Cook WRITER: Sachio Cook TITLE: Salty Sugar Star Cuties DURATION: 00:46 Mins COUNTRY: USA DIRECTOR: Nikos Kellis WRITER: Nikos Kellis TITLE: DRAG ME: An Urban Music Tale DURATION: 05:46 Mins COUNTRY: Greece DIRECTOR: Olga Guseva WRITER: Olga Guseva TITLE: Decadence of Nature DURATION: 07:00 Mins COUNTRY: Germany DIRECTOR: Jeong Yong Jun WRITER: Jeong Yong Jun TITLE: Study No.2 DURATION: 03:43 Mins COUNTRY: South Korea DIRECTOR: Yu-Fei Kao WRITER: Joseph Silver TITLE: Revenge DURATION: 02:15 Mins COUNTRY: USA DIRECTOR: Carmen Tiffany WRITER: Carmen Tiffany TITLE: Good Juice DURATION: 03:23 Mins COUNTRY: USA DIRECTOR: Natalia Dziedzic WRITER: Natalia Dziedzic, Przemyslaw Kurek TITLE: Lakomstwa Endemita DURATION: 11:08 Mins COUNTRY: Poland DIRECTOR: Ali Zare Ghanatnowi WRITER: Ali Zare Ghanatnowi TITLE: Dad's Fragile Doll DURATION: 15:14 Mins COUNTRY: Iran DIRECTOR: Panna Horvath-Molnar, Virag Zomboracz WRITER: Virag Zomboracz TITLE: Dipendenza DURATION: 12:54 Mins COUNTRY: Hungary DIRECTOR: Catherine Chepik WRITER: Catherine Chepik TITLE: Imagination DURATION: 109:10 Mins COUNTRY: Ukraine DIRECTOR: Ternier Frank WRITER: Ternier Frank TITLE: 8 Bullets

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the Local animation Focus

– Celebrating Christopher Guinness By aurora Herrera

Never Give Up


s the anime industry in trinidad and tobago continues to grow, it is important that it grows with a sense of context and purpose. Artists like Christopher Guinness are molding the industry with their work, cultivating a culture of meaningful creativity. His animated film Captain T&T has been lauded in several countries and film festivals for its animation and cinematography. It is the story of never giving up makes that makes the work timeless, transcendental and most of all, global. It connects our country and people to all of humanity. Anime Caribe will be honouring Guinness’ work at the Red Carpet event on Tuesday 28th October. There will be screenings of the films Pothound and Captain T&T, as well as a Q&A session. Guinness became a part of Anime Caribe in 2006 when he participated in the festival, winning his first industry award. Eventually, he established Bepperton with then partner, Liezelle Guinness, with a mission; “We at Bepperton aim to produce work with social purpose of the highest artistic and commercial quality.” Six years later, their first official film Pothound was selected to be a finalist in the 2012 Vimeo Awards. “Coming off of Pothound, we were eager to jump back in and deliver a touching meaningful story again,” he said. “Cap’ was well received from the feedback we got, hundreds of emails and even more messages and conversations. We won a slew of selections and garnered a bit of awards including Best Short Film at the Dieciminuti Film Festival in Italy and a prestigious Gold American Advertising Award. It also made its way through many online blogs and curated sites like and even got pirated on Asian websites and torrents.” Through Guinness, Trinidad and Tobago has even made it into the world of

San Diego, California’s Comic Convention, ‘Comic Con’ as Captain T&T was also an Official Selection Comic Con International Film Festival “Presenting Cap’ was nerve wrecking, as we were in competition and I generally shun away from public speaking but I learned that there is a diverse market out there to cater for the niche taste that the Internet has grown, so don't be afraid to try something off the beaten path.” As a result of the success of Captain T&T, Bepperton has been offered more commercial work such as the Dream Big Project put together by Question Mark Entertainment and Republic Bank. Through this Guinness has had the opportunity to further the company’s reach and redefine goals. “[This project] has been by far the coolest commercial work,” he said. We got to make Hollywood connections with the likes of Overbrook Entertainment, Paradigm and Samaco films and work towards making our first full length film in the coming year.” Simon Baptiste, CEO and founder of Question Mark Entertainment and a lover of film and a filmmaker at heart, spoke highly of Guinness’ work and why he was chosen for the Dream Big Project. “We wanted to create an initiative that could help budding filmmakers in terms of their dreams to move forward and get the opportunity to have experiences in their career they could only imagine. We had a number of submissions and Chris’ work was really impressive and extremely inspiring, not just in terms of content but also that as a filmmaker he tried to do everything possible to make the film happen. That embodies the spirit in his film and work. So, I was touched by artistic side and actual process.” The project supported Guinness by giving him a TT$30,000 grant to make his next short film, allowed him to go LA for a week to visit various sets and meet with agencies and gain knowledge and knowhow to go further in the industry. He was also supported in his efforts to get

to Comic Con and in November, he will get the opportunity to go to the set of Will Smith’s new film Concussion to meet the executive producer Ridley Scott as well as the entire cast and crew. Currently Bepperton is working on a short about an Alzheimer sufferer called Fade to Black. This piece “explores the journey we all take from birth to death.” Guinness said. “ There is identity and losing one's identity, love and losing love. A lot of it was inspired by my grandmom who died this year and also suffered from the disease and also Leiz's grandfather who had it as well.” In terms of appraising the current status of the local industry and its continuity, Guinness feels that there is a lot of promise especially by students and that, with respect to creative encouragement, it is crucial for children as it will breed the next generation of innovators. “I mean, sure it's important to be able to regurgitate a text book and know formulas but creativity in the arts, business or science makes the differences in being able to create jobs as oppose to getting one,” he said. He also reported a wish by students for more technical instruction in the pro-

grams. “Most of our talent leave our shores for further schooling and because it's more lucrative in North America,” he said. “Guys like Patrick Nanton and Olun Riley who are part of Oscar winning teams are very inspirational. With the brain drain though there tends to be less developed talent telling our local stories but there are exceptions like Shaun Escayg and Damian Marcano who are embracing their own visions.”

Captain t&t awards List

Vimeo staff pick • Best Short Film Extra-large Selection - 2014 Dieciminuti Film Festival Italy • Official Selection Comic Con International Film Festival • Official Selection World Cinema Amsterdam • Official Selection Synaesthesia Film Festival • Official Selection Prokuplje Short Film Festival. • Official Selection Zone 180 • Official Selection Aruba Film Festival • Official Selection Caribbean Tales Film Festival • Official Selection 2013 Caribbean Film Corner • Official Selection Caribbean Short Film Night • Official Selection Tampere Film Festival Finland • 2014 CAF Gold ADDY Award: Cinematography • 2014 CAF Gold ADDY Award: Public Service • 2014 CAF ADDY Award: Judges Choice for Public Service • 2014 AAF District 4 Gold ADDY Awards Cinematography • 2014 AAF District 4 Gold ADDY Award: Public Service • 2014 American Advertising Awards Gold ADDY Award: Visual Element


Caribbean Animation

Industry Growth Brief Highlight of Major Animation Studios in T&T:

• BIgShINyPIxEl - Motiongraphics (Minor Character Animation & Visual Effects) • EyESCREAM ANIMATION - 3D and Architectural Visualizations (Minor Character Animation) • Full CIRClE ANIMATION - 2D & 3D Character Animation • lAB206 STuDIOS - 2D Character Animation and Interactive Design • lAgOON ANIMATION STuDIOS - 3D Character Animation & Training • PhASTRAq VFx lTD. - Rotoscoping, Compositing & Matte Painting for Visual Effects (Minor Motiongraphics)

Brief Highlight of Major Animation Studios in Jamaica:

• REEl ROCk gSW - 2D and 3D Animation • SkyRES STuDIO- Illustration, Project Support, 2D and 3D Animation

Brief Highlight of Major Animation Studios in Barbados:



he Caribbean animation industry is still in its embryonic stages. Its potential for development is far reaching. At this point, there is a growing symbiosis between established companies and freelancers resulting in a combination of creative and business methodologies. Michael Richards, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Animation Network (TTAN) commented on the current progress of industry growth. “Our industry is currently in a state of evolution and is still trying to find footing whereby these businesses can be financially viable,” he said. “As a result, most of the work produced locally is in the television commercial market. Any developing studio needs to understand the markets that they intend to serve before setting up shop. The local market for animation is still quite small and studios would need to look at servicing international markets if they intend to be sustainable.” According to Richards, to assist with this, TTAN (in collaboration with ExporTT) has been working on the development of an online web portal that can showcase the talents and products

of the local animation industry to an international audience. In terms of regional growth, Richards also advised that the same issues exist regionally with many studios trying to venture into international markets by way of outsourcing. Fortunately, to this end, there has been a concerted effort for regional collaboration as well so that resources can be amalgamated and marketed to a wider audience. Corretta Singer, an impressive self-taught 3D animator, digital artist, director and digital musician is the chairwoman of the Jamaican Animation Nation Network (JAAN) and will be their representative at this year’s Animae Caribe festival. JAAN will be making presentations and discussing the nature of their industry as well as the challenges and opportunities they have encountered along with methods for future collaborations and charting a regional approach to the way forward.

For TTAN workshops and presentations from local regional and international guests, please see the official Animae Caribe Festival schedule in the centerfold of this magazine!



Business and Animation

nimation as a sustainable, financially grossing business has become a reality. One of the major ways that animation is holding its own in the corporate world is through advertising.The industry in Trinidad has exploded over the last few years and now most advertising agencies use some degree of animation. In the advertising world, animation is often used in television and web commercials. Local animators can now create animated banners, motion graphics and viral videos. Moreover, not only are they finding independent business but many advertising agencies now also have in-house animators as part of their creative department. “We have always done television ads so when we brought everything in house we brought animation as well.” Dhano McNicholl commented, head of the Motion Graphics Department Regional Creative Production at Unicomer. Alison Smith, Managing Director of Smith & Smith productions and part time animation lecturer at UTT reflected on how changes in the availability of animators has completely changed the way she can do business “One of the things that is very remarkable is having been in the industry for 20 years, I used to have to go to Venezuela to do animation pieces and now we are locally putting professionals into the system whereby it is turning over so we don’t have to go looking outside anymore. Now there is an intense interest in animation. This year alone there has been an enormous amount of tv commercials this year where animation has been a priority and our company has had to outsource the work to a local animator.” Smith firmly believes that we can introduce our animators to the global market as they get more expertise and add another solid avenue of revenue to the local industry. “Countries like the UK outsource to Asia and other various places to get animation done because it’s cost effective. The business of animation is something that we need to nurture.” Large companies like McCaan Erikson that are on the forefront of advertising that know and handle big business, have made animation an indispensible part of their process. Marvin Imamshah, as Creative Director of McCaan Erikson for the past 10 years has monitored and utilized the evolution of animation in the advertising industry. “We handle several brands. Brands like bmobile, BPTT, NLCB and Bermudez are all open to animation and use it,” he said. It has become a big part of our industry, especially so at McCann. We have an in house animation department and animation director. It is a big part of the overall creative process.” McNichol also commented on the positive response to animation with the brands that Unicomer handles. “Basically I am charged with developing all of the creative concepts for the group. That would include Lucky Dollar and Courts Optical,” he said. “The range of work includes designing business cards to store facades, signage inside, how the price tickets are displayed and also the production of television print and radio. We use animation throughout all our work and the response has been great, so much so that we have had to bring on two motion designers to work with us in house. That serves as an indication of our increased need output.” Animation has also become very attractive to businesses because it allows for high collaboration and creativity where clients can ask for exactly what they want, quick turn around time and the very important ability to be cost effective. “Motion graphics allowed us to create ads in less time and we could mix it with live action,” McNichol said. “Its creative, relatively cost effective to produce and can be used on all mediums. The digital revolution is good way to get message across in a unique way,” Imamshah commented. It shows. Any good appraisal of a player in an industry comes with the review of its peers. About 10 years ago, the American office of McCaan Erikson won an advertising gold in the Addy Awards, a prestigious advertising competition, with an animated piece by local animator Chistopher Guinness.

At a recent Advertising Agencies Association of Trinidad and Tobago (AAAT) award ceremony, the commercial that won the competition was a fully animated piece. Notably, a panel of overseas judges does the judging for AAAT. As the industry continues to grow, one major factor has become apparent. Local animators can now think of making a living solely from their craft. “With the animation business, from a while ago that it was something we had to outsource but now we are in a position where it is much stronger and it can stand a alone,” Smith commented. “It is now more of the norm to have some sort of animation and that we have people in ad agencies who have animation skills in their staff. That shows you that the demand is there for the work. Before people felt they have no opportunity but now they do and they can actually make a living in it.” Advertising industries are very interested in this successful, revenue- earning field. Imamshah said that McCann Erikson

would welcome anyone who wanted to come in and see what the advertising and animation world is like. “If there is any student that wants to see what its like at an advertising agency, that is fantastic,” he said. “We need to get people excited and involved in animation and learn how to use it for business. We want them to think about we can sell brands and what they need to develop it into their strategy; how to get more people to appreciate company’s value and use animation in a strategic way.” “It’s never been more exciting,” Smith said. “Anime Caribe provides a platform for new and experienced animators to have their work seen and challenge them to look at brands in a more creative way and to work with advertising agencies to develop ideas keep and creativity going and challenge themselves every year.”


AC 2014 OTHER INTERNATIONAL GUEST SPEAKERS Bruce Smith – Animation Director at DisneyToon Studios

He has supervised animation of "Kerchak" in Tarzan, "Pacha" in "Emperors New Groove and "Dr. Facilier" in "Princess and the Frog". He is currently supervising animation of "Piglet" in untitled "Winnie the Pooh" project. A former guest of Animae Caribe Festival Bruce is the owner of Jambalaya Studio and was the creator and Executive Producer of "The Proud Family" for Disney Channel and Creator and Executive Producer of "Da Boom Crew" for Kids WB Animation Co Director Warner Bros. He trained in animation at the California Institute of the Arts In Character Animation. Bruce is targeted to be the main director for the GECKO project pf which Trinidad and Tobago animators will play a role in pre-production.

Tobias Felix von Burkersroda is currently head of 3D Animation & 3D Supervisor at Cartoon Network.

Part of the team for Amazing World of GUMBALL Tobias trained at The German Film School Berlin, and Berkeley, USA. Over the years worked on many very successful animated productions including as a Lead or Supervisor at Sony Imageworks CG he was character animator in on 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2' and worked on the 'Adventure Time' series.

Joan Vogelesang is President and CEO of Toon Boom

Under her leadership, Toon Boom continues to maintain its position as a world leader in digital content and animation technology not only in high-end studios but also in education and consumer markets using the online platform. Toon Boom is fully dedicated to education and goes far beyond just developing technology and curriculums that enhance the classroom experience. Mrs. Vogelesang received two awards in The Caribbean. The first was from the Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Trade and Industry and the second was from the Animae Caribe Festival Board members, who honored Joan Vogelesang with an award for her support and dedication to the development of Caribbean animation throughout the years.

Jamaal Bradley – Supervising Animator Dreamworks

Jamaal is currently the Supervising Animator at DreamWorks Animation in Los Angeles. He is versed in feature filmmaking, video games, commercials, and is a director of animated shorts. Jamaal is also an expert in video game cinematics. He has worked on games such as Golden Eye: Rouge Agent and

Medal of Honor. He currently lives in LA where he works as a Supervising Animator at Dreamworks Animation (Glendale, CA). Previously, he worked at Walt Disney Animation Studios, Valve Software, Sony Pictures and Imageworks. Past work includes Senior Animator (2013) on The Croods, Puss in Boots and he is currently the Supervising Animator on the 2015 feature animated movie The Penguins of Madagascar.

Bill Dennis – Zanymation, President ASIFA India

In his role as CEO and founder of Zanymation, he was responsible for the birth of India's top animation studio. He is regarded as one of the most influential people in Asian animation today. Prior to his work in India, Bill was affiliated with Turner Broadcasting’s Hanna Barbera Studios. Then at Fil Cartoons in Manila, he also produced the World Premiere Toons for the Cartoon Network. This included the premiere episodes of Dexter’s Lab, Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo and Cow and Chicken. For twenty years, Bill was an executive with the Walt Disney Studios, most recently as Vice President of Feature Animation. While at Disney, he orchestrated the talent and resources for feature film production including Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid and Aladdin. He was a key manpower planning and training strategist for The Walt Disney Studios in Burbank and Orlando.

Corretta Singer 3D Specialist President JAN Jamaica

Coretta Singer is the first female animator to win an Animae Caribe Award with her 3D piece called ‘Voyajah’. She is also Jamaica’s first (but not only) female 3D animator. Her 3D skills are considered to be the top in Jamaica with work being done for advertising agencies and private sector. She also had success with her short “Kina Sky” which aired on Nickelodeon in 2009 for the Nickelodeon Animation Festival. She is currently working along-side James Parris in Los Angeles on the Paper Tiger production “Pink and Blue”. She is also the President of the recently incorporated Jamaica Animation Nation Network, the official animation association for Jamaica, created to be a guiding force for both animators and animation in the country.

Caiphus A. Moore – Games Development EA Games

Caiphus Moore is a Trinidadian American artist who currently resides in Oakland, California. Not only does he have more than a decade of experience in game development, but he is also very active in the fine art world. In the gaming industry, he has held lead artist, senior artist and art director roles as well as trained outsourcing teams in various countries. He has spent most of his professional artistic career creating artwork for the video game industry and currently works as a Senior Artist for Electronic Arts (EA). He creates on a variety of mediums; from traditional canvas to 3d sculpting. His current focus is to create a synergy between his love of fine art, gaming and multi media.

Andres Mänd – Associate Professor Head, Animation Department Volda University College, Norway

He studied theatrical directing in Estonia, animation in Russia and art management in Finland, working for Nukufilm for 13 years. He remains a shareholder in the studio. He has animated over 40 puppet films, including TV commercials and music videos. He has also produced the majority of the student final thesis films at Volda over the last 12 years. He was the director of the NAN cooperation project between Nordic animation schools from 1999–2008. Andres has served in the past as a judge on short or animated film festival panels in Norway, Cuba and Estonia. In his free time he translates literature – his latest being Thor Heyerdahl’s Tigris, published in April 2008.

Rogerio Nunes – independent animator and producer

Rogerio is an independent animator and illustrator. His works appear regularly in the magazines VIP, Brazilian Playboy and Superinteressante. In November 2004 he won the Esso Journalism Prize for the work Quem Matou Getúlio Vargas, by the Aventuras na História magazine, São Paulo, Brazil. In 2007, he won the Editora Abril prize for best illustration. He began working with animation in the film Feuillet. His work is often focused on memory and preservation, using different visual languages to achieve alternative and experimental short documentaries.

Shiva Deonarine – Game Producer AAA Level

Shiva is a Game Producer with experience in gaming at the AAA level. His projects include the Call of Duty series, High Moon’s Transformers (Fall of Cybertron) and Marvel franchises at Activision and most recently the Gears of War series at Black Tusk Studios at Microsoft. He has spent the last 10 years in the US and Canada pursuing his career and has extensive knowledge in project management in games at both development and publishing levels. Shiva will be speaking about what steps are advised for those wishing to enter game industry development.

A.J. Cote is President and CEO at One World Animation Inc Ottawa, Canada.

He is an Animation Consultant and certified Toonboom Trainer. AJ provides outsourcing opportunities for international production companies utilizing studios from around the world. One World Animation is the first successful outsourcing collaboration in the Caribbean working with studios in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago to produce animations for many international studios.





his year in celebration of thirteen years of Animae Caribe Festival, a fantastic screening of international animations will be featured at Pigeon Point Beach called ‘Animation Under the Stars’. This event will be held under the auspices of the Division of Communication development and culture of the Tobago House of Assembly. Animated films submitted from countries like Russia, China, Taiwan, UK, Iran and of course Trinidad and Tobago will be featured for the last two days of the festival. As part of marketing the fantastic digital media opportunities for youths throughout the twin islands, students of the University of Trinidad and Tobago will be conducting workshops in animation, music technology, ICT and all things digital media to encourage young minds to consider new career opportunities in these fields. Among the other exciting events for the Tobago edition of Animae Caribe, guests from Disney, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon will be addressing Tobago youths on the fun of animation as a career. This takes place at the Mason Hall Secondary School on Saturday 1st of November from 9am. This new collaboration occurs during the Speyside High School Art Appreciation Week in Speyside and culminates in a closing ceremony at the Tobago Magdalena Grande with awards being handed out to Tobago participants who excelled in the workshops and weekend events. With more focus on diversification of the economy, Dr. Denise Tsoiafatt Angus, Secretary of Community Development and Culture, Tobago House of Assembly stated “This is a great opportunity for Tobago youths to be exposed to new industries, the Tobago arm of Animae Caribe festival is a destination as well as a screening event. When guests visit from around the world they will also be exposed to the beauty of the island. We are extremely excited about this collaboration and look forward to future editions”

Animation under the stars takes place on Saturday 1st November at 6pm.

Denise Angus Secretary of Communication Development & Culture THA and Animae Caribe Coordinator Sade Abrahams





Students have their day at Animae Caribe T he John S. Donaldson Creativity Campus of the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) will be the first location to host the Animae Caribe Animation Festival with an all-day schedule of activity for Secondary School students. The Animae Caribe Digital Media Student Forum will light up with the creative sparks of hundreds of eager young persons on Monday 27th of October as students from all over the country will be exposed to a plethora of exciting demos, workshops and displays surrounding the theme of digital media. As is customary for the last 13 years, the Animae Caribe Festival focuses on youths and students by exposing them to new trends in this ever changing field of ICT and digital media. The UTT Creativity Campus is known for offering studies in alternative careers such as animation, fashion, information computer technology (ICT), graphic design and music technology. Several students of UTT’s Animation Diploma programme have graduated and formed their own companies, gone abroad to further their studies or won scholarships and awards for entrepreneurship and innovation. Taking the mandate of the University to heart, members of staff are also encouraged to practice their art, skills by being innovative themselves. On the Monday of Animae Caribe, students from secondary and tertiary levels schools will experience a walk through the ‘Digital Chamber’ a space where they will get a one-on-one experience in the field of Animation, ICT, 3D Projection, Graphics and Music Technology. They will interact with other students and get first hand feedback from current students experienced in learning these new trends. As an added treat, Ben Bocquelet, creator and designer of Cartoon Network’s ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’ and Richard Pursel, writer for Nickelodeon Sponge Bob Square Pants will address the students on the success of their television series.

Registration for the student day is closed, but there are several other fantastic events taking place during the week that are open to the public and free of charge. To get more info on dates and venues please see the centrefold of this magazine!


Successful students of St Benedict College who took up the CAPE digital media challenge.


ANIMATED Caribbean Examination Council introduces New Animation and Game Design Syllabus


n September 2014 a team of eight Caribbean educators gathered to create the Caribbean’s first Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) Syllabus for Animation and Game Design. Panelists came from St Kitts Nevis, Guyana, Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago.This syllabus will now allow Caribbean youths to choose non-traditional subjects of study that will allow them to be on par with the rest of the digital world. Last year CAPE Digital media was introduced to the secondary schools throughout the Caribbean. Several secondary schools took up the challenge including St Benedict’s College, La Romaine where teacher Alice Thomas-Martin had several successful applicants. She stated, “Teaching Digital Media at the CAPE level has really been a phenomenal experience. Coming from a Computer Science and Mathematics background it was a breath of fresh air seeing the students take charge of their learning space. The skills they were exposed to, placed them on a direct path that can only lead to innovation and entrepreneurship; especially since we had to focus heavily on creating Caribbean-centric digital content.” With the introduction of the CAPE Syllabus in Animation and Game Design, Caribbean youth are now exposed to contemporary careers in digital media opening up a plethora of possible careers in animation. As a part of the 13th Edition of Animae Caribe Festival, the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT)will be hosting annual Digital Media Student Forum at the John S. Donaldson Creativity Campus on Wrightson Road Port-of-Spain on Monday 27th of October from 9 am to 3pm.

For more information on other Animae Caribe-related events, please see the centerfold page of this magazine!

Ben Bocquelet – Creator Writer ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’ to address youths at AC14 Digital Media Student Forum at UTT John D Campus.


From Animae Caribe to the World Three Caribbean nationals gain international animation experience

By Janine Charles-Farray


ver the years, the Animae Caribe Animation Festival has been a space where the business of Caribbean animation comes together, deals are made and opportunities seized. Over the years, the Animae Caribe Animation Festival has been a space where the business of Caribbean animation comes together, deals are made and opportunities seized. At the Festival, networking opportunities are initiated usually with the intent to develop meaningful business and career opportunities in the field of animation. Through Animae Caribe, many Caribbean professionals have created linkages with international animators, studio executives and artists at the top of their respective fields. Additionally, collaborations between Caribbean, UK and US partners have developed out of Animae Caribe discussion panels, workshops and networking lounges. From many connections made during last year’s festival, four young Trinbagonians got a chance to pursue international animation training stemming from their involvement at the Animae Caribe Festival. Joshua Lue Chee Kong is a Trinbagonian whose foundation in art and design came after four (4) years of studying for his Bachelor of Fine Art in Graphic Design at Savannah College of Art and Design. “This decision of studying graphic design was because of my curiosity of making ideas happen and the fact that I want to try everything; even if it is only once.” It was at Savannah College that he learned and practiced the elements of design basics, which he used as a start for his personal exploration of aesthetics. Kong was an enthusiastic attendee to the 2013 Animae Caribe animation Festival and was a workshop participant with Stop Motion animation Animae Caribe guest Kathi ZungLyons. It would be his attendance to this workshop and meeting Zung that gave him the once in a lifetime opportunity to intern with one of the most reputable stop-motion animation studios in the United States. “I first met Kathi when she…taught a 2 day workshop on the making of stop motion puppets. I was able to take part of the workshop and to learn the basics of making foam latex bodies that are used for stop motion animation.” “While in the workshop, I was able to chat with Kathi about my work and my interest in mould making specifically with the kind of

work I am doing. She then offered me the opportunity to come and visit her studio (K&Z Studio) in Durham, North Carolina whenever I had the chance.” The moment came this year when Kong sent Zung-Lyons a message taking up the invitation. From there the arrangements for his internship were made. “Overall the trip was very enlightening, as I will take any opportunity to travel, learning new techniques to improve my craftsmanship. During the trip I was able to discover more about Kathi as an artist and was able to share that same space with her. “Kathi shares the studio with her brother Patrick, and they work together like a synchronized ballet, creating nothing short of awesomeness. Patrick deals mostly with the mechanical side of building complex metal skeleton for the puppets and making the initial sculptures for reproduction while Kathi is the chemist of making moulds and putting flesh and colour on the armatures.” “They both make an amazing team that shows in their workmanship and creativity. They were very helpful in explaining the details of the process over the course of the internship, which was a great deal of information to digest. Lucky with the help of my camera I was able to record most of the process and by the end of the internship I was able to reproduce one of my very own creations.” Kong’s future plans include taking what he has learned to hopefully open a studio space in the future and apply it to the making of his art. “Kathi and her entire family and friends have been great hosts and I would do this trip over and over again if given the chance. I will recommend anyone with a great deal of interest in the making of puppets for stop-motion animation to make a trip to the studio, it’s really worth it!” Joel Charles is a graduate from the UTT Diploma in Animation and a 2013 Animae Caribe Festival winner (People’s Choice) for his stop-motion animation short film 'Solitary Mesa’, which he created with fellow student at the time, Cassius Humphrey. “I was always interested in Stop Motion animation, making short clips from time to time. One of my brothers thought that my work was good and saw a YTEPP advertisement for Digital Media Concepts and encouraged me to attend.” “After I finished the short course, I then went on to do a Diploma in Animation (Digital Media Concepts) at UTT, where I did my final film in Stop Motion.” It was at Animae Caribe 2013 that he and

Humphrey were given the opportunity to visit UK Aardman Studios to do an internship. “The opportunity came about when a gentleman by the name Peter Lord, who is one of the founders of Aardman studios in England, which specialize in Stop Motion, came as one of the guests to Anime Caribe 2013, where he saw my work and was impressed. [He] offered me the opportunity of an internship at his studio. The trip was sponsored by The British Council and UTT allowed me to go.” Charles and Humphrey spent one week at Aardman (sponsored by the British Council, Animae Caribe and UTT) and worked directly with co-owner and Creative Director Pete Lord. As a director, Lord has been honoured with two Academy Award nominations for Best Animated Short, the first in 1992 for Adam, and again in 1996 for Wat’s Pig. He has also earned BAFTA nominations for Adam, The Amazing Adventures of Morph and War Story. In 2000, Lord teamed up with Nick Park to co-direct Aardman’s first fulllength feature Chicken Run, starring the voice of Mel Gibson, which was a commercial and critical smash. Lord also produced the Oscar-winning first feature length film starring Wallace and Gromit. He directed his first solo venture: The Pirates!, which starred the voice of Hugh Grant. “My trip to Aardman studios was enlightening. I was overwhelmed by the size of the studio, their sets were enormous. Also unlike my film where the work was done by a handful of people, Aardman studios had hundreds specializing in different areas. I had the opportunity to go through each one of those areas to ask and learn as much things as possible. “I even got the chance to animate puppets, build props and some rigging. I learnt the importance of organization because without proper organizing of each area the film "Shawn The Sheep" would not be completing on time.” Some of Charles’ future plans are to make Stop Motion animation more recognized and appreciated in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. He would also love to teach Stop Motion in the near future and work on personal film projects. “I would like to pursue a career in the field of animation but there are not many animation companies in Trinidad that need Stop Motion artists. Brent Bachew, Cassius Humphrey and I recently started a Stop Motion company in Trinidad by the name of START MOTION in the hopes of creating job opportunities in this form of animation.” Meena Mahabir is a long-time attendee and

contributor on the Animae Caribe team. She is a graduate of the University of Trinidad and Tobago’s (UTT) Diploma in Animation and Digital Studies, a past attendee and eventual volunteer with the Animae Caribe Festival. Hailing from the small Village of Felicity in Chaguanas, initially her career path veered toward Accounting and Computers. However, after viewing an advertisement in a 2010 newspaper from YTEPP, which was offering Digital Media Concepts/Animation training at Full Circle Animation Studios, she made a career change. “I was always interested in Animation so I decided to enroll and took my vacation leave from my job to start because it was a full time course. It was there I developed a love for 3D Animation and decided to submit my resignation letter at my old job.” She continued her studies at the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) with the Diploma in Animation. In February 2013 Mahabir also received a scholarship from the Indian High Commission in Trinidad and Tobago to study an eight (8) week intensive course in 3D Studio Max in India. “When I returned from India I collaborated with my classmate, Matthew Mungal to do our final project, a 3D Animated short Film titled ‘Scissor’. ‘Scissor’ is a dark comedy in a medieval setting based on the game Rock Paper Scissors. My contribution to the Film was Modeling and Animating. It was screened at Anime Caribe 2013 where I also managed the Outreach Programme and assisted in the organization of several Workshops.” In 2014, Mahabir got accepted to Full Sail University in Florida to study Computer Animation and through an essay competition, won a USD$40,000 scholarship. “Unfortunately, I could not enroll in time because the cost of the entire degree was USD$75,000. I could not afford it but I never gave up; I kept applying for other scholarships. I was rejected for 3 times when I applied for scholarships via the Trinidad and Tobago Scholarship Division. Then I stumbled upon the Scholarship offered by the Korean Government and there I was successful.” The Korean Government programme granted Mahabir a full scholarship after three rigorous phases of the selection processes and she was granted full support to pursue her Masters degree in Film, Television and Multimedia at Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea. “I finally found my passion and have a career in something that I love and I believe that one can only be truly happy if one pursues something they love.”


Animae Caribe Festival Awards


The Young Artist selection for Animae Caribe Every year the Animae Caribe Animation Festival gives a young artist an opportunity to create the official Festival poster. Past selected artists have included Makesi Aquan (T&T), Omar Lewis (USA), Jade Achoy (T&T), Luis Vasquez (Venezuela) and Danielle Boodoo-Fortune (T&T). This year, we are pleased to nominate Christopher Whitter II as the first Jamaican artist to be featured. The Animae Caribe poster should reflect the vibrant possibilities of animation in the Caribbean expressed through each artist's own individual style.

he increasing film submission trend for Animae Caribe Animation Festival has rolled into 2014. Over 300 animated short films have been received this year! The Animae Caribe Board of Directors emphasizes the importance of recognizing and awarding animators who have contributed to the development of standards in the industry. Through the Festival award process, it is hoped that this is achieved. Animations from 20 countries across the world were screened and selected for adjudication by this year’s jury. The winners following awards will be announced at the Closing ceremony of the Festival on Friday 31st of October 2014 at the Animae Caribe Business Ball and Closing Party at the new and upscale Home venue in St. Clair, Port-of-Spain. Special Thanks to the Animae Caribe JURY for 2014: • Nikolai Noel, UTT Lecturer in Animation - Jury Coordinator • Bill Dennis, Principal/Founder - Zanymation International President - ASIFA India • Andres Maand, Head of Animation Department, Volda University, Norway • Riane de Haas-Bledoeg, Deputy Programme Culture at CARICOM • Michael Cherrie, Senior Lecturer, UTT Academy of the Performing Arts


MOST OUTSTANDING ANIMATION The Animae Caribe Award for animation, graphics, electronicallygenerated or any other experimental images that show outstanding visual and aural creativity, a mastery of craft skills, innovation and initiative. This award is presented to the animation whose uniqueness – aesthetically and creatively, stands out and most impresses the Jury. MOST OUTSTANDING CARIBBEAN ANIMATION The Festival is a platform for Caribbean animation and this award is to encourage producers from the Caribbean region to develop their craft. Sponsored by the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company/FilmTT. MOST PROMISING NEWCOMER The most outstanding work by any animator submitting work to the Festival for the first time. Judges will looks in particular for originality, creativity and audience appeal. Sponsored by First Citizens. MOST SUCCESFUL LOCAL COMMERCIAL ANIMATION Outstanding animation used in commercial industry including in TV commercials, music videos and web-pages during the 2013/2014 period.

This piece is entitled ‘Untitled’, and it was painted digitally. It’s a statement piece, in a way. My aesthetic as a creative person borders on foreboding, dark yet colorful and at times very unusual. I aspire to always create work that I love, regardless of it not aligning to what may be seen as “normal” in Caribbean media. As it is almost Halloween, my direction for this piece went in a darker direction, and the figures illustrated are my versions of two very haunting Caribbean ghosts.

From the artist, Christopher Whitter II

MOST SUCCESSFUL STUDENT ANIMATION This is awarded to any outstanding animation student who submits a film to the Festival while he/she is attending any animation training facility. The Jury will be looking for potential and promise in the work of the student animator. Applicants must include the name of the institution and the year of production of the animation. Sponsored by the University of Trinidad and Tobago. PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD This award is selected at the end of the Festival and is determined by the public’s vote during the Festival. For more information on how to vote, visit the official Festival website:

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