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Guild Wars 2 Walkthrough Guild Wars 2 Walkthrough – What you have been missing Hey guys, evil Asian mastemind (i’m actually a good guy) authority Dan Chow here and today we will be talking about Guild Wars 2 Walkthrough. You will learn all about where to get the best walkthroughs, and then we’ll go over some general proven strategies. You’re in for a fun trip! So lets dive right in. I’ll be sharing my personal experience as a professional gamer with some of the walkthroughs that released recently. However, I am going to take a different approach: Instead of giving you water, I am going to tell you where the well is. Here are 3.5 things you want to get out of a Guild Wars 2 Walkthrough:

1. Become better with your character 2. Get better gear for your character 3. Level up faster with your character 3.5 Have more fun (while kicking some monster as*) Now, the reason you come to me for advice is because I am a professional gamer. Its my job to play games, then design and write strategy guides, so what does this mean for you?


Lucky you! That’s what it means.

Here are mine and your criteria for a great Walkthrough: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Regularly updated guides Friendly and helpful community Tested strategies Screenshots, videos and podcasts to hep us better understand Risk free

So if I were to tell you right away that a week ago, the easiest way to level up your character was by doing X, Y and Z, that wouldn’t be true today. Catch my drift? GW2 is constantly changing (And we’re loving it!) and to stay on top, you need fresh, updated info daily. So far there is only one walkthrough offering it. For the sake of this project, I had to buy a lot of guides: It’s up to me to tell my friends if a guide’s strategies work or not. And to make the research complete, I got 10 of my friends, to test them out with me. They are all casual gamers who play to have fun.

Remember the guide with the constant updates? Yes, its name is Guild Wars 2 Walkthrough, and so far it’severyone’s favorite. The reason is because it has so many screenshots, videos and podcasts that its TIMES easier to understand than a plain bulk of text. I’ve personally tested and compared it with several other guides, and the Guild Wars 2 Walkthrough wins hands down. Here is what you need to do to have a blast at playing Guild Wars 2:


1. Buy the Guild Wars 2 Walkthrough (You can read more about it here) 2. And don’t worry, I know the guy who writes it and I got this discount link. If you want to save some bucks, click here. 3. Read it 4. Implement what you learned 5. Have a blast!

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Guild Wars 2 Walkthrough  

So lets dive right in. I’ll be sharing my personal experience as a professional gamer with some of the walkthroughs that released recently....

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