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Guild Wars 2 Ranger Guide Hey guys, America’s No1 Strategy Guide Expert Dan Chow here to give you the best Guild Wars 2 Ranger Guide out there, by your request. Buckle up because here is what we have ahead: 1. Some MEAN Guild Wars 2 Ranger leveling strategies

2. How to use the ranger class to its full potential 3. How to have a GREAT time playing with the ranger in guild wars 2. The Ranger is one of the hardest classes to master. Very speciffic gameplay, and if you aren’t a professional, you will getting stuck with it. Wait, I AM a pro-gamer! Here is why you trust me: 1. This is my 6th year as a professional gamer 2. GW2 is the third game-guide project preceded by Diablo 3 and SWTOR – both massively popular 3. I put everything to the test – every strategy and every guide. I don’t do low-quality information. To find out which is the absolute best Guild Wars 2 Ranger Guide, I had no choice but to buy and read every single strategy guide out there. Imagine my disappointment: More than half of them were completely unusable. The Ranger in Guild Wars 2 is a very fun class to play, but difficult for that matter. As you just read, I’ve been around, looking for the best there is. The only guide, which fits the criteria is the Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Guide, also the


community’s (you guys’) favorite. Not only did it have: 1. A whole portfolio of smart, working (tested by Dan Chow) and fun to follow

Elementalist strategies 2. A fun and helpful community and developer team 3. A very easy to find what you’re looking for interface\ But also the most easy-to-understand strategies out there. Reason why is this: The near countless HQ screenshots, videos and live streams make following this guide fun, enjoyable and easy. Judging from your feedback below there is only one thing to conclude – this is without a doubt the best Guild Wars 2 Ranger Guide. Here is a step-by-step blueprint to crushing some monster b*lls with the Ranger: Buy the Guild Wars 2 Ranger Guide (Check out the discount link, I got one (multiple use) as a gift to you guys) Read the Guild Wars 2 Ranger Guide – This is the best part – reading the strategies with all the screenshots and videos is a pleasure. Use what you learned against your friends Have a BLAST! I’m rooting for you guys! See you in PvP! Dan Chow


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Guild Wars 2 Ranger Guide