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Guild Wars 2 Guardian Guide Whats up warriors, Strategy Guide Expert Dan Chow here with the only Guild Wars 2 Guardian Guide you will ever need to read. Here is what you want to know: Some hard-core Guild Wars 2 Guardian leveling strategies,

How to use him to his full annihilating potential How to have a TON of fun while playing the guardian class in Guild Wars 2. The guardian in Guild Wars 2 isn’t the easiest class to play with. For that matter, its one of the most fun (from my personal experience) To master it, and use it to its full potential, you need a pro’s advice. Which luckily, I am. You know what I say is right because: I have over 6 years of pro gamer experience. GW is the third immensely successful strategy guide project after Diablo 3 and SWTOR I test and check every strategy or leveling guide I come accross. This is to make sure you guys only get top-notch info. I went ahead and bought every single Guild Wars 2 Guardian Guide out there, in search of the best one.


Exacty 99% of all guides were useless.

If you are anything like me, playing the Guardian is a ton of fun for you.

For me, and for the community, the right strategy guide tripled the fun we got out of it. “So, Dan, which is the best Guild Wars 2 Guardian Guide? Did you find it?” There is to this date only one strategy guide that passed all my criteria, and earned the approval of you guys: Here is what made it stand out: 1. All strategies were proven to be WORKING by yours truly Dan Chow 2. Very nice and helpful and community 3. Very good navigation - no trouble finding what you’re looking for. This is what sealed the deal for me: How incredibly easy and fun it is to follow the

walkthroughs. Unexpected?


Here is why: This Guild Wars 2 Guardian Guide has over several hundred screenshots, videos and live streams: Which makes understanding the walkthrough a walk in the park. Its just so much more fun and ejoyable than reading plain bulk text, am I right? Yes. And from the comments below, this is also the community’s No 1 Voted Guild Wars 2 Guardian Guide. Here is a simple step by step guide on what you need to do to kick a** with the guardian: Buy the Guild Wars 2 Guardian Guide (Enjoy this multiple use discount like guys, its the least I could do) Read the Guild Wars 2 Guardian Guide – From most hated to most loved, reading strategies with videos and screenshots is a BLAST! Smack your friends to the ground Have a hell-of-a great time! Catch you guys in PvP, make sure you don’t kill me, or I’ll ban yo’ a**! Just kidding, lol. Dan Chow

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Guild Wars 2 Guardian Guide