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Best Guild Wars 2 Guide Guild Wars 2 Guide: Start The Thrill Of Adventure Hey guys…Go end up your boring life; Live your Life to the Fullest and if you are looking for a real FUN, you came to a right place! LOL…Go feel and experience the real world of adventure and survival with Guild Wars 2. 250 years ago after the Guild Wars, Tyria has been totally changed because of the Elder Dragon’s Awakening. Here everything is totally alive and so it’s time for you to take the adventure and experience it real. Quick tip here guys, before you start breaking your balls,

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For you to explore Tyria go and grab your Race type with racial skills where you can be a Norn that exists for good search and can transform into any kinds of animals, you definitely need a great Guild Wars 2 Guide. Humans that fight to preserve their homes and could heal themselves. Or a Charr that is a fighter that makes them more furious in a battle. With this, you may now fasten your seatbelts and choose a Profession for your Race. You can be a Soldier that suits heavy armor where you could be a Guardian for protection and defense or a Warrior that lives in action because of powerful weapons and with great strength. An Adventurer that suits medium armor where you can be an Engineer that is strategic in nature, Ranger that is also fierce and can have a trained pet as his companion in battles and a Thief that is expert in stealing. You can also be a Scholar that suits light armor where you can be an Elementalist that adapts any setting using elements, Mesmer the illusionist that can make clones for deception and a Necromancer that can take away life and heal himself and could even urge the dead to fight for him. Ahhhhh…..getting confused? Then you need a Guild Wars 2 Guide. No way…there is no bad character here. Just be the character and presto! It’s now YOU


who fight and rule Tyria. Now do the action and get sweat NO MORE using your Skills. You can unlock skill points from different skill challenges and now you have your Utility Skills. The sixth skill slot on the skill bar, Healing Skills that redeems health through healing and using this could prevent the use of your other skills. The first five skill slots are you’re Weapons that will be used during combats where you can obtain these in many ways through purchase and rewards.

WOW…..there you go! YOU look great now so it’s time to do some Adventures in Tyria using your map, and having a good Guild Wars 2 Guide by your side sure helps a lot!. But since this is a great big world you need the Scouts to point you towards great opportunities out there using their telescope. And if you’re tired walking around go and see the map and look for Hearts for this will alarm you that there’s a local quest or great things waiting for you in that area to be completed and conquered. Now you have discovered the basic phase of Guild Wars 2, and how Guild Wars 2 Secrets on their official website Return to guild wars 2 guide homepage can help you….it’s time for you to look for Hearts or talk to Scouts and surely they will have good news for you… go out of your shell, experience the world and have FUN!!!!!!!!!!

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