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ROCK THE BALLET THE NEW SHOW Rock and ballet? The greatest hits of Lenny Kravitz, U2, Michael Jackson and Prince on the one hand, and the fascinating and strictly codified body language of classical ballet on the other? Fun and art? Impossible, surely, to bridge the gap between these two opposites. All the more impressive, then, is the mighty thunderclap that invites us to the explosively spectacular dance show ROCK THE BALLET! No wonder that the first German tour of the internationally celebrated, furiously paced multimedia dance show ROCK THE BALLET set audiences and critics on fire with enthusiasm. To date the youthful, energy-charged troupe has performed to over 100,000 enthusiastic spectators in the course of their guest appearances in Europe. ROCK THE BALLET points the way to a future reconciliation of ballet with the modern world, with rock and ballet melding in a hot and passionate intermingling - highly explosive, exciting, humorous, sexy and dynamic!

RUSSIAN STATE BALLET The Russian State Ballet has toured Germany, Austria and Switzerland every year for 25 years. During this time the troupe has given live performances to over a million people. Enthusiasm for their performances has consistently remained at a level such that a loyal public flocks to see them year after year. The ever-increasing audience figures also reflect the unique and impressive success story of this company, and are evidence of the special qualities of this elite Moscow-based group of dancers, who present the essential aspect of Russian culture - classical ballet - in its purest and most perfect form.

This is why many top dancers have emerged from the internationally successful touring ballet company over the last 25 years. To give just three examples: Liudmila Konovalova joined the Vienna State Ballet as a principal dancer, Anna Shcherbakova won the silver medal at the “Arabesque” competition in Perm in 2010, and in the same year Dmitry Kotermin was awarded the Marius Petipa Prize at the renowned Ballet Festival. On their jubilee tour, the top class Russian State Ballet ensemble and a highly professional production will ensure that „Swan Lake”, „The Nutcracker” and „The Sleeping Beauty” continue to be regarded as among the greatest achievements of the art of ballet.

MOMENTUM by Mayumana MAYUMANA – The Show Revolution – celebrates an exploration of time in a manner never seen before: multitalented performers from over 20 nations meld percussion, movement and high technology in a thrilling new show language. The foundation of MAYUMANA is rhythm: talented artists from very different cultural groups come together in „Momentum” to explore the concept of time by skilfully dissecting it. For MAYUMANA, rhythm means not just drumming, but percussion at the highest level, which at the same time is rooted in the essential principles of human existence, celebrating the melding of rhythm with the world of high tech: for MAYUMANA, rhythm is the thumping of our heartbeat, elaborately macerated water, the shimmering sound of the box drums that musicians call cajones, and virtuoso beatboxing, in which hissing, humming and cracking sounds come out of the performer’s mouth and are then processed by expensive computers.

More than seven million people all over the world have been thrilled by the unique MAYUMANA combination of talent, dynamism and thematic precision. Those who liked STOMP will love MOMENTUM! Following the world premiere in 1998, a five-month guest run in New York, and extended tours through Europe and North and South America, the ensemble is now bringing its current show MOMENTUM to Germany and Austria for the first time.

VOCA PEOPLE The SHOW HIGHLIGHT from „Wetten, Dass...? Moving towards a new dimension in entertainment! Under the slogan „Music is life and life is music!”, VOCA PEOPLE with their sophisticated vocal acrobatics present an evening of unlimited enjoyment consisting of music, beatboxing and comedy! The audience is taken on an entertaining journey through the international history of music, from Mozart, Beethoven and Rossini via ABBA, Queen and John Lennon to Michael Jackson, Madonna and George Michael. In their own highly professional performance style, VOCA PEOPLE create almost any kind of music without using any instruments at all. A show that leaves its audiences gasping with astonishment! In Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Montreux, Milan, Rome, Paris and Amsterdam, audiences have been absolutely euphoric in their response to VOCA PEOPLE. All over the world their innovative music has spread with an extraordinary rapidity, with an incredible 20 million clicks on YouTube. More than 500.000 spectators world wide and 110.000 Facebook fans speak for themselves. VOCA PEOPLE are funny, interactive and simply unique - an evening of pure enjoyment!

SOMMERFESTIVAL GRAZ 24. Juni/June bis/to 07. Juli/July 2013 - GRAZER OPER

SOMMERFESTIVAL LINZ 24. Juni/June bis/to 07. Juli/July 2013 - BRUCKNERHAUS

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Rock The Ballet Russisches Staatsballett - Schwanensee/Swan Lake Russisches Staatsballett - Dornröschen/The Sleeping Beauty Russisches Staatsballett - Der Nussknacker/The Nutcracker MAYUMANA

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Russisches Staatsballett - Schwanensee/Swan Lake Russisches Staatsballett - Nussknacker//The Nutcracker Russisches Staatsballett - Dornröschen/The Sleeping Beauty Rock The Ballet VOCA PEOPLE

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