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1. Welcome Note 2. Focus Group Feedback 3. Welcome Katie Holland 4. If I can do it – you can do it! 5. Louise Railton – Dancefit Member of the Month – Weightloss Success 6. Win a Kindle with the Dancefit Studio 100 day run up to Olympic 2012 7. New Class timetable 8. Class & Price Package Options 9. Kids Parties 10.Up & Coming Events

Hi Everyone I hope you’re all fit and well. What has been the highlight of your year so far? I’ve got too many to mention but I have to say my best one yet has to be my little girl’s 3rd Birthday Party. We saw it in in style with her Princess and Pirates Party at the Studio and the look on her face when she saw the dress I’d brought her was priceless.

I would just like to say a ‘HUGE GET WELL SOON’ to all the poorly ladies who have not been able to make it to class over the last few weeks – so far we’ve seen cold/flu viruses, operations – detached retinas, knee ops, major ops, minor ops, twisted knees you name it. I know when you’ve all emailed me and said you can’t wait to get back to class, please rest up and make sure you’re 100% OK before you venture back xxx Miss you all though and Get Well Soon. Thank you so much for the Feedback we received over the weekend. I’ve started implementing a lot of the points you raised as we speak and will continue to do so over the coming weeks. If you haven’t completed your form yet, then please do so and hand into the office so we can issue you with your raffle ticket to win a Month’s Free membership. I will draw the winning ticket on Monday 16th April so you still have time. Don’t forget we’re closed over the Easter Weekend

Friday 6th April – Monday 9th April Re-open Tuesday 10th April Hope you all have a great Easter and we look forward to seeing you soon Sarah and the Dance Fit Team  xxxx

Focus Group Feedback Thank you so much for all the feedback you sent in, it’s really important to gain this feedback so I can improve our service to you, even in the smallest of instances such as coat pegs in the changing rooms. I’ve listed a few of the easier feedback comments below that we can start implementing straight away. 1. Mirror in the changing Rooms - Yes 2. Coat Pegs in the changing Rooms – Yes 3. Can we buy Zumba Clothes or Dancefit Clothes – Yes – watch this space for new Clothing lines 4. Timetables downstairs for people to pick up – Yes 5. The studio gets very hot – better ventilation – Yes -Currently getting quotes for ventilation 6. Independent light in the changing rooms – Yes – currently getting quotes 7. Referral Scheme – currently putting this together and will let you know as soon as up and running 8. Grade the classes in terms of Cardio or Toning – Yes – Changes being made to the timetable and website 9. Implement a process for letting people know when a class is cancelled rather than turn up and find it cancelled – This is already in place via Facebook and Twitter, however to improve this it would be greatly appreciated if you could book your class in advance so we are aware of class numbers. To make the class feasible there must be at least 4 attendees, any less and the class will not run. 10. More 45 minute lunchtime classes – currently looking into instructor availability We received lots more excellent feedback, some easier to implement than others. Many of you have suggested showers and as much as I would love to install them, it’s not feasible for me as a small business at the moment but definitely something to look at for the future though. We’ve taken all of the feedback on board and I would like to thank you all once again. As I said we’ll be making the draw on Monday 16th April so if you haven’t yet emailed your feedback then please do so before this date.

Thank you to everyone that joined us on Sunday 1st April for the Free Taster Session with Katie – I hope you enjoyed it and have been practising squeezing your bum cheeks!!!

New Class Starts Wednesday 18th April 6.15pm – 7.15pm £4.50/ £3.00 for Dancefit members This is a new style of dancexercise class featuring moves from Bollywood, Bellydance, Classical Indian, Samba, African and more! Excellent for posture, balance, pelvic floor and all over body strengthening. Burns calories, tones body, mind and soul inside and out!

Dancing from the age of three and having studied ballet, tap, modern, Arabic dance, Bollywood, Samba, African, Sacred Nepalese, Yoga and currently Gurdjieff Sacred dances and Bharatnatyam. Katie has recently returned to the UK after performing and teaching for six years in India. Known as the most sought after foreign dancer in the country she has been interviewed and filmed on many national and international Asian TV channels, performed with and for Bollywood dancers, actors and musicians, fashion shows, film premiers, corporates such as Google, Kingfisher, Moet Chandon, Vodafone and with DJ Cheb I Sabbah and BBC World Music Award winner Abhishek Basu to name but a few. Katie runs her own Arabic dance teacher training qualification and also works closely with Hossam and Serena Ramzy, Simon Webster, Phil Thornton. She specialises in fusion dances and is highly respected in the Arabic dance community. Katie also organises dance and holistic retreats in Goa, Morocco and the UK. She is the founder of Magic Health and Fitness Studios, India.

Sarah Johnson

Zumba Changed my Life

I dropped 3 dress sizes in 6 months! My weight has always fluctuated a couple of pounds on, a couple of pounds off but when I became pregnant with my first child I wasn’t quiet expecting to put on as much weight as I did. During both my pregnancies I had Gestational Diabetes which resulted in weight gain for me and my babies, who were born at 12lb 11oz (not at the same time). Post-Natal I was a size 18-20 and became very depressed with the way I looked. I was stilling wearing my maternity trousers months after. I’m not a gym goer and I’m not a fan of aerobics as I just find it very dull!! I tried all sorts of ‘diets’ and nothing was working. I first discovered Zumba at 6 o'clock one morning, feeding my then 4 month old daughter, along with my 3 year old son who was screaming at me because he wanted to watch CBeebies! I turned the TV on and saw an advert for Zumba and thought 'Wow' that looks fab - I have to do this. I went to the Zumba website straight away and did a search for classes in my area. There were none. I did find an instructor near my Mum's some 30 miles away, so booked onto a class that evening. I was hooked. I travelled the 60 mile round trip 3 times a week to attend the classes. What was my motivation? I had found a workout that I loved and couldn’t wait to get to and my energy levels had picked up as well. Plus I started to shed the pounds. I dropped 3 dress sizes in 6 months!! I enjoyed my Zumba classes so much, and as there were still no classes near home I decided to become an instructor. I trained in September 2009, and what a great decision - I love every minute of it. The best part is seeing a class full of smiling faces as they dance, shake, pump & whoop. I love how it makes people feel - someone said to me the other night "Your class always makes me so happy - I feel great. I soon started to realise that there were a lot of ladies out there that were in the same boat as me. Weight gain with childbirth can be very depressing and it doesn’t help when people say ‘but you’ve just had a baby, it’s going to take time’. Doesn’t help especially when you suddenly find your ‘baby’ is 3 years old and you still haven’t lost the baby weight!. In May 2011 I opened the Dancefit Studio to spread the love of Dance Fitness (hence the name!!) and to create a friendly place where ladies could exercise in a fun environment (plus there’s no mirrors)! I feel so proud of all the ladies who attend the Studio, and all the hard work and dedication they put into their classes. l love hearing their weight loss success stories because I know how hard it is. Sarah Johnson – Director

Dancefit Studio

I joined Sarah’s Zumba class in Western Park over 2 years ago and enjoyed the once a week class. I broke my elbow in 2011 falling on ice and missed my weekly class when I was recovering. It made me realise how over weight I had become and how unfit I was so I decided to up my game and lose weight. I decided to make a plan so when Sarah handed out her dance fit timetable and I noticed a slimming world session on a Friday, I decided to join when my youngest started full time school in September 2011. The girls at Dancefit all made me feel welcome and I felt right at home from the very first class. I decided to become a member and increase my classes. I now attend at least 3 classes per week to fit in around my shifts. I’ve worked hard but loved every minute of it and have lost 3 stone 5 lb in 7 months. I have gone from a size 16 to an 8-10 and feel fab again. Zumba has loosened up my joints and made me fit so I feel younger and happier. Although I’ve already achieved my weight loss target I will be continuing with the classes as they cheer me up after a hard day’s work and help to keep the pounds off! Sarah, Clive and all the new friends I’ve made at Dancefit have really helped me achieve what I wanted to. A simple hug or kind word from a friend helped keep me going when it got hard. When friends ask me now how I’ve done it and I tell them my secret….”diet and exercise” worked for me and doing it in a supportive and friendly environment has made all the difference.

Louise Railton xx

100 day, Olympic Count Down. Starts April 18th here at Dancefit Studio! As the Olympic Athletes prepare themselves for London 2012, what are you doing to get in shape? How many classes can you attend before the opening ceremonies? Friday 27th July 2012. We are challenging YOU! Our members to come to as many classes as you can. For every class you attend you will receive a raffle ticket, the more classes the more raffle tickets! With prize giveaways every fortnight, from Monthly memberships, 10 class cards, spray tans, clothes vouchers from Next, Meal for 2 at Café Rouge and more……….. With a Grand Draw on

where we will be giving a

to the overall winner! The race is on! T & C Applies – (Kindle is not actual size ha ha!)


First Floor, 80-84 High Street, Leicester, LE1 5YP Tel: 0116 319 2023 Email: **Classes not included in Monthly membership** Day Time Class type Cardio or Location Toning Monday 10am – 11am Zumba C Dancefit Studio Monday 4.30pm – 5.15pm Zumba/Zumbatomic C Dancefit Studio Monday 5.15pm - 6pm Bokwa Level 1 C Dancefit Studio Monday 6.15pm – 7.15pm 80’s Fit C Dancefit Studio Monday 7.15pm – 8.15pm Adult Street Dance C Dancefit Studio Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday

5.15pm – 6pm 6.15pm – 6.45pm 6.45pm – 7.45pm

Zumba Drum & Bass ** Zumba


Tuesday Tuesday

6.45pm – 7.45pm 8pm – 9pm

Zumba Zumba


Wednesday Wednesday

10am- 10.45am 5.30pm – 6.15pm

Zumba Body Conditioning

Wednesday Wednesday

6.15pm – 7.15pm 7.15pm – 8.15pm

Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday

Instructor Saskia Glenn Sarah Johnson Sarah Johnson Saskia Glenn David Barker

Dancefit Studio Dancefit Studio New College, Glenfield Rd Dancefit Studio New College, Glenfield Rd

Saskia Glenn Leah Golde Sarah Johnson


Dancefit Studio Dancefit Studio

Dancefit Fusion** Beginners Ballet Fit


Dancefit Studio Dancefit Studio

Sarah Johnson Hollie Thompson Katie Holland Alison Bacon

10am- 11am 5.30pm – 6.15pm 6.15pm – 7pm 7.15pm – 8pm

Zumba Strictly Dancefit Zumba Body Conditioning


Dancefit Studio Dancefit Studio Dancefit Studio Dancefit Studio

Thursday Thursday

7.15pm – 8.00pm 8.15pm – 9.00pm

Zumba Zumba


Knighton Parish centre Knighton Parish centre

Friday Friday Friday

9.30am -11am 11.15am 12.15pm 12.15pm – 1pm

Slimming World ** Zumba Abs-Solutely Fab Abs


Dancefit Studio Dancefit Studio Dancefit Studio

Friday Friday

5.30pm – 6.15pm 6.30pm – 7.15pm

Zumba Bokwa Level 1


Dancefit Studio Dancefit Studio

Clive Morgan Sarah Johnson Hollie Thompson Sarah Johnson Sarah Johnson

Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday

9am – 10am 10.15am – 11am 11am – 11.45am 12pm – 12.45pm

Zumba Bokwa Level 1 Tiny Dancers** Kids Street Dance**


Dancefit Studio Dancefit Studio Dancefit Studio Dancefit Studio

Sarah Johnson Sarah Johnson Alison Bacon David Barker


10am – 11am



Dancefit Studio


11am – 11.45am

Abs-Solutely Fab Abs


Dancefit Studio

Hollie Thompson Hollie Thompson

Saskia Glenn Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson Alison Bacon Saskia Glenn Hollie Thompson Sarah Johnson Sarah Johnson

CLASS AND PACKAGE PRICE OPTIONS **Please note 10 class cards and Studio memberships are also valid at New College & Knighton Zumba Classes** PAYG - £4.50 for 1 hr / £3.50 for 45 min (£4 / £3 Concessions) - Each client is given a Loyalty card. Collect 10 classes and get your 11th FREE DANCEFIT 10 CLASS CARD – 1 HR CLASS £40 – 45 MIN CLASS - £30 - Can be used at all classes except those marked ** on the class timetable. - Valid for 3 months DAILY DANCEFIT PACKAGE – Basic Monthly Membership £30 (£27 Concessions) - Unlimited classes – except those marked ** on the class timetable - No Contract and No Joining Fee DEDICATED DANCEFIT PACKAGE – Monthly Membership - £37 (£34 Concessions) 

   

   

Full Consultation and Health Check. Your goals & aspirations are discussed and a programme is made to suit you. You can attend unlimited classes to suit your timetable (except those marked ** on the class timetable) A Nutritional Programme to help you stay on track. On Going Motivational Support to inspire you towards your goals. Monthly update meetings to discuss your progress. No Contract No Joining Fee Dancefit Nutritional Programme – Monthly £20 **Great programme to add to your workout if you’re a PAYG member** Full Consultation and Health Check. Your goals & aspirations are discussed and a programme is made to suit you. A Nutritional Programme to help you stay on track. On Going Motivational Support to inspire you towards your goals. Monthly update meetings to discuss your progress. No Contract No Joining Fee

Example of a Party Package – Street Dance Party Option 1 2 Hours of Street Dancing with professional teacher and Dancefit Party Game Host Street Dance Invitations – A PDF of the invite can be emailed to you so all you need to do is print them off, fill in the details and post them. We will decorate the studio for you with balloons and birthday banners. We will take care of all the games and prizes – all you need to do is sit and watch! If the Birthday Girl/Boy has any favourite ‘tunes’ she would like incorporating into her Street Dance Party, then please email them to no later than 2 weeks before the event. Option 2 – as above and then you can choose from Party Bags – Pre-filled Unisex Bags Candyfloss Buckets (Instead of a Party Bag!) Glitter Tattoos Airbrush Tattoos Balloon Drop with 50 Balloons Helium Balloons Cyril the Squirrel THE BEST BIT!! WE WILL TIDY UP FOR YOU!!! Please Contact the Dancefit Studio for a quote for your Party. 0116 3192023

This is a FREE Event However Places are Limited so make sure you Book your Place!!

Saturday 30th June 2.30pm Western Park To join us simply Log onto Race for Life Website – go to Join a Group and use the ID Code SJ3941 to join us. Join the Dancefit Team to Raise Money for a good Cause.

The Dancefit Studio will be running

& Street Dance Workshops as this Event 27th -29th July Workshop times and details to follow

The Dancefit Studio April 2012 Newsletter  
The Dancefit Studio April 2012 Newsletter  

Does Zumba help you to Loose Weight? Would you Like to Win A Kindle?