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Ambassadors People who help us make the world better‌

dance4life made a breakthrough in HIV prevention, when they invited celebrities to support the project!


A striking example is the dance4life track and video created by Tiesto


Participation of stars in dance4life is the project trademark, it distinguishes us from all relevant projects and attracts attention both young people and‌


‌adults, who are our possible donors‌


International Ambassadors set an example to stars and major event promoters in other countries.



Dance and Music – the project tokens – make us intersect with the musical culture and entertainments.


And this intersection may be a successful fundraising resource for us


How it all began in Russia?


We just had to respond the invitations from dj’s and club promoters to work at their events.


Often, this did not give money, but we received: - contacts - PR - we involved the vulnerable groups of young people in night clubs with prevention event and thus encouraged the volunteers team


And we set a new objective: to raise funds at similar events!


Now we work in two dimensions: 1. At large-scale events we work at the entrance as animators and collect private donations.


People make donations because they love the stars, whose events we work at. Tiesto, Paul Van Dyke. And only then they recognized us and join the project.


difficulties - solutions: Sometimes the ambassadors even do not know that we work at their events. No anouncements are made. People just trust to us. We need strengthening the partnerships with international ambassadors at the international level.


We cannot unite our logos or offer memorabilia in exchange for donations. Find out what is permitted, or get permission for particular design or photo.


A team is enthusiastic, but Ambassador does not speak on the scene.

Find out what the agreements with Ambassador are. Inform Ambassador about dance4life will perform at his/her event. He/she says some welcoming words to dance4life 17

And, in spite of the difficulties, we managed to raise nearly 3000 $ at such events And the amount may be much more!


2. We organize media tours in regions, where a star works free and help raise a good amount of money for the project. This star may not necessarily be Ambassador, it is just star4lifeď Š


1. We held three MEDIA TOURS during the year, which raised nearly $7500 + good PR + volunteers team motivation = greater schools coverage = more A4Cs


difficulties - solutions: Funds are needed to bring a star to event venue. Regions will contribute their own money to be reimbursed later. Now the whole plan is under development.


There are not many stars willing to go to the regions This dimension should be further developed, as it enables the regions to support themselves without the help of others


What we strive for is: 1. Agree about receiving % of a ticket price if we work at large-scale musical events 2. Develop and improve the media tour dimension 3. Increase the number of stars4life to go on media tours 4. With the support of dance4life Int., bring an international star to raise funds for the whole country rather than for one region! 23


dance4life ambassadors  

people who help us make the world better

dance4life ambassadors  

people who help us make the world better