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Evaluation Durex – dance4life design competition For this evaluation the NCOs answered a questionnaire about the course of the competition, divided into the planning phase and the competition phase. Planning phase Most NCOs remarked that the timing of the competition was unfortunately planned. In several countries schools were closed and the students on holidays, which made it impossible to reach the agents4change. In other countries schools were open, but there was no current dance4life schools project running. Originally the competition was to be launched in September 2010, when all the NCOs were active in schools, with the competition winner being announced during the dance4life event. This was delayed due to the legal considerations. The duration of the competition being 2 months is enough if implemented during the schools project. However when not concurrent with the schools activities more time is needed to reach the agents4change/youth and also to involve staff and volunteers. Thought and attention was given to the youth who had limited or no internet access; furthermore it was appreciated that the competition was available in different languages. Competition phase Promotion: Ways of promoting the competition; -

Social media Website Through schools (posters & teachers) Tour team members Ex-volunteer network

Overall the NCOs were content with the promotion tools provided, however we received some remarks for future reference: -

Because of the spread of the programs in several countries, some NCOs incurred costs to visit all these regions to promote the competition. The poster could have been more graphic and the instructions on the brief could have been clearer. Lack of examples made it hard for the youth to grasp the idea of the competition.

Several NCOs remarked that it was difficult to promote the competition because of the link with Durex/condoms. In several African and Asian countries it’s not allowed to promote condoms in schools, which makes it very hard to involve the students in school. In some cases they could be reached outside school (for example youth centers/youth groups in Kenya) however this was more an exception. It can be difficult for the agents4change themselves to discuss condoms as there are taboos (religious, cultural) attached to their use. So even if they hear about the competition they might be shy to enter and be worried about what their friends/parents/teachers might think. Participants: In general the agents4change that the NCOs reached were enthusiastic about the competition, however in some cases they were not excited about the prize or participating. Most NCOs stated that in the future the prize should be different. In countries such as Zambia,

Kenya, Indonesia and Vietnam an IPod Nano is rarely used by the youth. The most common suggested alternative is a mobile phone. The discussion was raised to open the competition to all youth interested in participating. Some NCOs argued that it’s not fair to refuse non-agents4change in the same schools as agents4change. Others suggested opening the competition to all youth who participated in dance4life. This will broaden the range of the competition and could result in more design entries. The website: For the Western countries the website plays a large role in the success of the competition. Some remarks about the website and its use: -

Different tabs displayed the same information, which was confusing There was no design tool implemented in the website, since a lot of people don’t have or can’t use design software this was a big problem for people to participate. Even downloading software to make the design is an obstacle for youth, who prefer to download online.

Recommendations The NCOs were very enthusiastic about the competition and how it should involve the youth, but perhaps it should have been open to all youth. The new dance4life platform website could contribute a lot to the promotion of the competition and in reaching the agents4change. In the future when setting up a competition this should be one of the main tools to implement it. Further integration with facebook is important. The competition should run concurrently with the dance4life schools projects. dance4life (international, NCOs and the youth council) could provide more input and advice into the competition and it’s implementation. In terms of planning the competition; one certain period should be chosen in accordance with the RPCs, keeping in mind the HCT and school holidays. Though it’s hard to chose a period that fits all NCOs. That’s why it’s better to divide the NCOs in to two groups: (1) Western countries that have good internet access and (2) Non-Western countries that need to be reached offline. Preparation period Set up website Translate needed documents Start promotion of competition Clear agreements (set goals) with all NCOs Distribute offline templates Approach jury members

Competition period Involve youth actively in schools, youth centers etc. Involve teachers, volunteers etc.

Closing period Collection of designs Involve jury in selecting winner(s)

Evaluation Durex Design Competition  

The evaluation of the Durex Design Competution.