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“I can’t describe how brilliant it is to think, hey, I’m making a difference. I’ve told somebody a fact they didn’t know. Who knows, maybe we saved someone’s life. Nothing can beat that.” Frankie Newbould, agent4change, United Kingdom


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“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand” Confucius

1. Inspire

ers youth dance4life empow AIDS d n a IV H k c a b h s u to p WHY: Worldwide, over 33 million people are living with HIV and AIDS and each day thousands of them die from the effects. Almost half of the 7,400 people infected with HIV daily are under the age of 25; this equals 2 teenagers per minute. No surprise, when many young people have little knowledge about sexual health and rights. Only two out of every five teenagers in the Global South know how to protect themselves against HIV. As the single largest group infected and affected by the virus, a huge part of the potential solution lies with young people. That’s exactly why dance4life involves them.

HOW: Through youth icons, music and dance, schools programmes and media campaigns, dance4life creates awareness, educates and raises funds and political support. The concept is implemented by local implementing partners around their existing life-skills programmes. The schools programmes are built around a 4 step approach: inspire, educate, activate and celebrate. Young people who have participated in the schools programme become agents4change, creating social change worldwide.

Our local tour teams, including people living with HIV, travel to participating schools to INSPIRE young people with music, drums, dancing, and with their peers, talking about HIV in an open way.

2. Educate

After inspiring, we EDUCATE young people with a focus on sexual and reproductive health and rights and HIV and AIDS.

3. Activate

Equipped with these empowering skills, young people can now go forward, take action and make a positive change in their community. These young people are the AGENTS4CHANGE.

4. Celebrate

As a CELEBRATION, a powerful global dance event is organised every 2 years on the Saturday before World AIDS Day. Only agents4change can attend. United by one cause and connected live via satellite they dance together to inspire and gain support from the rest of the world, and to remind the world leaders of the promises they made regarding the Millennium Development Goals.

Aims & results:

Since our establishment in 2003, we have welcomed almost 300,000 agents4change. Our goal is to facilitate a global youth movement of 1 million agents4change, creating social change in 35 countries by 2014.

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