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6 steps to effective marketing

Part 5 of the 6 Part Series…”How to Dominate Your Target Market in any Economic Climate” Dan Cavalli To find out more about me and what I do go to: and search “Dan Cavalli” and see my credentials as an expert author, small business expert, writer of hundreds of business articles, a builder of businesses and much more are there for your reading pleasure.

TIP: There are five major components to a successful sales letter. Here is a brief outline of a sales copy: 1.The Headline Never make your business name the most dominate part of your letter. Your business name means nothing to a customer except when it‟s time to find the door to visit your business. So move your business name from the top of your letter and stick it at the bottom [so you can be found]. The headline has one job to do and that‟s to gain the reader‟s attention and create a desire to want to know more. The headline must state your biggest and most important benefit of your product or service to the reader! Optimally, if the headline was the only information you gave, it should motivate a person to seek you out. 2. The Offer Remember an offer is not a discount in price. Build in the value. List everything you do, have or are providing and give it a retail value. It has to be something that the reader will say to themselves WOW! That sounds great! How can they do that? I want some of it! The offer is perceived as value for money and if it costs a little more than your competition so what! It‟s not the price but what the price represents value for money. 3. Discounting is not an option. A successful sales letter should make an offer that has massive perceived value but actually costs you little. Make sure that your customers feel that even though they‟re receiving extras for free, it is of value. The only thing your customers are interested in is the value they perceive they are getting, not what it costs you to deliver! 4. Urgency If you give away something put a „valid to‟ date on it. When do you want your customers to call? Now or in ten years time. You have to create urgency, make a deadline and show that you are giving away something temporally for something in return. If this element of your marketing is missing, you will attract the freebie hunters who will only react to low prices and we don‟t want them, do we?

5. Testimonials If you don‟t have anyone who will say a good word about you, you had better find someone soon! 80% of people buy based on the recommendation of others. If I asked you where most of your business came from, where would it be? Some of your business will be by word of mouth. What is a referral if it‟s not a verbal testimonial? Even referrals are personal marketing.

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Let Us Talk About Business and Marketing Part 5  

In your business now, have you tried creating a business salesletter to win your customer back? Are you losing customers because you failed...

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