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Do Not Just Focus On The Product

by: Dan Cavalli Business and Money Strategist

When starting up a business you have to keep many things in mind. Do not just focus on the product or the services you are offering (although they are important). You have to make sure all your details are kept in line especially when dealing with licenses and taxes in your municipality. Research, as always, is a good way to determine how you should approach starting up a business. FREE ABC's of Success at:

Do not be afraid to start. After you have made all of the necessary preparations and you know your business will be successful take the plunge. If your business is non-digital you will need to set up some business before the doors open, that way you can get yourself noticed. Then your word of mouth advertising can kick in. In the beginning, keep your costs low and your revenue high.

In your business plan including a detailed explanation of your financing. Determine where you will get your initial financial backing, consider bank loans, credit cards, grants or self financing. Also, keep in mind your salary and the salaries of those working under you.

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Also when considering financing, consider how your customers will be paying. If you are a non-digital business, decide whether you want to stick with cash only or if you want to include credit card payments as well. Cash only is not a progressive way to go.

The legal entity you are creating is the banner your business will be behind. You have to determine how you are going to represent your business. Different legal entities offer advantages compared to others. Entities that you can explore are individual proprietorship and a limited liability company.

An individual proprietorship is the form of entity used most often when starting up a business. Capital and partnership are most easily gained in this form. This also leaves you an opportunity to incorporate if your business gets bigger in the future.

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An individual proprietorship also gives you the maximum control over your business. You make all of the decisions and you make all of the profits from the decisions you make. However, if you make mistakes, you also reap all of the downfall.

When starting up a business, you should keep in mind an LLC, Limited Liability Company. An LLC combines the benefits of a private partnership as well as a corporate entity.

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It is simple to form, easy to run, it has tax advantages, personal liability protection, and instant credibility. An LLC allows a person to separate their personal assets from the assets of the business allowing for a greater peace of mind.

When money is involved, do not be afraid to be stingy at times, but also do not be afraid to use your money. Extensive research will save you from the pitfalls of unproven technology and methods.

For instance, if you are starting a turnkey business with an unknown product, you run the risk of being thrown into debt while the turnkey organization takes your investment right to the bank.

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Do Not Just Focus On The Product  

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